Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Wishlist

It’s time for another one of Priceline’s 40% off sales! This sale will be on the 6th and 7th of April its time for COSMETICS! A lot of people look forward to this sale – myself included. Today’s post is going to be a list of somethings I hope to get my hands on!

Foundation: I want to get some refills and also try a few more. If I walk out of Priceline with 5 different foundations – don’t judge me. The 40% off sales is where I like to try a heap of different products that might be a bit more expensive. I’d prefer to hate something that I got on sale than hate something I paid full price for.. #amIright?

Pictured: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hr. L’Oreal True Match. L’Oral Lumi Magique. Australis Oh 2 Glow. L’Oreal Cushion Liquid Foundation.


Concealers: I’ve been trying to expand my concealer collection. I don’t use it a lot (shocking, I know). But, I want to just play with them and see what works!

Pictured: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. Face of Australia Eye Lights, Rimmel London Match Perfection.
I have used the Match Perfection before and quite liked it. I’ve heard good things about the Wake Me Up too!


Models Prefer Radiance Illumination Collection – Cream: I have this product in powder form, but being a dry skinned damsel, I’d like to experiment with the cream too! The shades are also lighter than the powders which will be nice.


Cream Contours: Again, I just want to play around, I’ve seen some by Savvy, and Models Prefer so if I can get my hands on some that will suit me I will, if not I might have to walk out with the australis cream contour kit and try and make it work. I think creams are much more forgiving than powders so, we’ll see how we go!

Pictured: Australis Cream Contour Kit and Models Prefer Cream Contour Stick.


Colour Corrector – Innoxa: 


I’ve really been getting into the whole ‘Colour Correcting’ gig, so I kinda wanna give it a go. If it means having to apply less foundation and concealer I’m all for that. I want to start putting in more effort to my makeup to make it look really good.

Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Lipstick


These are a new release in Aus and I’m curious to try them. Because they’re new they might all be sold out, but I hope I can get my hands on some!

There are probably a million more things I want to try but if I stick to this list as a guide line I shouldn’t be too broke by the end of it! What are you wanting to get in the sale? Do you think I need anything else? LET ME KNOW! Your recommendations will be much appreciated! ❤

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