Easter Week: Makeup and Outfit Inspo!

Welcome to the second post of Easter Week! I figure, now that I’ve given you some nail art ideas I might give you some ideas for outfits and makeup, because why not?

Easter is usually a busy time for a lot of people, family commitments, Easter get-togethers usually an arguments about who is hosting this year etc, etc. If you’re someone who doesn’t celebrate Easter then just sit back and get some inspo for makeup and outfits because: Pretty.


Minimal Effort:


This is probably what I’ll be rocking on easter. Minimal effort, easy and casual. Defined brows, glowy skin and nude/pink lips. I kept this look without any liner but feel free to add it, I probably would. Its fresh and youthful and low maintenance! To achieve this look I used my Urban Decay Naked 1 palette – A good dupe is the ‘chi chi nudes’ palette.

Easter Night Out:

going out

When people think of Easter, their first thought isn’t usually clubbing. But I’ve done my fair share of Easter themed nights in town. Free entry if you’re wearing bunny ears etc. I’d personally rock this look on the daily because I think its super pretty and its just so simple! I used my Naked 3 palette only to achieve this look. This is still dramatic enough to be worn out but also pretty and pastel enough to be worn to a day time event!

Floral fun:


This look might not be what some think when getting ready for Easter, but in my time I’ve known a lot of Easter parties put on for kids where people have face-paint and the Easter Bunny is there along with big egg hunts and lots of fun! I’d totally wear this to that type of event. (If I could wear it on the daily, lord help me I would)

I used my Stila – Soul palette and the inglot white eyeliner on the eyes, the floral work is TAG body paints. Super easy to use and last really well. They’re water activated so really easy for beginners!


Pastel Pink Easter outfit.


This is something that I’d love to wear all the time because its just so pretty! But for those who tend to dress up for church / have a more ‘formal’ family affaire this is perfect. Its girly and fun and perfect for the weather (sprint time/ end days of summer).

Easter Morning


If you don’t have plans for the Easter holiday then might I suggest this comfy ensemble! Its probably what I’ll be wearing if I don’t have to leave the house. Spend all day in your PJs eating waffles, pancakes and hot cross buns for breakky!

Easter night out


If you’re going out for a night on the town for some Easter festivities, I think this is really cute. (I say that because its basically what I wore when I went out) I’d pair this with the dramatic makeup. The dress is simple but pretty and super comfy, if heels aren’t your thing go for some flats. The ears are what makes it, though. You’ll look adorable and sexy in this outfit.

Boho/chic Easter outfit.


If I have to leave the house, this is what I’d opt for. A maxi skirt (because who can be bothered shaving their legs) and a low cut crop wrap top – because my body looks bangin’ in those. Pineapple earrings because: me. Cute strappy flats and a signature scent! I love the hair style for this too. Just so pretty… AND EASY! I’m all about that life! I’d pair this with either the minimal makeup or the more dramatic one because go hard or go home, right?

I hope you’re enjoying Easter week so far. If you missed the first post, click here!

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