Beauty Storage #1 – Bathroom

It seems like storage and storage Ideas are the new thing to become obsessed with, and well, I can see why. I like to have things organised or at the very least have a place for everything. I’ll be starting a little ‘series’ of blog posts dedicated to how I keep my stuff stored and organised and kind of looking presentable.

I’ve only recently started getting into ‘bathroom storage’ and to be honest storage is a loose term. I used to keep everything on the bathroom vanity just to sit there, however, when my collection grew a bit I decided I needed something to keep it all in.

The only thing I keep in the bathroom is skincare items, I don’t keep makeup in there anymore. Because bathrooms are usually a damp place it is ideal for growing bacteria and I didn’t want to be putting a dirty brush on my face. Also, my bathroom is quite small so I can’t store my entire collection there anyway!

So up until quite recently, I’d have everything from shower gel, body butter and tanning products to cleanser, exfoliators and face masks placed in the corner of my bathroom counter top. Its not a very large space nor is it anything that I class as appealing. (Unfortunately the bathroom is the last room that will be renovated) There is no reason or rhyme to it except taller things at the back and shorter things at the front. I’d come up with the idea that I wanted some kind of shelving system with at least two tiers to hold all the products that call the space home. It wasn’t until I was looking at the Ikea website that I stumbled upon this pretty little thing and thought that it would be perfect for storing my muddled bunch of bathroom bits (or if that didn’t work perhaps storing my perfume on it instead) or you know, now I’ve got a lovely cupcake server.

I got home and instantly assembled the iconic flat pack doohickey, and set it up in my bathroom. I think it is a good starting point for what I want to do and as I said, if it doesn’t work for this, I’ve got a few ideas for other uses so it won’t come to waste.


This is the ‘Before’ picture. As you can see, its all just placed there willy nilly. Theres a mix between body butters and face masks and makeup remover and self tanner. Mainly its just clutter and until I renovate the bathroom there isn’t really much I can do as far as permanent shelving etc goes.

This is the ‘After’ shot. It’s a lot neater and looks to be more organised. On the bottom tear I’ve got body butters, and masks and anything else in ‘tub’ packaging. Up top I’ve got squeeze packaged items. More masks, shower gel and moisturisers. To the side of got some skincare and the other side is makeup remover and cotton rounds.


As you can see, I have a heap of body shop stuff and a heap of masks. I’m planning a really in-depth mask review system to start up on my blog very soon, and as for The Body Shop? I love their products, the blueberry range and peach range are some of my favourite scents but also the ones hardest to get ahold of. So sad. I’ve also got a fair bit of ‘Oh Deer Sugar’ products (you guys should know I love them by now) that I’m loving.

Its still not perfect or how I’d like to keep it, but its definitely an improvement. I can’t wait until I renovate the bathroom, I want floor to ceiling tiles and lots of built in shelving! But thats a dream for another time!

What do you keep stored in your bathroom and how is it stored, do you have it presented or put away in cupboards? I’d love to know!

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