My Vanity/Makeup Setup

The Beautification Station.

Wether you’re in the ‘beauty industry’ (blogger, Makeup Artist etc) or not. I think having a designated area for all things beauty is essential in every woman’s life. (thats not just the bathroom counter top).

I’ve been saving up my pennies for months now (would put away money each pay), and I finally was able to buy the essentials to set up my vanity. There are cheaper options other than mine and there are far more expensive options. There are also more original ideas, but I’m so happy with what I’ve done.

The drawers and table top are from Ikea and the mirror is from Target(AUS) and the fairy lights I found at the dollar store for like $12 so, yay!

*This is not a makeup collection post so don’t be expecting it*

The photos for this post were taken with my iPhone, so I apologise for the quality. (I can’t find the memory card for my camera #BloggerProblems)

This is the first picture I took of my vanity ‘set up’. I was so excited I just put the mirrors on and my palettes on top, along with my Eiffel Tower that I use to display jewellery. It looks a little different now. But basically the same.

So, as I said the main furniture was from Ikea. That is the two drawer units and the table top. I’ll have links to everything that I can find links to!

The drawers themselves are the iconic and cult favourite the ALEX drawer unit I got two of the small sets. There is a larger 9 drawer unit also available but as I wanted to use this as a desk situation a 9 drawer unit wouldn’t be the best. I got them in the colour white (there are a few colour choices).

Each they were $139.00 AUD.

The desk top is the LINNMON table top. I got the 150cm x 75cm. The colour and finish I chose was the ‘high gloss/white’. The regular white top is cheaper but I wanted the high gloss because of a few reasons. I like the way it looks, its so much easier to clean (in my opinion), its so pretty and shiney, it will serve as a fresh background for photos (which I take a lot of product photos so this was a must for me). Basically I wanted it, so I got it. You don’t have to, but if you’re not sure, this is what it looks like and why I got it. (: This table top was $69.00 AUD – I believe the non gloss was $49.00AUD. There are also many different colours/finishes and sizes for this top.

The great thing about Ikea is that it is totally customisable. The draws each come with sticky rubber gel tabs to put on top so the table top wont slide around. (dat gloss tho). However if you’re using just one ALEX drawer set you can buy legs that screw into the other side of the table top and violà you have a table! I really like that its quite a large table top too. I can put things on it for permanent storage but still have enough room to bring my laptop over if I need to.

So all together the two drawer sets and the table top cost me just under $350.00 AUD ($347.00 to be exact) If you’re apart of the Ikea family member group thing? they have bonuses every month and this month it is $15.00 off if you spend over $100.00 so thats great! (btw, this isn’t a sponsored post, it’d be nice if it was though!)

Now to some people (myself included) $350 is a lot of money, which is why I’ve literally been saving for this for 6+ months. Putting a small amount of money away each pay and saving. I finally got it and I’m so happy! (I probably would have had it sooner, but I got hit with a wave of birthdays in June and July and obviously the last few months of the year is the ‘holiday season’.)

Now onto what I’ll put in the drawers! Makeup of course! Well, beauty bits anyway. Hair stuff and makeup stuff and nail stuff (say stuff one more time, Caitlan, I dare you).

As stated at the start of this post, this isn’t a makeup collection post, I might do one later (like a long time later) but thats not the concern right now.

I’m so excited to buy storage for the drawers, like little containers and dividers etc, my OCD mind is racing about putting everything in its own neat little place and everything being all lined up and mmmm so satisfying! I’m also really excited to display some of my favourite beauty items and just surround myself with what makes me happy.

Putting the whole thing together was easy-ish. I had to get my fiancé to help me. Not because I couldn’t understand the instructions but dear lord, no one tells you how dang heavy those ALEX drawers are! Now I’ve got a heap of Ikea stuff in my house but this is one of the heaviest things – and I’ve moved a dining table by myself.

                                         The heaviest of all.

The instructions are easy to follow however, you’ll need a hammer and both types of screw driver, all they supply you with is an alan-key which yes, you do need.

                                       Step one: Ask for help!

So, Kris (the fiancé) went out to run some errands and I thought I could at least get one done by the time he got back and I’d be like, super woman and he’d be so impressed with me and there would be proud times all around! This didn’t happen. I opened the first box, (a feat in itself really – why glue it all so dang much if it has to be opened???) pulled all the bits out, got a comfy spot on the floor and then realised I needed more tools. I didn’t know where they were. So this was the picture I sent to him. With the caption – “I don’t know what I’m doing”. Once he was home and we found the tools we both put the units together, I did the drawers while he did the frame (and then he did some drawers too because he’s faster at it than I am). They were finally built and we shimmied them into the room. I then placed the table top on top which was so easy. The table top is so light. I then had the basis of my ‘vanity’.

