Kiss my brass! Say bye bye to brassy blonde

Hair care can be an arduous task and to be honest most time I’m too lazy to (hair) care. (;
So, when my normal routine can do all the work for me, I’m probably a little bit too excited.

I like to keep my hair low maintenance, so why I decided to ‘go blonde’ is beyond me. Any brunette to blonde will tell you, its an expensive rode to walk down to hair that is undeniably going to turn to straw if you don’t care for it. That, or just snap off…

So when I had my first round of bleaching I knew I had to get in on some hair care ASAP! thank goodness for Priceline, their hair care sale was just a few days after my appointment so I picked up some products that I’m going to share with you because, as luck would have it the Priceline hair care sale is happening this week: Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th (oooohhh) of October.

The first products I added into my hair care regime were the ‘Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting shampoo and conditioner by John Frieda. As you can see by the less than pristine packaging I used them all up! I really enjoyed this product and in fact I went to re purchase it but it was sold out of either the shampoo or the conditioner and I like using them as a set so I picked up something else instead.

Brass be gone: I found it knocked back the brassy tones that were showing through. I used this shampoo and conditioner 1 to 2 times a week and it kept my hair looking yellow blonde instead of orange blonde which I really liked.

Price: $17.99 each per 250ml – full price

Smell: Not that many will care, but this shampoo and conditioner smell so nice and leave the hair smelling so for at least two days afterwards.

Aftermath: The conditioner does a really nice job at eliminating breakages AND detangling. Because my hair is naturally fine, long and curly/wavy tangles are a constant which mean hair breakage and split ends are a daily struggle. This conditioner once massaged into the lengths of my hair made it easy to brush out. Hair felt silky and smooth for days.

When I went in to purchase the John Frieda again and saw that one was sold out, I came across the Fudge version. It’s the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. Clean blonde… is that a play on words of dirty blonde? I don’t know, but it’s clever. It was slightly more expensive than the John Frieda, but there is more product so I thought, “eh, why not. People have recommended Fudge products in the past.. I’ll give it a go”. I’ll say it now. I really like this duo. 

Brass be gone: Wow, this sometimes works too well! I have almost white blonde ends and if I use too much of this I feel like they go grey/silver/purple. I don’t hate it but just be warned. A little goes a long way. Apply it to hands and work through the lengths of your hair don’t apply straight to hair. 

Price: $21.99 each per 300ml – full price

Smell: It smells sweet, like confectionary. Almost like lolly bananas? Totally odd but not at all unpleasant. It has a powdery sweet linger to the hair. 

Aftermath: Apart from the possible purple ends, this duo does a great job at keeping the brass at bay. My hair tends to get a little bit fluffy if I leave it to air dry after washing, but my hair does feel very soft. I think it would work well on thicker hair that doesn’t tend to fly around like my fine hair does. 

A word of caution. As you will see in a photo below, the shampoo is quite purple. I found once I’d finished in the shower there were purple toned water drops everywhere and I was worried it’d staid the grout in the tiles. (Raise your hand if you’re pedantic about tile grout 🙋🏻) it does however wash away easily. 

Another note about staining, my fingernails are a violet colour. Especially around the cuticles. For a week I didn’t know how it had t washed off and then I realised it must have stained the roots / my scalp because every time I’d run my fingers through my roots or scratch my head my nails would be purple again so make sure you wash this product out super well. I’ve never had an issue with any other violet shampoo before. Just this one. 

Once every one to two weeks I like to treat myself to a hair mask. My hair is naturally quite fine and dry and b cause of that, prone to breakage so I like to give it a boost every now and then. I’ve been using the Masque brand for a while and I’ve tried out 3 of their other masks and really enjoy them. Out of a packet this size I get at least 6 treatments.

Because I use purple shampoo and conditioner intermittently with my regular shampoo and conditioner I sometimes like to let this mask soak in and act as a deep conditioning toner treatment and I find it works quite well. 

