Original Tartelette VS In Bloom Palette Swatches

I recently got my hot little hands on the two Tartelette Palettes and I thought I might do a comparison swatch for you! They are very similar and if you’ve only got the budget for one I hope this post can help you choose! However at this very moment in time until the 15th of April 2016 there is a SALE on Tarte.com that gives you 30% off at the checkout when you enter ‘FRIENDS’ Promo code. So hippity hop on over and get yourself a bargain! All details will be on the website.

The Lowdown:
Each palette contains 12 x 1.50g shadows. For reference the Urban Decay Naked Palettes hold 12 x 1.30g shadows. The original Tartlette (In the purple case) is made up of all matte shades and has a purple theme running through the palette. The shades are a mix of warm/neutral and cool tones . The Tartlette In Bloom (pink/floral case) is all matte except 3 shimmer/lustre shades. The palette is more of a golden brown theme. Definitely more neutral/warm shades. Each palette is made of the same hard plastic, feels sturdy and has a full mirror on the lid side. Mirrors are adjustable to a degree and self standing. There is no scent to the original palette, but there is a sweet ‘sugary/vanilla’ scent to the ‘In Bloom’ palette.

Tartlette (Original)

First row: Free Spirit: yellow/cream colour, Force of Nature:light tan, Dreamer: Medium brown, Multi-Tasker: deep brownDSCN3277Caregiver: soft baby pink, Natural Beauty: Mauve, Best Friend: Berry brown, Bombshell: Dark Plum

DSCN3278Super Mom: Bone/cream/white, Wanderer: Orangey tan, Power Player: Grey tone brown,  Fashionista: Black.

Tartlette In Bloom


Charmer: Off White – Matte, Jetsetter: Warm Taupe – Matte, Rocker: Shimmering Taupe, Smokeshow: Black-Brown – Matte.
Flower Child: Peachy Nude – Matte,  Smarty Pants: Tan – Matte, Fire Cracker: Bronze Copper, Activist: Dark Brown – Matte

DSCN3271Funny Girl: Shimmering Champagne, Sweetheart: Peach – Matte, Rebel: Chestnut Brown – Matte, Leader: Aubergine – Matte.

Now to compare them row by row:

first row
First Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

second row
Second Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

third rowThird Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

So as you can see they are quite similar, yet at the same time both very different in their own right. The shades in both palettes are the same high quality and I am really happy I have both palettes. If you’re not in the market to spend on both palette then really the choice is up to you based on your personal preference.

Left: Original Tartelette / Right: In BloomDSCN3247

Do you have any of these palettes? If so I’d love to hear what you think of them. I can’t wait to do some looks with these palettes!

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