Officially Autumn – Fashion/Outfit Ideas

I love Summer, don’t get me wrong, however I am psyched that it is now officially Autumn (Fall) in Australia. (Even though it’ll be hot until April #AmIRight)

I find something I love about all the seasons, but, there is just something about seeing the leaves change colour and fall from the trees that to me is just magical.

I’ve got a heap of good ideas for some Autumn themed posts coming up for you guys so I thought I might kick it off with something that I know a lot of people love about the cooler months and that is – AUTUMN FASHION! There is something about stockings and coats that just gets me going.

Warm Neutral Outfit:

Warm Neutral Outfit


I love foxes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Autumn fashion is my favourite, I love the warm neutral shades. Caramels, browns, creams and golds can make for such a feminine look! This is such a casual yet pretty look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, but I’d rock something like this on the daily because I am perpetually over-dressed so I wouldn’t mind. I really want to find somewhere to buy one of these beautiful ‘cape’ like coats from. I think they’re stunning.

Miss Business:

Miss Business.


This is what I can imagine myself wearing if I was a powerful business woman. The coat is still feminine but practical. I love the muted tones matched with a bold red lip. I can see myself strutting through the city on the way to my meeting with business officials; coffee in one hand and handbag in the other. The smell of the Chanel perfume hitting the nostrils of those I pass. The Chanel Coco Noir perfume is beautiful for the cooler months. Sophisticated, mature yet a little bit sexy – if I do say so myself.

Everyday Autumn/Fall



In reality, this is more the stuff I’d be wearing. I love ankle boots and skater skirts with thick stockings. That honestly is my yearly style. I am obsessed with this army green colour and also rich plums and berry tones. Gold eye makeup and magenta lips is everything to me in Autumn! Skater skirts are really flattering to all body shapes. They add hips and a waist line to those of you who are quite lean and tall but also accentuate a synced waste for those of us who are on the curvy side.

Autumn Accessories

Autumn Accessories


No look is complete without accessories! Here are some of my favourite accessories for the cooler months! Scarves are a must have! They can be worn so many ways and can double up as a pillow or blanket for those bus/train rides home from work or uni! Versatile and stylish! Sunglasses are a necessity too, The sun can be very damaging to your eyes especially in Australia so keep them safe! I’d love to start changing my phone case to match the season or even my outfit! I love this little fox one! Belts can make such a difference to any look and I find that in Autumn when I’m wearing so many layers a figure can get lost in amongst all the fabric. A belt is a great way to synch in the waist to add a lovely feminine curve.

I’ve never really done a fashion post before but I really enjoyed this. All of these fashion/outfit sets are what I would call my personal style! Let me know what you love most about the cooler months!

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3 thoughts on “Officially Autumn – Fashion/Outfit Ideas

    1. Wow I bet it’s cold! I don’t think Australian winters can compare! Haha you guys should be heading into spring soon though? Yay should be a nice change. Winter and Autumn fashion is my fave. 👌🏻☺️


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