Brass be gone: I feel like it’s at the same level as the John Frieda. But because I can leave this on longer. It varies. Sometimes I mix in a tiny amount of the Fudge shampoo for a bigger kick. 

Price: $9.99 for 100ml – full price. 

Smell: AMAZING! Lord give me strength this is one of my favourite hair product smells ever. It smells fruity and dark and leaves the hair smelling amazing. 

Aftermath: No staining so that’s a plus. Hair is hydrated and smooth and has a decent amount of the brass kicked back. Hair smells nice and is super soft. 

Here you can see the different variations of purple. In my mind the darker the colour the stronger the affect. Left to right is John Frieda, Fudge and Masque. This is only the shampoo (obviously the Masque is just the Masque) the conditioner of both are much more pale in colour. 

You can see that the J/F is much more runny than the other two, and also the lightest. That being said I’d still use it again. The other two are quite thick. These swatches were on my hand for 5 mins maximum and the middle one (Fudge) did stain slightly.  

After all is said and done, I’d still use any of these products again and I recommend you try them if you’re in the market from some purple shampoo. Just pay close attention when using the Fudge! 

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20 + Questions to ask your celebrant

For a short while here on my blog I will be posting wedding related content because /news flash/ I’m getting married! This isn’t new news its just finally happening. Wedding related posts will be on random Wednesdays so if you like bonus content then you’re in for a treat! #weddingwednesday

Planning a wedding can be half of the fun, it can also be a giant ball of stress that makes your stomach drop harder than a drunk girl in a night club.

This is one of the times in your life that you’re allowed to be as picky and precise as you want. There isn’t anything wrong with letting the ‘Zilla through when you’re talking wedding day.

Finding someone to officiate your special day can be a lengthy process, being able to trust (usually) a stranger to be the one to announce you as husband and wife is a big step. Here is a list of questions I took with me to my initial interview with our ‘now’ celebrant.

I had the list hand written in my wedding planner. Its the perfect hand bag size so if I needed to I could pull out and ask something or write something down. Having a planner to keep all your ideas in one place is such a good idea, but more on that in another post!

  1. What are your fees?
  2. What do the fees include? 
  3. Are there any additional costs? – travel, rehearsal dinner, meetings?
  4. How long have you been performing weddings?
  5. How many weddings have you officiated?
    Is this their fiftieth wedding or their first? Who did they learn from (if they did)?
  6. How much is the deposit? 
  7. When does the deposit / full payment need to be made?
    Its a good idea to write down when payments are due so you can put them into your wedding planner/calendar. Keeping on top of payments is quite important.
  8. How many meetings are required before the wedding day?
  9. What paperwork is required? When?
    There legal paperwork that needs to be filed. Usually everything needs to be done at least 1 month before the wedding, if you get it over and done with early, its something you can cross off your list!
  10. How do you personalise each wedding?
  11. What actually happens on the day?
    I had no clue on what happens because… I’ve never been married before. Usually the celebrant is more than helpful with a run down of how the ceremony will go. 
  12. How long before the ceremony do you arrive?
    Usually its about an hour to half an hour before the ceremony, but it is good to ask when they plan on getting there. After all you won’t be there to greet them!
  13. What happens if you’re unable to perform? Will they recommend a replacement?
    This is one of my biggest fears. It is good to be up front about it all from the get go. 
  14. How many weddings do they book in a day?
    I’ve heard some celebrants/officiants book multiple weddings in a day. If there is travel  required to get to your venue you might want to make sure the celebrant has no prior engagements on the day of your wedding. Its ok to wait on the bride for the big day but not the celebrant.
  15. What equipment do you bring? – P.A System? Signing Table/Chair? Speakers?
  16. How long does it take to set up your equipment?
  17. Can you play music from the P.A System?
  18. Do you have your own music or do we supply you with songs?
    Most P.A systems will be able to be plugged into an iPod / speaker system. Check if this is the case (and if they’re bringing their own P.A system – your venue might have one they can use). Your celebrant may ask for a list of songs you want played and when so they can download them themselves. 
  19. What happens with the paperwork once we sign it on the day?
  20. How flexible are you with the wording and structure of the marriage process?
  21. Do we have the final say on what is said?
  22. How did you get into the business?
    Its nice to chat about how they got into the business of doing weddings. Its an easy ice breaker.
  23. Where do you stand on religion/religiousness
    If you’re getting married in a church, more often than not you’re a couple that has a religious side, but for those of you who don’t/aren’t having a preachy celebrant can be off putting. Usually the celebrant will put aside their own views and make the wording reflect you as a couple. 
  24. Is there any wording that MUST be mentioned?
    There are certain things that are required by law that must be mentioned in the binding words of the celebrant. If you disagree with what is being mentioned you can request your celebrant say: “however, /bride/ and /groom/ don’t agree with this and feel marriage should be for everyone” etc.

