Priceline Picks! 40% off Cosmetics Haul

I went in with high hopes and came out with low funds. Priceline, you’ve done it again!

If you’re still recovering from the madness that is the Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Sale, I don’t blame you, my girls and I (Sarah & Zoe) did a little pub-crawl style shopping spree. I hit up 4 stores to pick up a bargain and I am pretty happy with what I came out with. I’d made a list and I stuck to it. If I couldn’t get something I didn’t try and spend my money on something else in store. (I spend it on ice cream like an adult).

This is what I picked up in the sale!

After making my list on what I was aiming to get I hit up foundations first!


L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation – Shade: N1 Pure Pearl
$34.95 / $20.97

I’ve used this foundation and even though it looks darker than the rest it actually matches me perfectly! (which is strange) Those yellow undertones though… I’m not sure if this made me oily though (ALSO STRANGE BECAUSE MY FACE IS LIKE A DESERT) but I used a lot of cream products and didn’t really set my foundation with powder as much as I usually would so I’ll have to play around. From the one time I’ve used it, apart from those minor issues I really liked it!

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Long Wear Foundation – Shade: 05 Light Beige
$24.95 / 14.97
I’ve not used this yet, but I have used Maybelline foundations in the past and really like them – so I’m keen to give this a go!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25  hr Full Cover Foundation – Shade 101 Light
$18.95 / $11.37
I picked up this foundation because it is my daily – go to foundation. It is a little on the lighter side because the next shade up is just too dark for me, but it mixes really well with other foundations if I need to lighten them and the coverage is great!

Next stop was concealers! I don’t wear a lot of concealer and it is something that I want to start branching out and using. Here’s the ones I picked up:


Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer – Shade: 101 Ivory
$13.95 / $8.37
This is one of my go to concealers. I don’t have a favourite concealer but this one seems to work really well when I use it!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser – Shade Fair
$18.95 / $11.37
I’ve heard really good things about this concealer from friends who use it and I’ve always been wanting to try it but whenever I go to get it its always sold out – that must mean its good, right? I’ve used this once already and really like it! I can’t wait to keep using it to see if it continues to impress me.

I only bought two items that I don’t classify as ‘base’ products and these are the new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Colours. I only got two shades – I know I’ll wear these. They’re not on the Priceline website so I can’t remember what the original price is so I’ll estimate it based on the 40% discount.


Revlon Ultra HD Lip Colour – Shade: 610 Addiction (berry) Shade: 635 Passion (red)
$23.00 (approx) / $14.37
These were a little bit pricier than I thought, so I’m glad I only got too. From swatching them the formula looks really nice and wearable. I haven’t tried them on the lips yet so I’m yet to have a decent review. I’m pretty keen to try them though!

The last thing I picked up is the cream version of a powder highlight trio I already own. The creams are lighter than the powders and I’m curious as to how good their staying power is.


Models Prefer Radience/Collection Ultimate Illuminating Palette – Type: Cream
$12.99 / $7.99
I’m really into the whole ‘strobing’ trend lately. I like having glowy skin and I really hope I can make this product work.

Thats it! I had the best day shopping with my friends, we went out for lunch, shopped our little legs off and then went out for ice cream because we deserved it! Did you get anything in the Priceline sale? If so link it below I’d love to check it out!


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