Nutella Popsicles! #CaitlansKitchen

Yep, thats right, I’m back with another #CaitlansKitchen post and this one is on the ever so simple Nutella Popsicles. This ‘recipe’ make six popsicles. It is super easy and if you’d like to watch me make them – watch it here.

Now on to the recipe. You’ll only need two ingredients and of course you can add different things such as banana or coconut, I’ve done that before and it tastes great! But just for the basics this is all you’ll need!

1/3 cup of Nutella (or hazelnut spread)

1 Cup of milk – whatever kind you drink


Place Nutella in blender (I used my ‘magic bullet’ use whatever you have on hand)

add in the milk and then blend up.

**MAKE SURE YOU’VE SECURELY SEALED THE LID!** otherwise you’ll have milky goodness flying everywhere – it is SO hard to clean up.

Pour the mixture into the popsicle moulds These are the ones I used.

Place them in the freezer for AT LEAST 4 – 5 hours. I usually leave mine in over night.

and BOOM done. You’re now the proud owners of delicious Nutella popsicles. They’re so delicious and have the potential for so many other flavours!

Pro Tip: if you’re having trouble getting them out of the mould, run it under hot water for a few seconds until you can remove it.


I really hope you try these out and if you do, post them to my facebook or instagram and tag me with #CaitlansKitchen

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Ciao! X

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