Different states and even countries require different legal mumbo jumbo to be said, so do a little research and check what it is where you are. This list of course is in no particular order, but it sure helped me out when we went to meet with our celebrant. Most of the time these questions will be answered before you can actually ask them. Instead of being straight forward, perhaps use these questions as points to steer the conversation towards.

When meeting with your potential celebrant make sure you’re in a place where you can chat. We met for a cider after work, otherwise I would have suggested a nice little cafe. Somewhere you can be yourself. Its important to be as you as possible because you don’t want someone to officiate your wedding who doesn’t reflect who you are as a couple.

I hope this was helpful. If I missed any please let me know so I can add it to the list.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.52.40 pm

Foundation Game Changer

Finding the perfect foundation is a mission I think we’re all on in life and for those of you who’ve reached foundation bliss, I’m happy for you and also envious, but for those who are still striving for it, maybe this foundation could help you like its helped me!

During one of the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sales I went in with the mission of picking up a new foundation to try. I’ve been out of the ‘makeup new release’ game for a while because I’m trying to use up what I have so I really wasn’t aware of any new foundations to Priceline.

Walking through the aisles I wasn’t really attracted to anything until I walked past (for the second time) the NYX section. To be honest I don’t really buy a lot from NYX nothing really jumps out for me, I know a lot of people have some holy grail items but I’ve always been ‘meh’ about it.

Now if you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with anything in a dropper. I can’t help it, if I see a dropper attachment on a product I’m going to give it a second look. So I guess that helped me find this foundation. Its the (new?) NYX Total Control Foundation Drops. I’m not sure if these are brand new or if they’re just new to me but the NYX stand in my Priceline had a whole bunch of YouTubers on the display making me think for some reason its new. Thats beside the point. Lets talk about the product.


The packaging is a really nice thick frosted glass bottle with a dropper lid. Its easy to hold even though it is on the smaller side. The dropper top is rubber whilst the tube itself is made of glass. Its easy to use, and not once have I thought I’d break it.


The Product

As you can see the product is VERY watery. Sometimes when I’ve dropped it on my forehead its dripped and run down my face through my eyebrow and almost into my eye. So keep that in mind!


I’ve been incorporating this foundation into my routine for 2 months and I’ve been using it different ways.

  1. Just on my skin
  2. On top of a primer
  3. Mixed in with other foundations
  4. Mixed with primer and foundations


  1. Just on my skin:
    I don’t even need to set this foundation. It has a skin like finish nothing too matte or dewy. Silky to the touch but doesn’t transfer. Great for days when you want something light on the face. Very easy to work with. Coverage is medium to full and easily buildable.
  2. On top of a primer:
    Similar results for this are hat of the first experiment. It would vary with different primers – I used more of a serum like primer and it didn’t break down the foundation so I’m keen to try out different types of primer to use with this foundation.
  3. Mixing with foundations:
    I’ve mixed this with a few different foundations and BB creams. In the picture below it is mixed with the Kat Von D Lock It foundation. It didn’t make anything seperate or break down. I find it mixes really well with other products.
  4. Mixed with primer and foundations:
    I think this is my favourite way to use this foundation. I dot around my face a serum primer, a different foundation and then add the NYX drops. I mix it all together on my face and find that the thicker foundation mixed with the serum makes it easier to apply and then the NYX drops finish it off with a boost of coverage that may have been lost.

