Easter Week: Nail Tutorial x2

Hey guys and welcome to a little thing I’m calling ‘Easter Week’ here on my blog (original, isn’t it? if you can think of a cool name let me know!).

For post number one I’m bringing you two super easy and spring/Easter inspired nail tutorials! (and I do mean super easy)


I’m not sure why my hand looks so awkwardly contorted… but I just love this nail look with the henna tattoo I have. Its just so pretty and I wish it would last forever!

The first post is this super pretty pastel/floral negative space design! It looks difficult but its quite simple. I originally got the idea from something I saw on pintrest but when I went back to find the exact picture I couldn’t find it. I’m sure if you search for it you can see it. I painted my pinky, middle finger and thumb nail all with a separate pastel colour and on my ring and index fingernail I used different sized dotting tools (if you don’t have any, bobby pins and tooth picks work) to make a floral design (using the same pastel colours). I used a base coat on all nails but I used a clear polish on the ‘negative space’ floral nails to make them nice and shiny before going over with a top coat.

I really like how they turned out and I think this would work for all kinds of events / seasons if you just change up the colours a bit!


For the next one I wanted to keep it pretty neutral. I love grey for ‘spring’ nails (even though its Autumn here – Easter is associated with the spring time). I thought that grey is also like the shade of the ever famous Easter Bunny so why not pay homage to the fella that hippity hops chocolate to your door?! I went with the tips in a festive coral colour to bring some pizazz to the look. I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out but I’m really happy with them.

There you have it, post one of seven of Easter week! I hope you enjoyed it and if you recreate any of these, I’d love to see them so tag me on instagram so I can see your handy work!

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Ciao! X

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