My First Blogger Event! LUSH MARION

NEW Marion LUSH Store!

I would like to say, THANK you to the Marion LUSH store for this awesome opportunity, you guys are great and I hope more things like this happen in the future!

LUSH has opened a new store in the Westfield at Marion (Adelaide, SA) and I was lucky enough to get a look! On Friday the 14th of August, myself and a number of other Adelaide beauty bloggers were invited to an after hours blogger event. The only other Lush store in South Australia is the one in Adelaide City itself so it was high time to get a new one! To be honest, I buy the majority of my Lush products online, simply because the city store is ALWAYS packed. The new Marion store is around the same size, if not maybe a little smaller, however they’ve used the space to their advantage. The space has quite high ceilings and the shelves almost reach the top; this is optimal for storage and also a good display of products. BATHBOMBS AND SOAP AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!


As far as actual product displays I think they’ve done a pretty good job, this is pretty standard of LUSH, they always have gorgeous displays. I love the look of the wooden shelving and cupboards. Its earthy and natural looking which is totally ‘Lush’. The use of the glass bowls for displays make it seem like the products are floating, there is nothing blocking views or stealing the focus from the products. I think that if the containers weren’t transparent the store would feel a lot more crowded. Smart thinking Lush!

As this was an event, there was some food provided. All the food was vegan, which I am not, but I eat a lot of vegan/vegetarian meals and I’m not gonna say no to free nibbles! The food was delicious, there was some kind of pumpkin/curry puff. I miss it just thinking about it.

The structure of the event was really easy and natural, and it was so enjoyable. I was there with my bestie and fellow beauty blogger Sarah, aka Pastelsparkes and we went roaming around together. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by one of the nicest people on the planet. Her name is Casey and we just started chatting like we’ve known each other for years! All of the employees at the Marion Lush store were SUPER NICE! I feel like we’re all best buds now. We were officially welcomed by Kanya – the PR coordinator; Another super nice human being! She gave a little speech and told us all about the company of Lush and I took away so much information about the company that I didn’t know. I had no idea how charitable and environmentally friendly they were! Its amazing! After the speech we were notified of three ‘stations’ around the store. The first was a product creation demonstration, the second was all about the charity pot and the third was demonstrating the massage bars!

Sarah and I first went to the station all about the Charity Pot. We got to sample the product and we were told everything about the grass roots charities that Lush supports. All the money from sales of a charity pot go to the certain charity. I thought that was really cool. The left most image from the picture above, you can see the charity pots and the scarves that are the ‘Knot Wraps’. We were shown how to tie them a few different ways. The knot wraps are something that I love the idea of and if I ever buy a Lush gift for someone, I’ll get them wrapped in the knot wrap.


The second station we went to was the massage bar demonstration. The person giving the demonstration was Casey, the girl we first talked to when we walked in. She offered each one in the group a selection of massage bars and we were all shown how to use them. You can see the demonstration in the top right corner of the image above. The massage bars are such a great idea and by the looks of it, something that will last a long time. The product melts into your hands with your body heat and thats all you really need for a section at a time. I would like to explore the range a bit and find one that I love so I can always use it!

The third station was the product creation demonstration, but because this was our last stop, we missed the demo, but also because it was our last stop, we had the rest of the time to talk to the girl who did the demonstration about what she’d made. Her name was Akira and she was so lovely, she showed us step by step how to make the ‘Angles on Bare Skin Cleanser’ and also told us all about the fresh ingredients etc that go into the product. She was also nice enough to give Sarah and I each a hair consultation. When I found out that I would be going to Lush, I knew I wanted to pick up some hair care items. We chatted for about half an hour about products specific to our hair type, the hair care products that lush has to offer and things that she personally recommends. I didn’t feel like I was being sucked into a sales pitch at all and I was so happy with her suggestions. It was at this point that Kanya came around and told us we could pick out an item from the store that we could take home with us. After the amazing hair talk with Akira, I knew I was bringing home something from that, she recommended the Rehab Shampoo and said for me to get the biggest bottle because it was a gift. I didn’t even think about that, I was going to grab the small one because that is the one she was showing us in the demonstration. I also picked up the Retread Conditioner and paid for that with my own money. I look forward to trying them out and I’m sure I’ll do a review once I’ve used the products up.

Along with the free product of our choice, we were also given a little goodie bag full of samples that I cant wait to try, including the Angles on Bare Skin Cleanser that was made in store that night.

The free gift (rehab) and the conditioner I purchased (retread) and the goodies we got to take home.

I would like to thank everyone at the Lush store Marion for being so wonderful and informative, especially Akira, Casey and Pamela! ❤ An extreme special thanks goes out to Kanya for running the event.

Honestly, this was such a great night and because of this I’m sure I’ll be shopping at Lush and referring my friends to Lush for ever now!

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