Mask of the Month: Beauty Essentials Renewed Peel-Off Facial Mask

The mask I will be focussing on for April is the ‘Beauty Essentials Renewed Peel-Off Facial Mask’. Beauty Essentials (BE) is an affordable brand and I’m pretty sure its exclusive to Priceline. I love peel masks and I’m pretty excited to give this a go and let you guys know my thoughts!

The lowdown:

  • Price: $5.99 Priceline
  • Target/Aim: ‘…to remove dead skin cells from the skin and unclog pores’
  • Skin Type: Doesn’t specify.
  • Smell: There isn’t really a smell, although it does kind of smell like glue. The scent is meant to be ‘pomegranate’ but I don’t smell it at all.
  • Texture: Thick, sticky, smooth.
  • Colour: Bright Pink!
  • Directions: “Cleanse face with your favourite BE Cleanser, and dry in preparation for the mask. Apply a thin, even layer of the mask to yourface and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area, lips and hair. Leave the mask on to dry for around 15 minutes or until completely dry.Once dry gently peel away the mask from the face.Do not pull away quickly.Wash off any remaining pieces of the maskwith warm water.Pat face and neck dry. Use once weekly or as required.”

What the packaging says:

“A refreshing Peel-Off Facial Mask which works to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and unclog pores to reveal a freshand radiant complexion. Includes Pomegranate extract, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and for fightingfree radicals in the skin, and Vitamin E for its soothing and smoothing effects.”

Pre Thoughts:

I’ve not used this yet but I’m pretty keen to. I do enjoy a good peel mask and I hope I’ll like this one! I’ll be using it once a week as that is what is recommended. I am however a little worried that I might have some slight irritations because I have dry skin but we’ll just have to see! The fact that it kinda smells like glue is a little worrying too, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, right? Right?!

Let me know if you’ve ever used a peel mask, or even if you’ve used this mask and tell me what your experiences were with it!

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