Whats in my BEACH BAG!

Summer is still kicking here in Australia and I’ve just come home from a four day beach get away with my friends. It was such a nice little holiday and I’ll be writing up a post all about it soon!

I thought I might take this opportunity to let you all know what I keep in my beach bag, because I know secretly we’re all nosey people. While some items might be a no-brainer others might not be what you’re expecting and you might decide they need a spot in your beach bag.


The Bag: This bag is from Strandbags. The one I have isn’t in stock anymore but they have a heap of bags just like it! I have an obsession with blue and white striped things, especially if its to do with the beach – I just love the nautical theme!

Clothing: A swimsuit is essential, I got mine from City Chic! There is the blue and white nautical theme again. A floppy hat is another must have item, I picked this one up from Target. Sunglasses are the next thing that you should have with you, but make sure they’re not your most prized possessions! The beach air, sand and the water can deteriorate your glasses. So while you’re at the beach opt for a cheap pair from Target/Kmart etc. Thats what I did! Next up is a towel! Its not really clothing but I didn’t know what other category it would go in. I like the really big ones that you can wrap around a heap of times but its also almost like a picnic blanket (also a really good item to bring) so you can lounge all around.

Optional extras: Bring a beach coverup/tunic/kimono/board shorts and sometimes even a hoodie if you intend on being at the beach until it gets dark, even in summer it can get a bit cold if all you’re wearing is a bikini and sitting on a damp towel.


Hydration: I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated, the amount of times I’ve basically gotten heat stroke because I forget to drink water is a lot more than it should be! Prepare a bottle of water the night before and put it in the freezer so it’ll stay cool throughout the day and also help keep other things cool too! You can also bring with you a fun cup/tumbler if you’re going to be drinking a variety of things (don’t forget an eski/cooler). My beloved pineapple cup is from Target and only cost $3. It is ridiculous how happy this thing makes me!


Hair/Skin: While skin might seem obvious, hair doesn’t usually hit on peoples beach ready radars. I like to bring with me some leave in conditioner. Being in the sun can really damage hair along with sea air, wind and the ocean. I like to spritz it with some leave in conditioner (sometimes some heat protectant) so my hair isn’t totally fried at the end of the day. Having hair ties and bobby pins on hand at the beach can not only save you but also save your friends from some pretty bad hair days. Sharing is caring! Of course sunscreen is the most important thing you need. I use a separate SPF for my face (so I don’t break out) and I always pack moisturiser with me for afterwards. Make sure to bring your favourite lip balm to avoid chapped lips!


Extras: If you’ve got an underwater camera be sure to bring it! Its safer to have one of these by the water/on the sand than a professional camera. A portable speaker is such a good option and they are so compact now that they don’t take up too much room and are generally battery operated! Finally, bandaids; you never know when these will be needed. I always carry some with me in all my bags/purses. Don’t forget your phone and anything else you think would make your time at the beach (or pool) a super fun one!

Thank you so much for reading, if there is something you keep in your beach bag that you think I’d need please let me know! Don’t forget:

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Ciao! X


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