Mini Makeup Haul

I’ve been on a little bit of a ‘no-buy’ recently and I was doing so well! Only buying things that I needed, like refills etc. But that all ended when my friend went to Sydney and offered to buy me some things from Sephora if I wanted, while she was there. So before I could say TAKE MY MONEY I’d already decided on some things. I took this upon myself to do a little spending – nothing over the top, and here is what I picked up!

Starting with the Sephora purchases;
Tarte – Tartlette Palette
I’ve been lusting over this palette since I first saw it – I’ve really been digging matte shadows and as you probably know, this palette is entirely made up of matte shades! They’re just gorgeous and super wearable. I can’t wait to play with this and put some looks together!

Tarte – Tartlette In Bloom Palette
It might seem a bit over the top to some, to get both Tartlette Palettes and at $67-AUD a palette I can see why some people wouldn’t bother getting both. But, to me they are both two different and unique palettes and to be honest, I wanted them both – so I got them both! Again, I can’t wait to put some looks together! (I had no idea this photo was blurry until I uploaded it – sorry!)

It is kinda difficult to get Tarte in Aus but now with Sephora AUS we can, but because there is no Sephora in my state, I jumped at the chance of trying out this super talked about brand!

Bath and Body Works
There is finally a store in Aus! Even though its in an airport and not my state, but my friend stopped by there to pick up some things! I said I didn’t care what I got and to just surprise me. So that’s what she did! I’m so happy with the things she got me.

She picked up two travel sized items in the Tahiti Island Dream scent. I ADORE tropical scents so I’ve already fallen in love with these two! One is a body lotion and the other is a fragrance mist. Even though we’re heading into Autumn right now, I’m still going to smell like an island paradise!

Models Prefer Radiance Collection Powder Palette
I’m becoming slightly obsessed with highlighting. This whole ‘strobing’ thing is getting to me. I saw this and picked it up. I’ve now learned that it comes in cream form too so I think I might pick it up during the next Priceline sale to try it out. At $12.99 AUD you can’t really go wrong! I can’t wait to put these on my face. I think they’ll make beautiful eye shadows too!

Essence – I love extreme Waterproof Mascara!
There is no doubt that Essence do some of the best affordable mascaras. The bright pink packaged one is a cult favorite. I own it and love it. I picked this one up on a whim because I had a mascara emergency and at $5.75 (I think) AUD I thought, why not? I’ve used this mascara a few times now and I really like it! I think I’ll do a little essence post one day and feature some of my faves because there are some hidden gems from this brand!

Thank you so much to Zoe for spending my money for me and bringing me back all this beauty!

If you’d like to see any of these items featured in a post, let me know!

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