2 for 1 eye look!

I’m pretty sure we all have what we call our ‘go to’ make up look. Something simple but striking that we know we can 100% ace when we’re in a rush and need a little pretty pick-me-up or when we over indulged on our beauty sleep and need to get ready in 10 actual minutes.

My go to look is a simple gold/brown smokey eye. It can be toned up or down depending on the occasion. I used my Stila eyes are the window – Soul palette.


The eye look as I said is so simple. Follow the pictorial above to get the look! So many palettes come with shades like this, I reach for my Stila palette, Naked palette and also the Chi Chi Nudes palette.


For the first look I used a nude lip colour. This is one if the Maybelline color drama lip pencils in the shade ‘Nude Perfection’ I think the nude colour gives the look a “sweet and innocent” vibe, especially in contrast to the purple. It is quite a peachy nude, I would like to maybe use a cooler toned grey nude (or even just a grey) to match the outer corner eyelid shade.

For the ‘second’ look, I added some lashes and changed out the lip colour for this bright bold purple! Its one of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips in the shade ‘I’m Royalty’ I LOVE this shade (I love purple lipstick) and I think it works really well with this look. Not to mention going great with brown eyes. I felt more like myself with the purple lip. I felt more confident and it shows when you see the two ‘looks’ compared with one another in the next photoset. I look happier and more confident.

I also showed a photo with my glasses on, to prove that A) The eye look can be for anything, work, uni, looking good with glasses and B) If you’re a wearer of glasses, use them to enhance your face and your makeup! I’ll be doing a few ‘Makeup for glasses wearers’ posts in the future!


As I said above, you can tell that I feel more confident (werk it) with the bold lip. But that just proves (to me) that one should embrace their makeup, and use it to enhance themselves not to use it as a mask.

Its amazing what a pair of lashes and a different lip colour can do! It also goes to show that when you’ve got confidence it really shines through, and that is what I think is most important!  I love purple lipstick, especially with brown eyes, it gives me a cadbury chocolate vibe that I don’t even hate!

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