Easter Week: Pom Pom Pals – Easter Crafts!

If you’ve got kids or you just like making adorable life like pets out of wool, then boy oh boy do I have the post for you! My mum is a super crafty individual and thats where I get my artistic/crafty flare. We used to make pompoms as kids for fun or because mum was making us a beanie and we needed it. These puffy critters look like they take a lot more effort than they really do, but I made a bunch of these whilst watching a movie. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, to be precise. So here are the steps to make super adorable Bunnies!

What you’ll need:

Wool – any colour you’d like your bunnies to be, cardboard (an old box is perfect) glue (hot glue or PVA work best) white cotton tails (or you can make tiny white pom poms) and coloured felt – same colours as wool plus pink for inner ear.

The steps:


  1. You need two circle templates for the body and two for the head. The body template measures 10cm across, and the head measures 7cm across. The holes in the middle are 3.5cm. As you can see they don’t have to be perfect! Cutting a slit in the circles makes it easier to wind the wool around.
  2. Place the circles (for head/or body make sure they’re the same size) together.
  3. start wrapping! Go back and forth around the entire template keeping it as even as possible!


4. This is what you should have when its ready to cut.
5. Separate the edges of the template. This is where you’ll put the scissors to cut the wool. Make sure they’re sharp, I used sewing sheers. FYI parents; I’d probably do this for the kids. Its can get quite difficult as the wool gets thicker.
6. Cut around the entire thing. The wool will start fraying and sticking out but it kind of sticks to itself so it won’t fall everywhere. Just be careful and try and hold it together whilst still cutting! Once it is cut all the way around. Take some wool and slide it between the two cardboard template and tie it in a few very tight knots, this will hold the pom pom together. (like a bath loofa)


7. Once the pom pom is tied off, you can slide off the cardboard revealing you’re very own pom pom!
8. If its a little uneven or wonky, or if you’ve got a few longer bits, or even if its hard to distinguish between the head and body, just take the scissors and ‘shave’ your bunny bod. or head.
9. This is what you should have; You’re ready to build your bunny!
Glue the ears together and then pinch the bottom and glue again to make the ears all cute like. Glue the head and body together, the tail to the butt and put the ears on!
For the face I just cut out some circles of felt and put them as the eyes, I used pink for the nose.



I’ve made a heap of these little bunnies, I have no one to give them to, so they’ll just sit there looking adorable. ALSO bunnies isn’t the only thing you can do. I made this little chick with yellow wool and only used the ‘head’ template. ADORABLE, RIGHT!? I cut out a little orange felt for a beak and black for the eyes!

I really enjoyed making these little guys, and I hope you make some, too! I love them and so does my partner – we’re kinda lame. Kids will adore these!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Easter Week: Nails, Makeup/Outfit, Easter Breakfast, Baking Ideas, and Gift Basket!

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