Easter Week: Easter Gift Basket!

Through the course of Easter week, I’ve set you up with a heap of things that can all be mixed with each other – You’re welcome. Today’s post will be about ‘what to bring’ to an Easter gathering instead of what to make when hosting!

But if you’re a smart cookie you’ll realise that it’s kind of the same thing, but not. The crafts that we’ve made and the Easter treats that we’ve made can all be mixed together for this post today!

If you’re going to a family Easter party or you’ve been invited to something then chances are you’re going to want to bring something. Even though I’m sure the host has said not to bring a thing! (But we all know we’re going to bring something). This is what I’d bring (and what I probably will bring to family Easter). The perfect Easter gift basket!

The basked I got at k-mart for $3? Ish. It was very inexpensive. The purple ‘straw’ I got at a ‘dollar store’ and the other things are basically what we’ve made together! So here’s what I put in mine!

The plastic baggies I got at Kmart and they were really cheap. So I just got the baked goods and put them in individual bags – I included the sugar cookies and the chocolate nests because they’re easy to package. If I had a way to pack the cupcakes I would have included them.  I got the egg candles at Dusk last year. I love them, I think they’re so adorable! I also included one of the little pom pom critters because: cuteness. For a little bit of an adult kick, I added some kaluah – bailies is also a really good one too, just anything in the little bottles. Hot cross buns are also great to put in and then also any chocolate eggs too.

Add a ribbon and a cute little card and you’re good to go! It looks like a heap of effort, but if you’re already baking for yourself then why not share the delicious goodness?

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