Confidence Boost + Daily Face + Mini Reviews

“Makeup of the Day”

A few things you should know about me:

I am the worst at deadlines.

Makeup makes me happy.

The reason I state those two things is because thats the kind of day I was having today. I didn’t intend on posting today because I’ve got so much uni work to get on top of however, I thought I’d reward my hard work with a study break, in which I’ll post this.

I wear makeup on the daily. Not every day is full blown face photoshop, but I like to look (what I think is) nice when I leave the house. It gives me a little confidence boost to get through my gruelling three hour lessons and general social anxiety.

Usually for uni I am in a hurry and when I have only 15minutes to get ready I don’t usually experiment with makeup. Slap on some foundation and powder, draw on some brows, brush on a few safe neutral shimmer shades on the lids, wing it with the eyeliner, mascara and go. Today was different, I sat at my makeup desk (my regular desk just with makeup sprawled all over) and went for something new. I went for my ‘Mattes’ palette – new to my collection, I don’t usually wear matte shades on the lids but I’ve been wanting to give them a go. So already I’m in uncharted territory, then I kicked it up a notch by heading for a khaki green shade – uh oh this could get tricky. I surprised myself in what I came out with and that made me happy. I went for a green (almost) smokey eye with light brown instead of black, safe colours yes, but different colours and a texture I wasn’t used to.

I got to uni and headed straight for the café, mumma needs her pick-me-up (large soy mocha – no sugar/sweetener for those who are interested). I was waiting for my coffee and when my name was called the lovely barista handed me my hot cup of heaven and said: “you always look so glamourous”. I said in return “I don’t feel it.” to which she said “well you look it, have a great day” we said our goodbyes and that was it, but that little conversation had truly made my day better – I scurried up to the library to smash out my assignment and decided I’d make a post about my makeup today because at least one person thought I looked nice.



Australis Cosmetics: Concealer – Medium

not my favourite concealer but it does ok – I put it on under my foundation

Rimmell London: Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation – 081 Fair Ivory

Loving this foundation – will re-purchase 

Australis Cosmetics: Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder – Natural

Favourite face powder have been buying this for years


Savvy: Classic Blush – Silky Pink

Love savvy blushes, this gives the cheeks a natural glow and beautiful wash of colour

Savvy: Natural Finish Pressed Powder – 05 Tan

Really easy product to blend out have been liking it as a contour shade rather than a face powder

Benefit Cosmetics: High Beam

A bit tricky to use but gives off a gorgeous glow when applied right. More user error than bad product


Chi Chi Cosmetics: Mattes Palette

New purchase but really liking it so far – its out of my comfort zone but easy to work with, the colours are really pigmented for matte shades. 

 Shade 07: Inner Corner & Brow Bone

Cream white shade – looks really nice on brow bone

Shade 09: Outer Corner / Crease / Transition Colour

Love this shade on its own but looks good as transition colour

Shade 05: Outer Corner

Warm brown, blends very well

Shade 10: Lid Colour

Camo / Khaki green, one of my favourites from the palette 

Bourjois Paris: 16h Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner

My all time favourite liquid liner have been using for years, highly recommend

Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real Mascara

Old favourite, I didn’t like it at first but once its been open for a week it gets better. 


Rimmell London: Moisture Renew Lipstick – 720 Notting Hill Nude

These are some of my favourite lipsticks of all time. This colour is super on trend at the moment and I’m loving it, especially paired with this eye look. 


I’m putting this in here too as I got a few compliments on what I was wearing:

Kylie Minogue: Darling

One of my favourite scents. 

I’m absolutely rubbish at selfies – and front camera on iPhone isn’t the best either – however this was my face today and this is what made me feel good.

I quite like doing posts structured like this, please let me know it it was easy to read with the product and my thoughts, written underneath in italics. 

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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Ciao! X

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