Mask of the Month: SWISSE Manuka Honey 2 week review

Second week in to the Manuka Honey mask trials and I’ve got some more tips and tricks about the mask that I’m super keen to share with you!

The mask says to use it twice a week and thats what I’ve been doing, the first week I did it the same way both times, but this week I decided to experiment with different ways of application so its less messy and to get an even covered face. I’ve also been paying close attention to my skin reacting/benefiting from prolonged usage of the one product!

  • Price: $17.99 at Priceline  $14.99 at Chemist Warehouse
  • Target/Aim: To detoxify and purify skin leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated
  • Skin type: Combination Skin – Well suited for congested and blemish prone skin
  • Smell: It has a cherry/medicin scent like a faint smell of red starburst
  • Texture: Smooth can feel a little gritty once it starts to dry
  • Colour: Dark grey
  • Directions: “Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, or until the mask feels firm and dry, then rinse off with warm water. Follow with your favourite Swisse natural oil and moisturiser. Recommended for use once to twice per week”.
  • Application: This week I tried using just one finger to apply the mask to save on me transferring grey clay around my bathroom, it worked well but was a little bit more of a timely process and the mask was starting to set around the edges – still hard to get a precise line. The second time I used the mask this week I used a flat foundation brush: Using a brush meant I could get a precise line and not end up brushing mask into my hair and/or brows. It also meant I could apply an even layer over my entire face. I was worried that a heap of product would be eaten up in my brush and it’d be a waste but when I rinsed out the brush after application there was hardly any product in the bristles! That in my book is a win!
  • Dry Time: Anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes: Using brush technique. **
  • 5 mins in: As mask sets my face is feeling tight again.
  • 10 mins in: The area around my ‘problem area’ is a little tighter than the rest of my face. This might be a random thing or the mask is pushing the bad stuff from my skin in those areas.
  • Just before removal: Entire face is set. Because of the smooth application there weren’t any wet parts or sections that didn’t set.
  • Removal process: Because I was having no luck in the ‘splash and rub’ technique I decided to change up the removal process. The first time I did it this week, I simply got in the shower. I put the mask on before I was going to shower watched an ep of iZombie and then got in the shower. The second time I removed it (the time I used the brush to apply) I got a facewasher/flannel/face cloth whatever you may call them and wet it with warm/hot water (nothing that could cause a burn). I squeezed out the majority of the moisture and laid it on my face. The steam made the mask wet again and I just wiped it gently off my face. No mess, no fuss and the mask washes out of the face cloth super easy!
  • Instant results: Again no redness; safe to say I don’t have a reaction to this mask. Face is clear and smooth.
  • 10 mins after: My face feels smooth but not hydrated in any way like other masks do so moisturiser afterwards is a must. (it does say to add a moisturiser or oil after the mask in the directions so I guess they know whats up)
  • Next morning: No instant breakouts the next morning, however I’m not sure if my skin reacted to a product, or if its just hormonal breakouts OR if the mask is pulling out imperfections but I had quite blemished skin for the first part of the week. It did die down towards the end of the week and is fine now. Not sure if this will continue.
  • Visible change: Aside from the small breakout skin looks clear. No major ‘wow’ moments.


You can see through the mask the uneven texture on my cheeks where I’d been getting these breakouts. This all went away – I’m not sure what the cause was. HOWEVER the mask didn’t make the breakouts any worse so, did it help in clearing them up?


Now don’t mind the intense close up, this isn’t often the type of photos I like to post, because lets be real – its not that flattering. BUT the left side is before the mask and the right side is after. My pores are still largish, but you can tell that they’re cleared and even though there is still that texture there it doesn’t look as bad. So I guess thats proof that the mask is good at clearing out pores.

I hope you’re enjoying these posts if you missed week 1 click here. I’ve got one more week using this mask before my final write up and review and then on to the next mask!

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