Australis Cosmetics: Velourlips Matte Lip Cream. Vol 1

Part one of my collection

Now, I’ve done a post comparing this product to some other matte lip creams on the market (Savvy and Bourjois) and since doing this post, my Australis collection has basically doubled so keep an eye out for Vol 2 and possible Vol 3 and so on and so fourth until the end of time because these matte lip products hold a very special place in my heart.

These retail for AUD$9.95 at Priceline stores which I think its a pretty good price (BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN AUSTRALIA IS OVER PRICED! #rant)

Even if you don’t like all the shades or think they won’t suit you, you are bound to find at LEAST one you like. Now me, I don’t think they all suit me, but at the same time, I don’t care because I like the colours they come in and if they’re worn right – I guess they don’t look terrible? – in my opinion some of the pinks don’t suit my skin tone – but I’ll wear them anyway if they go with what I’m wearing etc or the rest of my makeup.

I not only match my lip colour to the rest of the makeup – but I also decide if I like it if it compliments my other features two of the main things I look for in a lip colour is how it looks against my skin tone and also how it reacts to my eye colour. My eyes are a chocolate brown, my hair is brown and my skin is quite fair, so I want the lip colour to compliment all of that and make my other features stand out.

I’ll now go through my opinion of the swatches I’ve so kindly done for you all. (my lips, man – so sore after all of this)

Now as you should already know – the general rule of makeup is ‘choose one’. Statement eyes or Statement lips. Not both (unless the balance is flawless) I’m wearing a neutral eye look so the statement of course is the lips. NOW on to my swatch opinions.

  1. NY-CEE: This is a beautiful ‘festive’ red. Its more of a bright red with ‘orange’ undertones – but for me it just reminds me of Christmas.
  2. MAL-I-BOO: A bright bubblegum pink. My opinion of ‘Barbie Pink’. I honestly didn’t think this colour would suit me at all – and maybe it doesn’t but don’t disregard it. It brings warmth to the face.
  3. TOK-I-O: To me – this colour reminds me of ‘Cadbury’ chocolate packaging and with my brown eyes I love wearing this colour. It is perfect for the colder months too where you want a pop of colour on what might be a very ‘black on black’ outfit.
  4. RIO-D: I honestly thought I would wear this the least. But it is such a nice neon orange. (something I thought I’d never say) it goes perfectly with blue in the outfit or blue nails (sky blue) and again, it looks nice against my eye colour. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when I’ve worn this colour.
  5. PAR-EE: This is so close to my skin colour and I love it. Its like a my lips but better matte. Because it blends against my skin tone so well, my cheeks seem more flushed and my eyes seem brighter. To me this is a WIN WIN situation!
  6. MI-A-MEE: This colour reminds me of watermelon. I didn’t think I’d like it but I find myself drawn to it. I don’t think I own many lip colours in this shade. This is one of the newer purchases so I’m keen to start wearing it more in spring and summer.
  7. HO-CHEE-MIN: I think this is the colour that suits me the least. I think (and this never happens) I might be too tan for this shade (at the moment) It looks like a very natural pink flush and against a darker complexion it seems a bit ‘hoochie’. That is my opinion. It won’t stop me from wearing it though.
  8. LUN-DUN: I wore this colour out to dinner tonight and got quite a few compliments. It is a dusty cool tone pink that can go with a range of different outfits. This was the first time I’ve worn it out – and I must say I’m a fan.

I’ve worn all of these shades for at least one whole day (the first six I’ve worn multiple times) and I have to tell you, I don’t need to re-apply. (unless I’m making a mess of myself eating) They stay on all day through food, talking, drinking – and once you’ve put them on and they dry – they take some time getting off. (Perfect for date night (; )

There wasn’t really much to this post except for me telling you how much I love these products. Australis has some amazing stuff out and its not just these products, I own a number of different products by this brand and love them all.

What is your favourite Australis product? – have you tried any of the velourlips? Leave me a comment telling me which one is your favourite!

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