Fifth Avenue; You get what you pay for

Fifth Avenue Lipsticks

Fifth Avenue is a new cosmetics brand exclusive so Kmart. They’ve been doing the roll out for a little while now whilst replacing their Face of Australia displays.

I’m always keen to try new makeup brands because its often you can find a good bargain. When trying out ‘cheap’ makeup I tend not to gravitate towards powder products because I find that is the hardest thing to get right and to be honest, I know what I like and I’ll keep buying my faves. I saw that they had a little range of lipsticks. There were six shades and they were $6.00 AUD each! The colours intrigued me and the packaging was beautiful, I couldn’t resist trying them out. I decided to buy them, I thought, why not? They’re only $6.00 and to buy the entire range is the same as buying one MAC lipstick so that justified it to me.

The gorgeous gold tube and lid was nice and shiney, and instead of being fully enclosed, the bottom of the tube is clear so you can actually see the colours – a personal win in my opinion.

I was expecting them to be really dry or somewhat chalky but in fact they were quite the opposite. They were very moist. They reminded me a lot of my beloved Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks in that they were all super easy to apply but they didn’t quite ‘set’. In now way are they a matte formula, they’re a cream finish. They feel quite wet on the lips but not like, ‘drippy’ or anything they’re certainly not sticky like a gloss and whilst the colour is sheer, there is some pretty good pigmentation. Think if you mix a standard lipstick with NYX Butter Gloss something of that hybrid nature is what these reminded me of.



A Baby pink almost bubblegum pink shade. On the cooler side of the pink spectrum. 


In my opinion a ‘my lips but better’ shade, and I think one of the most sheer of the set. It is a browny/brick colour. I don’t think it looks very ‘berry coloured’


Cool toned red (my favourite kind of red) quite a nice colour and pretty good coverage. I think I’d wear this one the most. 


Coral / Pink shade. Looks lovely against fair skin. 


I wanted so much to love this shade but it is the most sheer of the set. To me this is more of a berry tone than ‘Berry’ is. It still looks lovely, I’d just have preferred some more opacity. 


Orange toned red. One of the most pigmented and also one of my favourites. Very wearable. 

So those are the swatches. They’re quite pretty colours, even though they’re sheer, you can still see the colour on the lips, especially with Covet and Hollywood.

I did a little look online to see if anyone else had used these products and saw that these lippies got a bad wrap. I still decided to get them and honestly, I’m glad I did. I never know if I am going to like a product until I try it for myself. I am a little annoyed that there were no testers in store.

If you wanted to wear these lipsticks just as they are as a sheer wash of colour, I think they’re fine. You’d have to reapply throughout the day but thats nothing out of the ordinary. Some people might have some trouble with the feel of them on the lips, if you are one for a matte feel, I don’t suggest these at all. They’re very buttery, a little slippery, NOT sticky but buttery.

Do I have better lipsticks than this in my collection? Yes. BUT I think this would be a really good starting point for young girls who are just getting into makeup, if you’re a mum and you don’t want to be spending a heap of money on products that won’t be appreciated in the same way you would a lipstick then this might be a good option. There is decent pigmentation, they’re in the standard ‘Bullet Lipstick’ look but I guess they’re just a glorified gloss.

One thing I don’t like is that the bullet of product itself is somewhat loose in the tube, if you apply too much pressure when applying them, when you go to wind the product back down it might scrape against the side of the tube. With that in mind, there are so easy to apply that you don’t need to use much pressure at all. I would suggest not having them in anywhere that is overly warm, such as a car on a hot day (that goes for all lipsticks really).

Concluding thoughts:

For the price, I think you are getting exactly what you pay for. If not for the product, buy it for the packaging because they look beautiful. If you want more of a long wearing use from these, apply them over the top of a lipliner, use these as a sheer gloss over the top of another colour, they’re universal. Don’t instantly hate on them because they don’t feel the same as a MAC or NARS lipstick – they’re not those brands, these cost $6 from Kmart. If you keep that in mind, I think you could get some enjoyment out of these. I’m not going to tell you to go out and get them because they’re the be all and end all of beauty products. I think you get what you should for the price that you’re paying.  There is also no smell – something I know people would be happy about.

Bottom line…

Will I wear them? Probably.

 If you’ve tried anything from the ‘Fifth Avenue’ brand, let me know what it was and what you thought!

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