I then put up the mirror and lights, the palettes and the Eiffel Tower and called it a night! The organisation would start in the morning!

Now to bombard you with photos!

This is currently what it looks like as I write out this post! As you can see there is heaps of desk space to put loads of things! I’ll give you some close ups!

This is the left side of the ‘vanity’. The Eiffel Tower (I got from Kmart a year or so again) with earrings hanging off it is in the far corner next to my display of makeup palettes (pretty sure they’re all eye palettes except one which is a contour palette). They’re displayed in a document holder. I really love this idea for displaying palettes and I might pick up another one, the one I have is this one here from Office Works its apart of the Martha Stewart range and it was about $20.00AUD. It fits so much in it, so far in it there are 18 palettes, still with some wiggle room for more.

The row of purple lids belong to my Rimell lipsticks (the moisture renew ones) and then there is my little brush holder – I’m pretty sure that came from Office works too.

A close up of my brush cup! These are the ones I reach for the most, I’ve just gone through and gotten rid of a lot of old brushes that were shedding and falling apart so now I’m ready to stock up on brushes again! I love the Nude by Nature ones and the Real Techniques ones! I’ve also got some burts bees lip balms, a blistex tub and some old faithful pawpaw ointment.

Moving onto the centre of the vanity. The mirror section! Excuse the derpy face. I’m not sure if I’ll kep this how it is, but, right now I’ve got some perfumes to the left, the first is Bvlgari Crystalline eau de toilette. It is one of my favourite perfumes, I discovered it in France and Kris bought it for me for Valentines day one year. (: The other is a Brittany Spears perfume, I’ve repurchased it 3 times I love it. It was the first perfume that was ever gifted to me (not this bottle but the scent) and whenever I smell it, I feel 16 again in my bedroom at home ready to go somewhere on summer holidays. It is the ‘curious’ scent.

On the other side of the jars there is my other mirror (also from Ikea) and a glass with my Velourlips.

The three glass jars: The first has cotton rounds that I use for removing my makeup, the middle has cotton balls that I use to remove nail polish etc and the last one is ear buds that have a gazillion uses so they deserve their own jar.

That little wire thing behind the blue perfume is a little man that Kris made out of the wire ties that were holding some of the Ikea stuff together. He doesn’t know I kept it. I think its cute.

To the right of the mirrors: The blue glass is one from the cruise I went on in March. (you can see the anchor of ‘Royal Caribbean’ the logo of the cruise company). I keep my velourlips in it for now until I can think of a better solution. Next to that is a little glass dish thing that I’ve had for (don’t wanna say it) over a decade. I’ve had this thing since I was maybe 7? Its always sat on my dressing tables/vanities etc so it deserves a spot on this one. I keep loose change and rings in it. Next to that is my current candle its a coconut triple scented candle. It smells like a tropical beach. Just where I wish I was right now. I keep the box there because a) it’s pretty, and b) I like to know what candle I’ve got out. Finally, behind all of that is a photo of Kris and I. It was taken on our 6 month anniversary (so long ago now!) The frame was a gift for my 21st birthday.

My ‘Vanity’ itself is almost all organised, as I said I still need to get containers to put things in, but I’ll give you a little sneak peak at what is in there now.

                                         The left side drawers.

I’ve only ‘filled’ four drawers out of the five on this side. Starting at the bottom: I keep refills of cotton rounds, cotton balls, and also my makeup removers. Next one up is blank at the moment. Above that Is where I keep hair care and hot tools. My NuMe Lustrum set along with hair ties, bobby pins, hair straightener etc. Above that is my eyeshadows and lashes. Anything from quads and trios to small palettes and all my colour tattoos etc and coloured bases. The top drawer has foundations, powders, blushes, bronzers and highlighters etc as well as primers.

                                     The right side drawers

On the right side set of drawers: The bottom draw has spare makeup bags etc in it, for travel and such things. The draw above that will have my hand creams and moisturisers (not face skin care that lives in the bathroom). The next one up is nail polish and nail art supplies. Above that one is lipsticks which I cant wait to organise! Then the very top one is eyeliners (pencil, gel, liquid and coloured) mascaras and eyebrow pencils, powders etc.

This isn’t what I can in depth makeup collection. For some people this will be enough, the post is about my set up, not the contents.

If you made it all the way to the end congratulations! I hope the pictures got you through.

If you have any questions please leave a comment I will always respond. Let me know if you’d watch a video tour of my vanity too!

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