The picture above is un edited. There is a slight showing of texture on my forehead and between my brows but that usually happens when I wear the Kat Von D foundation and haven’t prepared my skin. (I have VERY dry skin so texture is a usual occurrence)

Pros and Cons:

Its easy to use
Light weight
Available from Priceline / Target
Works with brush or beauty sponge

Can cling to dry areas
Price vs amount. The price of this is $24.99 and you get 13ml. a ‘regular’ foundation is 30ml for the same price and sometimes (most times) cheaper. If this is the only thing you’re using then you’ll probably go through it quickly.
Shade Range – like most brands more shades need to be added.

I’d probably buy this foundation again, the price hurts my heart a bit, but the fact that its so versatile has swayed me. Its so easy to use and it looks great in photos. Depending on what you need it for/how you use it, it can last a long time. Usually when I wear this foundation I get compliments on my skin/complexion which never goes unwanted. If you’re looking to mix things up, maybe try this one out next time.


Have you tried this product? I’d love to know how you found it if you did. (:

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Australis: ‘Liquid Strobe’ illuminating drops

A few months ago a spotted the new Australis liquid strobe illuminating/highlight drops in my local Priceline and jumped at the chance to try them. Having dry skin I love trying new cream and liquid products. They retail for $19.95 so they are a bit pricey if you’re going to get them both, or if you’ve got an extensive highlighter collection. If you don’t or if you just want them anyway and want to know what I think about them, then read on, dear friend, read on.

First Impression: Pretty but eh..

When I was swatching them on my hand, I instantly fell in love with them, they give off the prettiest natural sheen, no chunky glitter at all, but after a little while of rubbing the product in, I noticed it started to separate especially in the spot where I’d had foundation on my hand from previous swatches, – not cute. This put a halt on me wanting to use them on my face. I removed them with a makeup wipe and did another test, this time I used less product, made sure there were no oils on my hand and swatched again – success!

I wasn’t blessed with beautiful hands, so just imagine they’re food network quality hand model hands. The two shades are so pretty, I hope they come out with more to suit everyone as I can really only wear the pink shade. I wear both because I do what I want! But the gold one looks good when I have some kind of tan.

How I use it: Daily glow!

This is my go to glow for days when I’m not wearing any makeup – work, uni, errands. On days such as this I only do my brows, mascara and highlight. So here is a pic of me in my ‘every day’ glory – dry skin and freckles galore!

that nose highlight tho…
I mainly go for the forehead, tip of the nose, cupids bow (my favourite), chin and then cheek bones.

#sneakymirrorselfie (;

Tips and Tricks: apply sans sponge!

I found that using a small amount and blending it in with fingers works best, and then with your brush or beauty sponge just *dab* around the edges to blend it into foundation or skin.

The Product // Final thoughts:

The product has a silicone/slippy feel to it but it doesn’t feel gross on the skin. It has a pretty good liquid time before it sets so it gives you plenty of time to finesse it and work it into place. Adding little at a time to build intensity is my favourite way to use it. Once it sets it is in place for good! Doesn’t transfer or rub off and because its a liquid it doesn’t have that layer of powder look / feel. – for me thats great, my skin is like the Sahara desert, the less power the better.

These also look beautiful mixed in with other products – foundation, tinted moisturiser etc. Work well on the face and the body.

While its no lie that I love Australis products – I could probably do a full face with all A/C products, this is another great one and I think its worth trying out! Plus, the dropper applicator is super fun. Products with droppers are almost guaranteed to go home with me.

Things I’ve noticed: I’m a detective.

