Priceline up to 60% off Fragrance Sale!

Priceline have been smashing out the sales lately! It feels like only yesterday I was writing up my skincare sale post. Nevertheless, there was a sale at Priceline and I found myself there by accident and spent money to smell pretty!


I picked up Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday, Beyoncé – Midnight Heat (repurchase) and Bvlgari – Omnia Crystalline (repurchase)

Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday – 100ml

“This fragrance contains accords of boysenberry, lotus flower, mandarin, star fruit, and vanilla – with top notes of Mandarin, heartnotes of flowerily delicate tones, and dry down of musky, creamy scents. The bottle was designed to resemble Minaj as she appearson the cover her 2010 album Pink Friday.”

This perfume was not only on discount but on clearance too, so I picked it up for $14.50 instead of the full price of $79.00! I wasn’t even intending to get it, but my friends Sarah and Zoe both picked it up and we all joked about how we should all get it, I do really like the scent of it and it was the last one on display so I though, why not? So I picked it up! So now it is going to have a sentimental meaning whenever I wear it which I kind of love. ❤

Beyoncé: Midnight Heat – 100ml

“Fragrance Notes: Dragon Fruit, Plum, Starfruit, Purple Mokara Orchid, Peony, Black Tulip, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood”

This perfume is a repurchase for me. Its fruity without being sickly sweet and kind of floral musky without being ‘dirty’ if that makes sense. This is usually a signature scent for me for the cooler months so this is just in time. This was also another clearance item and I picked the 100ml up for $7.50 instead of $69.00.

Bvlgari: Omnia Crystalline – 65ml

“Created from the glowing clarity and purity of crystal, Omnia Crystalline is a luminous Eau de Toilette capturing the transparency of lotus flowers, the fruity freshness of nashi and the creaminess of balsa wood. 

Olfactory Family: Floral Woody
Top Notes: Bamboo – Nashi
Heart Notes: Lotus Flower
Base Notes: Sandalwood”

Another repurchase and the only perfume I picked up ‘full’ price. (not on clearance just discounted). I fell involve with this scent when I was in France two years ago and two years ago for Valentines Day, my fiancé bought this for me as a gift (he really liked the scent, too). I picked this up with a 40% discount so instead of paying $89.00 I only paid $53.40. I will never not love this perfume and I will always repurchase it.


I love perfume bottles and I always keep the ones that I’ve used up. I love the detail and how delicate some of them are. However, the cap for the Nicki Minaj bottle is her head and when the cap is removed it turns into one of the creepiest things ever. It reminds me of the babyhead spider from Toy Story.

nicki miNOPE

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