Oh Deer Sugar – Store

Oh Deer-Licious!

(Like Delicious – get it?)

Now if you’re a follower of Pastelsparkles and Newbytobeauty (and you should be) you will have already seen some posts about Oh Deer Sugar, so strap yourselves in you’re about to hear some more!

What started out as an online store has now transformed into a 3D, real life store where your senses can roam free. The store has the perfect mix of a modern meets industrial feel to it with the clean white shelving and smooth lines and the concrete floors and exposed pipes in the ceiling.

What is ‘Oh Deer Sugar’?

Oh Deer Sugar is a company dedicated to ‘food for the skin’ as it says in the window. They supply hand made bath time goodies that will make you want to run around in the dirt just so you can get clean again. A mixture of bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks and more, all vegan and all ‘foodie’. Oh Deer Sugar is an ‘NON-edible bakery’ – no matter how good they look and smell (oh my ‘deer’ lord, the smell) they’re not for eating.

What products can I get?

Bathbombs, bubble bars, scrubs, soaks, masks and more! Check out their Facebook Page for photos and their website for their products. If you’re in Adelaide, I recommend you going into the store for yourself.

My in-store experience:

I had a shopping day with two of my best friends and fellow bloggers, Sarah and Zoe (Pastelsparkles and newbytobeauty). We spend at least half an hour in the store circling it and going back and forth through the aisles finding something different each time. I’ll be writing up another post soon with the products I picked up, I want to use them for a while so I can give you a review on them. Right now I’ll show you some pics though!

Zoe and Sarah shopping up a storm.

Because it is a ‘non-edible bakery, it is set out like a ‘food’ shop is and I love that they have little trays similar to the ones you get when you go to ‘BreadTop’ for you to carry around your products instead of putting them in a basket. Which I totally understand, because some of these are way too fragile to be knocking around in a basket against the walls etc. For the loose products they have little containers similar to ‘take away’ containers to put your products in. Its just the little things like this that bring it all together.

Bath Bombs GALORE! Walls lined with delicious bath treats! BOMBS AWAY!

I love how if you like a scent of one thing, it is almost always offered in the other products too! (the really popular ones anyway) There is a huge wall that is filled with bathbombs that are just waiting for me. haha The bathbombs come in solid form and also a powdery form which I thought was really interesting.

Bath Bombs, Soaps and Bubble Bars!


Everything is laid out so nicely its easy to get to and the signage is great. I really liked how there was room to move in the store. No squeezing past people, the aisles were easy to walk through with your tray and in my case my handbag swishing around at my side.

I will have a follow up post about the products I picked up so keep an eye out for that, and also this post and the review will be apart of a new series I’m doing on my blog about Australian companies. I look forward to introducing you guys to a heap of new stores!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out Oh Deer Sugar

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