Edible Cupcake Bouquet

Welcome back to Caitlan’s Kitchen! One of the things I love doing, is baking! This year for mothers day, along with some other gifts, I plan on making my mum a giant array of cupcakes that look like a flower bouquet. Why? Because why not? Not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day? Check out the two gift guides I’ve put together *HERE* and *HERE*.

The one I’m going to teach you how to do now is just my trial run, so its a little rough around the edges. But with some practice, it should look better!

There are a heap of different ways you can go about this, in terms of cakes and decorations. I chose to use packet cakes for this, purely because it’s the easy option. However, feel free to use any cupcake recipe you have and love for this. The same goes for decorating, the marshmallow flowers are just an option. I thought I might show you how to to do them for future baking experiments.



For this you’ll need a few things that don’t come from the baking aisle. A flower pot (kmart have cute ones for $2), ribbon, and a Styrofoam ball. Along with that you’ll need patty pans, tooth picks and some cakes. You can use whatever cupcakes you like I’m using packet cakes as I said, because its easy. I’m using vanilla and chocolate, but thats just for some variety. As long as you have approx 20 cupcakes you should be able to cover a ball this size. Marshmallows are optional.

Once your cakes are baked, and cooled down you have some options. You can either stick them to the foam ball now, and decorate later, OR decorate now and stab them on later. It depends on how you’re doing it I think. If I was using a piping bag, I’d stick the cakes down first. For something like this, it doesn’t matter too much. But after attempting this, I think it is easier to get them on the foam ball first, then decorate.


To make the marshmallow flowers, you’ll need two marshmallows for one flower. Cut them in half like you see in the photo above. As you cut them, it pinches the marshmallow and turns it from a round shape to a slightly pointed almond shape – perfect for petals. They’re easy to place down on the icing of the cupcakes, as it acts as an adhesive. Be warned thought, the marshmallows become VERY sticky once cut in half. To save yourself some grief place them on the cupcake sticky side down so they powdery side is facing up.

Another option is to dip them in coloured sugar which is super cute.


To stick them to the foam ball, I used two toothpicks per cupcake, like the picture above. For some that were lower down, I used three, and tried to angle them up so they wouldn’t slide off.  Its fairly easy to pierce the foam ball, but perhaps having a sewing thimble on hand might be of some assistance.


Simply push the cupcake onto the toothpicks. You’ll be surprised at how well they stay there.  A good trick to make sure the foam ball doesn’t wiggle around is to adhere it with sticky tape on the inside to the flower pot. Another idea is to put some weights in the bottom – rocks might work – so it doesn’t slide around, mine took a little tumble as I was pressing one of the cupcakes on, now its covered in crumbs, but this is just a test run so thats ok.

Its also best to tie the ribbon around the pot before you start placing the cupcakes. It would be mighty difficult to tie it up once it was so top heavy and round.


Progress shot. Mother’s Day Marshmallow Massacre – we will rebuild.

There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to placing the cupcakes. It depends on size and what room you have. I’m trying to think of something to fill the white space with. Green tissue paper – or napkins to simulate leaves? Or perhaps I’ll pipe some green frosting in between. If I had some green lolly pops (wrapped in green cellophane, at least) I’d try stabbing them through the ball. Something to cover the white space and give some foliage.


Here’s the finished result of my cupcake bouquet test run. I’ll update my social media with pictures of the final result so if you’d like to see those, follow the links below and give my insta a good old stalk-a-roonie!

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