Top makeup tips for when you’re sick

Obviously no one likes being sick, but unfortunately its going to happen. As my luck would have it, day one of my uni ‘holidays’ started out with me coming down with the most horrid version of the ‘common cold’. Now usually I’d just let it run its course (for me, its a two week minimum of aches, pains and phlegm – beautiful, I know) but I have a heap of stuff to do during this study break including birthdays, events and even a wedding so I had to look better than I felt at the time. I’m here to share with you some basic tips and tricks about how to wear makeup when you’re sick.

For me, the least amount of product on my skin, the better I feel. I try to keep makeup simple and if possible away from the three danger zones of sickness – lips, nose and eyes.

My eyes are a watery mess when I’m sick so a lack of makeup is fantastic, I can’t recommend waterproof liner and mascara enough! If you are going to go with some shadows I suggest a really blown out smokey look (doesn’t have to be black). The more diffused the colour is, the less obvious it will be that you’ve wiped some away with the tears coming from your eyes from coughing so much. (you think I’m kidding?)

The only time my lips get chapped is when I’m sick. I find myself doing a lot of mouth breathing (*cringe) because my sinuses are more congested the peak hour traffic in the city. My lips split, and crack and its just a painful ordeal. I never use a matte lipstick when my lips are bad like this. Its just adding salt to the wound. I tend to go with a balm (chapstick is your friend) or a gloss – the only time I opt for gloss is when I’m sick. Its low maintenance and it helps the lips. YES! If I’m going somewhere that requires lippy, I opt for a cream finish. Rimmel London – Moisture Renew lipstick line is fantastic.

Having a runny nose is annoying at the best of times, but having to wear makeup AND having a runny nose is just adding insult to injury. My tip for this is to blow your nose like theres no tomorrow before doing your makeup – sounds obvious but seriously, do it. Pretend you’ve got the trumpet solo in the jazz band and blow that horn, honey! When you’re ready to apply makeup you’ve got a few options: Just a powder, if you don’t NEED full coverage then don’t bother with it, Liquid foundation – Put it over your face as per usual, but when you get to the nose (nostril area) blend it out so there isn’t much there. If its lightly applied on purpose and it looks fine, it won’t look stupid when you’ve more than most likely rubbed at it with tissues. Instead of looking like Rudolf you look a little rosey, Concealer – if you don’t want foundation, but want coverage, just use concealer, blend it out so it doesn’t look too patchy and go from there – depends on what ‘event’ you’re wearing the makeup for.

This is the before and after. I wasn’t going anywhere that I needed full coverage – just nipping out to lunch with a gal pal and doing a bit of shopping.

No eye shadow. Waterproof mascara, liquid liner in brown – not black. Defined brows. Glossy lips. Concealer and powder – no liquid foundation.

Something else that I like to do, I like to rub some ‘vaporising ointment’ Vicks VapoRub. just under my nose – only a small amount. Just so it keeps my nose somewhat usable. A small amount shouldn’t be detectable by others – just mask with with perfume!

It is important to put colour back into your skin. You might think blush isn’t needed but you can become quite washed out when you’re sick so adding in a little flush of colour to the cheeks can really help make you look like you’ve got a pulse and not an extra for ‘The Walking Dead’.

As it turns out, I had an event that I had RSVP’d to so I needed to turn that basic makeup into a bit more of a glam situation. I kept to the same rules. Even though I am wearing more makeup than before, its still light on my nose, I’ve primed my lips with balm all day so wearing a ‘matt-er’ lip isn’t such an issue. Adding blush to bring colour back to my cheeks, adding highlighter to bring some ‘natural glow’. With all these little things, I don’t really look sick at all! Despite feeling like I was dying and coughing so loud I sound like a baby seal…

The term ‘fake it, ’till you make it’ applies here. If you pretend you’re well, and smile and try your hardest, it will show through. Even if you sound like a ‘pack-a-day’ smoker. (me).

Don’t forget that wherever you go you always take a mini pack of tissues, lozenges, cold and flu meds and lip balm!

Do you have any makeup tips for when you’re sick? Or just any tips on how to survive sickness I’d love to know! I can’t wait to kick this cold to the curb!

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