Hair today gone tomorrow – getting the chop! 

You may remember a few weeks ago, I posted about the possibility of chopping of all my hair. “Getting the chop?

Well, one lazy afternoon and a spur of the moment decision – along with a friend to hold my hand – had me walking into a salon. Thanks Lucy for being my chauffeur and convincing me that this is what I wanted. ❤


I was letting my friends know I was about to get the chop and tried telling them where I wanted it cut to. Or maybe I just wanted some last photos of my long locks. But lets be real, it needed to be cut anyway, after years of bleach and heat treatment my ends were literally fried.

The Inspiration:

 In the previous post about me thinking about getting my hair cut, I toyed with the idea of one of these super ‘on trend’ long bobs. I basically needed that much cut off anyway for my hair to be healthy again, and had somewhat decided to get rid of all the blonde anyway, so why not? As soon as I saw these images of Melissa McCarthy I knew this is what I wanted. I was worried that a short cut like this would show off features of my face that I’m not quite comfortable with. I used my long hair to hide being. But seeing these images made me want this hair so bad! I took this image into the salon and asked for it to be a little bit longer, it turned out a little bit shorter but oh well, hair grows.

The Length:

I went in with hair approx 22″ and came out with a somewhat A-Symetrical bob. Longer in the front and shorter in the back – only by an inch or two. My hair is now 10/11″ at the back and 12″ in the front. I’ve had my hair cut like this before, so its not new to me.

None of my friends have seen me with short hair, the last time I got it this short was in the early years of high school, I was a little nervous. I’ve also not been all one colour for a while. I love my natural colour which is why I’ve never died the roots. I’m happy to be a full brunette again and to have healthy hair. However, I am a little sad to no longer be ‘the girl with the long hair’. It sounds silly but I got a lot of compliments on my hair from friends, and even strangers. It felt nice. But, it will grow back so – I’m ok with this.

The Process:
I walked into the salon and didn’t have to wait at all as it was the end of the day and a lot of free chairs. I sat down and explained what I want and the stylist quickly went to work. I was getting a lot of attention from the other staff who were working. A lot of ‘oooh-ing and aahh-ing’ was happening. It was all positive and they only had nice words to say, but I felt a little bit like a gold fish being stared at.


Image one is just after it was cut. Lucy and I went to pick up a celebratory bottle of wine, plus I think I might have been in shock a little bit – it sounds silly.

Image two is once I’d washed, blowdried and lightly straightened my hair. Its so soft and strong now. I’m so happy with it.

Image three is today. The expression is weird because public transport selfies are hard. I threw in some loose curls to add texture without it being puffy. I have noticed that I will have to change little things about how I do my makeup because my hair isn’t there to hide anything and also having my face more open has given me ideas for more makeup looks. Something to go with my all brown hair. I’m excited to experiment!

Before and After:

I really am happy with the result, even though it is shorter than expected. But I don’t mind, I’m so blasé about it and I know hair grows back so I’ll just have to deal with it being a little bit shorter for a while. I’m excited to style it and find new things that I can do with these newly chopped locks! Be on the look out for some hair style posts coming up!

Have you ever made the change? Traded in your long locks for a bouncy bob? I’d love to know what products you use for styling or any tips on how I can style my new hair!

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Ciao! X

7 thoughts on “Hair today gone tomorrow – getting the chop! 

    1. Thank you! I’m so worried it doesn’t suit me.

      I’d love to say I was brave. But I was finding any excuse to not go. Haha. But my hair is so much healthier now. I still can’t wait for my long hair to be back, but I’ll enjoy this bob while it lasts! ☺️


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