Getting the chop?

It’s come to my attention that every so often (every 10 or so years per se) I get bored with my long (long, long, long) hair and get it chopped off! The first (and only other time) I did this I was in high school and went from about 28″ to 10″ and absolutely loved it.

hair in inchesI saved my mother a tonne in shampoo and conditioner money and was able to do styles I’d never done before. So I think its about time I get it done again. HOWEVER I don’t trust anyone with my hair haha. Story of my life, right?

So this is where my hair is currently:

Excuse the Mirror selfie

Because its all pulled to one side it looks a little bit shorter than it actually is but you get the idea!

And this is what I’m wanting to get done. 

I am loving this ‘long’ bob/medium length textured style of hair. Lots of texture and layers with a blunt cut. Hopefully by chopping off half of my hair it’ll be nice and healthy once again. (2 and a half years of bleaching it can’t be great, am I right?) I really like the look of the balayage highlights etc put through it, I’m not sure if I’ll get it all done in one sitting, because A) time and B) money. But we’ll see! It really isn’t that much hair gone, but it will feel like I’m bald, I’m sure. I feel that way after a little trim!

Hopefully by me putting it in writing and out on the internet it’ll persuade me to actually get it done! So, wish me luck?

Any long haired ladies out there who’ve gotten the chop? I’d love to know your feelings about it!

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