Mother’s Day Gift guide #2

I posted another Mother’s Day gift guide last week, I’m posting another one now because this is a little bit different to the other one. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can’t go buying flashy gifts for the ones we love. Trust me, I’ve been there. Heck I moved there and became the mayor. Its hard when the one you love deserves a diamond and all you can afford is a rock. So this gift guide is going to be about things you can make or get for cheap that will be sure to make your mumma smile.


For the green thumb mum I think this is a really cute idea. You can get a huge range of potted flowers from Bunnings for under $15.00AUD some even for under $5.00! To snazzy it up a bit and add some personal touch, head over to kmart and pick up one of the many flower pots they have – starting from $2.00! A little bit of elbow grease and some dirty hands will give you the end result of a gorgeous gift that will bring colour and happiness to your mum for a very long time! All you need to do is add a cute label, get a ribbon and you’re done! How beautiful!


Kmart have some great Tea sets out at the moment in the theme of mothers day!
This one here comes with tea, and sugar cookies with the mug, whilst this one is an all encompassed tea set! There are a few different varieties on offer at Kmart so pick one that suits your mum. These ones here are $6 and $10. Bargain!


I think it costs approx 25c to get a photo printed these days and thats just for standard sizes. One thing that my brother, sister and I do, is get photos of us, and us and our partners and make a photo collage. If thats not quite your style, or you’re an only child then you can just find some photos of you and your mum. You can get some really cute frames for under $10. I’ll leave you with a pic from at least 10 years ago of me and my mum



If you’re good in the kitchen then this one might be for you. This is one of the things I’m doing for my mum this Mother’s Day. Its an edible cupcake arrangement. Click here to find out how to do it! It is actually really easy! It was under $15 to make.


This one here is just a trial run, so its a little rough around the edges. But you get the idea! The tutorial for this post will be up tonight! Two posts in one day? You guys are lucky!

That just about wraps it up for this instalment of the Mother’s Day gift guide for 2016. Just remember, you don’t need to go out and get expensive gifts. Just spend time with your mum, or mother figure. Cherish the time you have and make memories and take photos and just tell your mum how much you love them!

Be sure to check back in a few hours for the cupcake bouquet tutorial!

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