Exploring the South Australian Coast!

I’ve done a bit of travelling in my short time. But some of the best scenes can be found on my doorstep. There is no doubt that Australia is a beautiful country, I’m lucky enough to have had some pretty rad family holidays as a kid exploring the outback but home for me is always going to be by the ocean.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia but I grew up about 3(and a half-ish) hours away on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula. Where farmland meets the sea. I had the chance to spend a four day getaway with friends in mid February. Not only was it relaxing, but it was nice to be able to take my city friends down to the country to see where I grew up.

We were staying in a beautiful holiday home right on the beach (thanks to a family friend of Lucy) of Black Point. Black Point is a 5 minute drive from Pine Point, a 20 minute drive from Ardrossan and only a 2 hour drive from the Adelaide CBD. If you stop off at Pt. Wakefield for lunch (which I recommend), you’ll be there in no time!

My ‘area’ of the YP is a bit further south by another hour and a half but I know the area (and surrounding) of Black Point fairly well.

The view from the back door. Bliss.

When we arrived at the house and I saw how close the water was to the back door I immediately wanted to get in. I swear I have salt water running through my veins. However, we had to set the house up and settle in. But as soon as we were settled I went out to put my feet in the water.


Lucy, Amber (pictured) and I went for a walk to the shore (and by walk I mean 50m stole) at sunset. The pictures don’t do it any justice.


This picture shows how clear the water is and also how pale I am. If it wasn’t getting dark (and if I didn’t have my camera on me) I would have walked all the way in, up to my eyeballs.


The next day was our first full day at the house and the weather was perfect, I woke up really early (6:30am) to go for a beach walk. There is something about holidaying by the ocean that turns me into a morning person, because normally I am far from it.


Oh what I would give to have a boat! The water is very calm the majority of the time, because of the shape of the bay and the tides it doesn’t get too choppy/rough so I could easily lounge around a boat all day!


We were even lucky enough to watch a pod of dolphins swim by while we were eating breakfast! I had to resist the urge to jump in the water so much.

The beach is quite a shelly one as you can see, there is soft sand so it isn’t TOO uncomfortable to walk on but I prefer the super sandy beaches that I spend my childhood on an hour or so away. Although my tough country girl feet didn’t have a problem with it!


The tide went out for the majority of the day which was a little bit of a downer but it came back in so we could still swim. Around 2:30 – 3:00 which is probably save because the UV is intense. HOWEVER, that didn’t stop us from getting greased up in sunscreen from head to toe and enjoying all the extra sandy space for activities! We set up a little beach tent and played catch on the beach until we were all hot and bothered!


One of the most epic dives to catch the tennis ball. 100 points to Kris.


The water was slowly working its way back up the beach and it looked so tantalising, but after an hour or so we decided to walk back to the house and re-apply some sunscreen and play some board games. I took this opportunity to take some more pictures and impatiently wait for the water to rise.


We finally got to go swimming and it was glorious! We stayed in the water for a few hours until it was time to come up and cook dinner. If there was a way that I could stay in the water and still be social, I would have done it.

The second day was the day we had put aside for ‘adventuring’. We’d all pile in the cars and drive the hour and a half to ‘my neck of the woods’ to have a walk/drive around the bottom end at Innes National Park! It is really easy to get to the park and navigating your way around is simple as well. Although it doesn’t feel like you’re in a national park / nature reserve but trust me, you are. There is ample and easy to follow signage.


Unfortunately the weather today wasn’t as clear as it was the previous day so there was a grey haze looming around. It didn’t deter us though. This is one of my favourite places to stand and look out over the coast. You can see the winding road and the dangerous cliffs surrounded by sand and some of the bluest waters ever. There is nature everywhere and it makes me so happy!


We decided to get out of the car and go for a bit of a walk to the lighthouse. Here are my happy little Vegemites!


Fortunately the sun did come out around 11:00am which we were more than thankful for!


After the lighthouse we drove around to the Ethel Wreck lookout/beach. We were a little pressed for time so we didn’t walk down to the beach but we did take the chance for some pretty cheesy kodak moments!



There was a giant anchor; so naturally we climbed all over it! #matureadults


If you do go to Innes National Park, I suggest stopping into the sea side town of Marion Bay for lunch at the Tavern. I’ve been there so many times I can’t count and its a really lovely place. The whole town is a perfect example of a sea side town. The people are friendly and some of the scenes are so picturesque it looks like photoshop!

We however, had other plans. We decided to hop back in the car and drive 40 minutes back the way we came to another sea side town of Point Turton (a place where I spent the majority of my summer days). We stopped into the Tavern on Turton for lunch which was lovely. The position of the Tavern is on the top of a hill which overlooks the coast. It gets some great views while you’re dining.

The plan was to go swimming after lunch. So we drove the 2 minutes to the beach from the Tavern and got ready for a swim! The sun was out but it was a bit patchy behind clouds but that didn’t make it too cold. We all bit the bullet and went in the water. The ‘Swimming Centre’ as its known to locals has a large reef surrounded by soft sand which makes the perfect habitat for a range of sea creatures! The water was a little too wavy for me to get a good shot of anything but just because we couldn’t see the fish, didn’t mean they didn’t see us! This beach has some prime areas for snorkelling which is what some of us did!


Alex looking like the Brittish sea-goer that he is. All ready to take a dip!

We spent a good hour at this beach swimming and skipping stones. On drive back (approx an hour from Point Turton to Black Point) us four girls all piled into the ute and had some pretty rad Car-eoke on the way home!

The next day was our last full day at the house. We spent it by lounging around in each others company and of course, swimming. I didn’t have my camera out too much this day, but I did happen to capture these fellows enjoying the sun. Pelicans are equal parts majestic, scary and creepy. I don’t know how they do it but they just are!


The one on the left was all for staying still for the photo, but the one on the right would NOT stop moving. Don’t work with animals and kids, right? isn’t that the rule?

Before we knew it, it was time to leave. With a group shot of 8 very tired individuals and some awkwardly invasive closeups (thanks Kris) we said goodbye to our little holiday home.



And so my little holiday comes to an end. The Yorke Peninsula is full of beautiful places for holiday getaways. It is very easy to get there from Adelaide. Keep in mind, public holidays may (90% of the time) result in some crazy traffic coming to and from Yorkes, so keep that in mind and plan your trip cleverly!

Thank you to, Amber, Chris, Kris, Lucy, Alex, Kiara and Dj for the best ‘Friends Vay-cay’ ever.

*All photos taken with Nikon P520*

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