LUSH Cosmetics – Christmas Edition!


As you all know by now, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve kinda left everything to the last minute (or maybe you haven’t, but you love all things Christmas things). I’m going to show you some of LUSH’s Christmas goodies!


First up is the ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream. Don’t be thrown off by the green colour, I thought I would come out looking a bit like the ‘She Hulk’ after using this but I didn’t so it’s all good! As far as the scent goes its more of an earthy/herbal scent. This would be a great gift for the man in your life or for someone who enjoys the less sweeter scents!

$10.50 / 100g

LUSH’s description: A feast for the senses! Get down and earthy with this mischievous, herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with an intriguing Fair Trade vanilla sweetness. As you rub this addictive lather all over the body, organic wheatgerm oil provides a nourishing dose of Vitamin E to ensure your skin is on fine (and fragrant) party form. You won’t be the fool after washing with this.


Now for ‘Santa’s lip scrub’! Its so nice to have a product that smells so good and is kinda edible. On first glance you expect this to be candy cane/peppermint flavour but its actually cola which confused me a little bit. However it is glorious, especially for lovers of the matte lipstick trend. Prep and prime your lips with this baby. Leaves them smooth for lippy and also some holiday kisses (; A little goes a long way with this product.

$9.95 / 25g

LUSH’s description: Prime your pout with this moisturing cola-flavoured lip scrub that leaves your lips buffed and ready for Santa Baby – or any other Lush lip tint or balm. Caster sugar, dates and cherries scrub and soften, giving them a taste of Christmas. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess.


One of the more popular scents from LUSH would have to be the sickly sweet ‘Snow Fairy’ scent and this ‘Fairy Dust dusting powder’ is sure to be a big hit. In the picture you can see how shimmery and glittery it is. It can be used on the skin to add shimmer and the sweet scent of raspberries and musk (in my opinion) I don’t find this as overpowering as some of the other snow fairy products! The smell lasts a decent amount of time on the skin, but even longer on clothes, I rub some of this into scarves and even into my hair. Perfect for the season of family hugs!

$11.95 / 70g

LUSH’s description: All you need is lustre, trust and a little Fairy Dust. Sprinkle this sweet, sparkling pink dust over skin to stay fresh for great big adventures. For dreams that take you past the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning, you can use it to candy-coat bedsheets too.



This took me by surprise because I didn’t really know what it was. ‘The Magic of Christmas’ FUN is made up of four play-dough like products that you can make anything you want out of them. Make snowmen, santa, hearts, stars or just use it as it. I like to use it in the bath for bubbles and using it on my skin making it so soft! This is a great product for the creative type and it can be used to make a heap of things. Great gift for people with kids so you can make bath time a little bit more FUN!

$9.95 / 200g

LUSH’s description: Build magic tricks with this sparkly FUN kit. You can make playing cards, cup and ball magic tricks and rabbits to pull out of a top hat or go wherever your magical imagination takes you.


Like the Christmas tree, any LUSH Christmas haul isn’t complete without the angel! The ‘Snow Angel Bath Melt’ is one of my favourite LUSH products. Its sweet and earthy smelling and kind of an ‘all-in-one’ product. Its fizzy like a bath bomb and the bath melt aspect left my skin so smooth! Its covered in micro glitter (environmentally friendly) which is beautiful but it can stick to the skin after the bath is over, and sometimes I have to take a quick shower afterwards which is kinda counter productive. It’s still a gorgeous product and I’m sure you’ll love it!

$9.50 / 120g

LUSH’s description: This spectacular bath time addition offers the fizz of our bath bombs and smoothness of our bath melts. The golden layer slowly melts away leaving a sparkly trail of P.E.T free Lustre giving you a golden glow, all while the Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Complete with the fragrance of Rose Absolute to create a comforting smell to warm you up this winter. 



If you’re into LUSH remember that you can get all your products ‘wrapped’ up in a knot-wrap! Mine came in a gorgeous Rudolph knot wrap! I think its that little something that makes it an extra special gift.

Check out all of the LUSH Christmas Inventions here! I hope you have a great holiday season, stay safe and spend it with the ones you love!

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*These products were sent to me for consideration, but all thoughts are my own as per usual! 


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