  • No smell
  • Easy to work with
  • Good amount of product for price
  • Glass jars – be careful
  • Not gloopy – product is quite thin
  • No chunky glitter

Let me know if you’ve used these or are thinking about purchasing. I’m nosey so tell me your life stories (:

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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LUSH and Oh Deer Sugar HAUL

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for some time, you will know that I love bath products. If you’re a new reader here today, SURPRISE! I love bath products! I recently (Along with my partner in crime – Zoe and partner in life – Kris) went a bit bath crazy in LUSH and Oh Deer Sugar. This little shopping spree was a mixture of ‘happy birthday & welcome home’ from Kris. So, heres the haul, y’all!



I’m always talking about LUSH and how I love their products so Kris took me to my favourite LUSH store in the city. Some of the products are first timers whilst some are repurchases! Here’s what we picked up from LUSH.

Intergalactic bath bomb -$8.95, Blackberry bath bomb -$6.50, Dragons egg bath bomb -6.95, Avobath bath bomb -6.50

A cult classic, the LUSH bath bomb. You’re bound to find one that you like and that suits your sense of smell! We ended up getting another Blackberry one as Kris really liked the scent of it. Its not overly feminine smelling, and its not smothered in glitter. This bath bomb is BF approved!

Foot soak & fancy free -7.95

I’d only been back in the country for a day before this little adventure, and let me tell you, 6 weeks of walking around in boots really did a number on my feet, so I decided to give them a little TLC. Heres hoping this product will help!

Woosh shower jelly, Refresher shower jelly -$7.95 each

SHOWER JELLIES! the perfect mix of fun and science! Kris and I were both intrigued by this product so we picked some up, simple as that.


Oh Deer Sugar

“lets go to the place where it looks like food”. Thats Kris’ way of saying lets go to ‘Oh Deer Sugar’. It took me a while to figure it out, it wasn’t until Zoe started to giggle that I knew he’d asked her for help in where to take me shopping.

Coffee and Vanilla energiser body scrub -$19.00

After an onslaught of smells from the afternoon, Kris was hesitant to smell much more. I found this product on the shelf and knew he’s like it! An instant approval! Coffee lovers, keep a look out for this one!

Strawberry and Coconut exfoliator body scrub -$19.00

If you know the smell of an ‘Iced Vovo’ biscuit then just imagine that now because this is what the strawberry and coconut exfoliator reminds me of! Not overpoweringly sweet – I’m looking forward to using this.

Peachy Keen, peaches and cream shower moose -$26.00

It seems like there are peach scented products everywhere these days but that doesn’t bother me one bit, I love the smell, the taste and the colour of peach so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. I love the ‘Shower Moose’ from ODS and can’t wait to try it in peach!
Candy Heart Bubble Bar

We went shopping the day after Valentines Day so there was some really cute themed products around. I instantly fell for these giant candy hearts! Unfortunately there were no more ‘Yes’ ones in stock, otherwise I would have grabbed it too. They smell so good and I can’t wait to use them!

This brings us to the end of the haul but to the beginning of me blogging again. I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish with the blog and I hope you’ll stick with me while I do it!

I’ll be reviewing all of these products so if there is something you’d like to see first let me know in the comments and I’ll bump it up the list.

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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New LUSH Store – Biggest in Australia

This is the 3rd Lush event that I’ve been (SO) lucky enough to be able to attend and it was an absolute blast!

Unless you’re shopping online, there are only two places to get LUSH in South Australia – The CBD store or Westfield Marion. The CBD/Rundle Mall store is known for its small space and crowded isles, and I felt like every time I went in there I’d have to sharpen up my elbows ready to wiggle my way through the crowds. This is no longer an issue with the NEW LUSH store opening up right next door at approx 4 times the size!

The official open date was the 5th of November, however I was lucky enough, along with fellow Adelaide bloggers, to be invited to a media release VIP night on the eve of opening where we got to nosey around the store and check out some lovely LUSH stuff!

