New LUSH Store – Biggest in Australia

This is the 3rd Lush event that I’ve been (SO) lucky enough to be able to attend and it was an absolute blast!

Unless you’re shopping online, there are only two places to get LUSH in South Australia – The CBD store or Westfield Marion. The CBD/Rundle Mall store is known for its small space and crowded isles, and I felt like every time I went in there I’d have to sharpen up my elbows ready to wiggle my way through the crowds. This is no longer an issue with the NEW LUSH store opening up right next door at approx 4 times the size!

The official open date was the 5th of November, however I was lucky enough, along with fellow Adelaide bloggers, to be invited to a media release VIP night on the eve of opening where we got to nosey around the store and check out some lovely LUSH stuff!

The Lowdown

17:45 Casual Chats
With the event starting at 6pm, we made our way to the store a little earlier to have chats and revel in all the excitement brewing from the bloggers. There was a big poster on the wall saying that the store was closed for a media event and we all felt a little bit (A LOT) special – very VIP! As more lovely bloggers rocked up, we all broke off into groups and started milling about by the door.

18:00 The Doors Open
We were briefly greeted and then welcomed in, I was standing in such an awkward position, because I had my back turned to the door, when it was opened, I had to spin around to give attention to who was speaking, but that meant I was super close so when she welcomed us in, I awkwardly stepped through the door to be the first one inside! We were then greeted by another lovely LUSHie and were presented with a gift card to spend in any LUSH store (not just all tonight – although, we all basically did)! I was so in awe of everything, the store was absolutely huge, I kept saying you could run a marathon in here, there was a big dorky grin on my face as everyone welcomed us into the store. There was a large table of cocktail glasses with two drinks on offer (YES PLEASE AND THANKYOU!). They were themed to two of the products on offer by LUSH, I had the “Shoot for the Stars” one and it was delish.. de-lish, de-lush. DE-LUSH!

I wanted to look and touch everything all at once, I was pin balling myself from display to display like a honeybee on the hunt for pollen! I made my way upstairs (with my babes) to the hair care section (cha ching – yes please) to see a demonstration of the shampoo and conditioner bars (something I have had my eyes on for a while). We then did a loop around the rest of the store snapping up pics and catching up with fellow blogger babes.

18:20 Official Welcome
It was announced that there would be an official welcome to the store so we all gathered around, we were welcomed by the director of LUSH Australia and told about the store! It was based off a mix of other stores around the world to optimise space and product placement. The wood used for the displays is all recycled and it actually came from the scaffolding of the SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – how dang exciting is that! We were then told a bit about some of the things the store had to offer for the night, including cocktails, snacks, a fresh juice stand and a ‘make it yourself’ bath bomb stand, along with product demonstrations everywhere you turned!

We then spend the next hour / hour and a half trying products, getting personalised consultations, chatting to everyone, shopping up a storm and taking selfies galore!

My first stop was back to hair care, I’m going to be travelling in January and wanted some hair care that is compact and efficient to which I was recommended the ‘Acocado co-wash’. To the LOVELY LUSH employee that helped me Alissa? I think her name was or Alisha… Thank you so much. We had been talking throughout the whole night and we made jokes that I was Veruca Salt (from willy wonka) because I was the first one through the door, we had a running joke all night, she was helpful to me and everyone around and just an A+ human being.

After putting nearly every bath bomb in my basket I was ready to take selfies and check out!

The Photos

Shoot for the stars – cocktailimg_1519

…Put it on ice.

A Star in the making…

The New Store

Bottom level
Top Levellushrundlerelaunch-0009
Photo courtesy of the photographer of the night.

Product Demos

The magic of Christmas Bubble bar

Shampoo and Conditioner bars
Never mind the ballistics Bath Bomb
Northern Lights Bath Bomb

friendshipPics: Sarah.

This lot of photos perfectly sums up our friendship. Cute photo, funny faces in the background and then cheesy grins and shame. It doesn’t matter who is in the lead, the other two flanking will generally do that. This is why I love us.



  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • Butterbean Bath Bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (I made)
  • Never mind the ballistics Bath Bomb
  • Northern Lights Bath Bomb
  • Avocado Co-Wash
  • Mask of Magnaminty

(Purchased but not pictured – Twilight Bath Bomb – a gift for my mum)

I’ll be doing another post dedicated to the products in due time.

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. The Kanya and the LUSH team and Kate and Nici from Promote SA. Without their hard work none of these things could happen. I love the Adelaide blogger community, its so nice to feel and be apart of something.

ALSO to the babes that I blog with, it was so nice to see you and catch up, we need to organise some more things!

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DUPE ALERT! Urban Decay & Chi Chi!

Urban Decay Naked Palette vs Chi Chi Nudes Palette

I wasn’t planning on writing this post at all, but one of the beauty groups I’m apart of started discussing the Chi Chi palettes a cult favourite among makeup lovers. One of the girls from the group found a photo online of a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette with the Chi Chi Nudes Palette. I have both of these palettes and I was genuinely curious.

Packaging, nothing at all looks the same. The Chi Chi Palette has a clear plastic packaging whilst the Urban Decay Palette has the felt feel cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. Size wise, the Chi Chi palette is smaller and slimmer, it also feels more secure, however the Urban Decay palette comes with a mirror and a double ended brush, the Chi Chi does not it also has two of those little foam applicator things that I don’t think anyone uses.

Taking a look at the shadows themselves. There is almost an exact replica in shades, down to the position and finish. You can also see the size difference in palettes. The size of the shadows is the same and as you can see there are 12 shadows in each palette. One thing I love is that the Urban Decay palette has names for their shadows. I think its great when companies do that, it makes it so much easier to explain things in a tutorial or when you’re talking about them etc. Now on to the best part…



The Chi Chi palette is the top row and the Urban Decay is on the bottom. I was honestly so taken back by the similarities in colour. Even the finishes were the same. I must say though, the matte shades in the Urban Decay palette were better, thats just a general ‘rule’ though, it is hard to get good matte shades at the drugstore. Even though the Chi Chi ‘Mattes’ Palette is one of my faves. The matte shades in the Nudes palette are good, Urban Decay’s are just better.

I was especially surprised to see such a good dupe for ‘Half Baked’. A cult favourite shadow from Urban Decay and one of my personal favourite gold shadows.

When it comes to texture the Urban Decay shadows feel more silky, that typical ‘butter’ smoothness to them, the Chi Chi ones feel nice but they have a ‘harsher’ texture to them its not like sand or anything you can just feel the slight difference. There was a little more fallout with some of the Chi Chi ones.

I don’t know what wear time is with the two shadows I’ve not put them against each other, but I’m keen to do so.

All in all I’m pretty impressed with just how similar these two palettes are. If you’re not up for spending the $74? on the Naked palette but are willing to spend $22.95 on the Chi Chi one, I’d say go for it!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any dupes for me to check out!

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