The Lowdown

17:45 Casual Chats
With the event starting at 6pm, we made our way to the store a little earlier to have chats and revel in all the excitement brewing from the bloggers. There was a big poster on the wall saying that the store was closed for a media event and we all felt a little bit (A LOT) special – very VIP! As more lovely bloggers rocked up, we all broke off into groups and started milling about by the door.

18:00 The Doors Open
We were briefly greeted and then welcomed in, I was standing in such an awkward position, because I had my back turned to the door, when it was opened, I had to spin around to give attention to who was speaking, but that meant I was super close so when she welcomed us in, I awkwardly stepped through the door to be the first one inside! We were then greeted by another lovely LUSHie and were presented with a gift card to spend in any LUSH store (not just all tonight – although, we all basically did)! I was so in awe of everything, the store was absolutely huge, I kept saying you could run a marathon in here, there was a big dorky grin on my face as everyone welcomed us into the store. There was a large table of cocktail glasses with two drinks on offer (YES PLEASE AND THANKYOU!). They were themed to two of the products on offer by LUSH, I had the “Shoot for the Stars” one and it was delish.. de-lish, de-lush. DE-LUSH!

I wanted to look and touch everything all at once, I was pin balling myself from display to display like a honeybee on the hunt for pollen! I made my way upstairs (with my babes) to the hair care section (cha ching – yes please) to see a demonstration of the shampoo and conditioner bars (something I have had my eyes on for a while). We then did a loop around the rest of the store snapping up pics and catching up with fellow blogger babes.

18:20 Official Welcome
It was announced that there would be an official welcome to the store so we all gathered around, we were welcomed by the director of LUSH Australia and told about the store! It was based off a mix of other stores around the world to optimise space and product placement. The wood used for the displays is all recycled and it actually came from the scaffolding of the SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – how dang exciting is that! We were then told a bit about some of the things the store had to offer for the night, including cocktails, snacks, a fresh juice stand and a ‘make it yourself’ bath bomb stand, along with product demonstrations everywhere you turned!

We then spend the next hour / hour and a half trying products, getting personalised consultations, chatting to everyone, shopping up a storm and taking selfies galore!

My first stop was back to hair care, I’m going to be travelling in January and wanted some hair care that is compact and efficient to which I was recommended the ‘Acocado co-wash’. To the LOVELY LUSH employee that helped me Alissa? I think her name was or Alisha… Thank you so much. We had been talking throughout the whole night and we made jokes that I was Veruca Salt (from willy wonka) because I was the first one through the door, we had a running joke all night, she was helpful to me and everyone around and just an A+ human being.

After putting nearly every bath bomb in my basket I was ready to take selfies and check out!

The Photos

Shoot for the stars – cocktailimg_1519

…Put it on ice.

A Star in the making…

The New Store

Bottom level
Top Levellushrundlerelaunch-0009
Photo courtesy of the photographer of the night.

Product Demos

The magic of Christmas Bubble bar

Shampoo and Conditioner bars
Never mind the ballistics Bath Bomb
Northern Lights Bath Bomb

friendshipPics: Sarah.

This lot of photos perfectly sums up our friendship. Cute photo, funny faces in the background and then cheesy grins and shame. It doesn’t matter who is in the lead, the other two flanking will generally do that. This is why I love us.



  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • Butterbean Bath Bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (I made)
  • Never mind the ballistics Bath Bomb
  • Northern Lights Bath Bomb
  • Avocado Co-Wash
  • Mask of Magnaminty

(Purchased but not pictured – Twilight Bath Bomb – a gift for my mum)

I’ll be doing another post dedicated to the products in due time.

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. The Kanya and the LUSH team and Kate and Nici from Promote SA. Without their hard work none of these things could happen. I love the Adelaide blogger community, its so nice to feel and be apart of something.

ALSO to the babes that I blog with, it was so nice to see you and catch up, we need to organise some more things!

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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Spring Style

So the new season has finally graced us with its presence and I’ve decided to grace the blogosphere with mine. I’m back – for the time being anyway and I want to share with you some things about Spring(s). (I tried).

Its the second official month of Spring here in Australia and today (20th of Oct) has been the warmest its been yet, so its FINALLY felt like spring. I did one of these for Autumn and loved it so I thought, why not ease into blogging by doing an easy post!

Spring Fling!

Spring fling
Spring is the season full of new flowers, baby animals and usually a lot of weddings and lovely dovey events. This outfit showcases some gorgeously sophisticated pieces whilst still having a romantic feel to it. A lot of blues, whites/creams, and nude pieces offset by tan and gold accents in my opinion just scream Spring. I would wear this to a wedding, engagement party, tea party, bridal shower or even date night – it is easy to swap out the heels for some flats, too!

Casual Spring

Here I’ve given two outfit choices, both involving light wash denim and off the shoulder top cropped style tops. Soft colours and floral is a must for the warmer months (in my opinion). the first outfit places some distressed jeans which are quite on the skinny side with a floral crop top that has elastic synching at the waist and cuffs. Pairing an outfit like this with the cutout lace up flats looks like a perfect outfit for a picnic in the park.
The second option pairs a structured denim skirt with a beautiful ‘cold shoulder’ crop top. It can be worn as is or the shirt tucked into the skirt for an edgier look. I paired this look with some pineapple flats for a pop of fun. Both outfits can be accessorised with the same brown bag and the cardigan for those cooler nights.

 Same White T

Having a few white tops in your closet is a must for all seasons. But for spring I like to accessories a basic white top with some colourful bottoms! I basically live in maxi skirts in the warmer months but if I can find the right one, I think I would be willing to experiment with the midi skirt. I just have to find one that won’t make me look short! The soft pastel colours on both the skirts makes these outfits feminine and flirty but also quite graceful. Pairing them with the tan lace-up flats adds a bit of punch to the outfit without being obnoxious.
These shorts are to die for. I am obsessing hard over the leaf print trend that is happening at the moment and I think these would look stunning with the cute flats, simple tee and the cut out glasses. Very on trend.

Mix and Maxi

As I said I live in maxi skirts/dresses when its warmer. Spring in Australia tends to heat up fast so light airy fabrics are the way to go. The first outfit has long sleeves making it perfect for an evening event. The fabric is light enough that it won’t weigh you down, but also adds a little something to keep the chill off. I’m getting some massive Adele vibes from look one. I’m also loving the 60s / 70s trend of the platform shoes thats creeping its way back.
Look two is something that I’d wear to a picnic or a wine tour, brunch with the girls something casual that needs to look like you’ve made an inch of effort. Let the dress do all the work for you with a gorgeous print that is interesting, but not too obnoxious.
Look three is just a casual look that can be worn daily, or to a wedding! (like all these outfits really) I like to synch everything in at the waist (short torso problems). I love using brown belts to do that. They’re not as formal as a black belt but not as ‘pop of colour-y’ as a statement belt. They make the outfit look put together.

Everyday Outfit

This is (more or less) what I’m wearing today. Skinny jeans, a v-neck black top, black floral kimono and some converse. This is what I wear on the daily, matched with a white handbag and my phone. These sunglasses from Quay Australia, I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on, and I need a pineapple phone case in my life. Looks like this can be dressed up or down. The kimono is really the star of the show. I like to dress my outfits up with outter-wear.

Spring Accessories

Spring accessories


Gold and tan/brown accessories are a must in my opinion! Warm colours to match the warm weather. Be sun smart though and get yourself a gorgeous floppy hat!
Chokers are massively on trend at the moment so I just had to add some in. Surprisingly they can really finish off an outfit.
Don’t forget a signature fragrance. I love the Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline range. So if you ever come across it, I suggest giving it a spritz!
It feels good to be back at the blog again, hopefully I’ll be posting more regularly, I’ve missed it. What outfit is your favourite? I would love to know!

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