Birthday Makeup!

My birthday was on the 19th of January and the week surrounding that date was filled with birthday dinners and catch ups with friends and family. Some dinner events others brunch and lunch. In this post, I’ll share with you the different makeup looks I wore to the different occasions.

Dinner and bowling with family: On Friday the 15th of Jan I had the first of many ‘Birthday’ dinner/catch ups. This was a chilled out bowling shesh with my brother, sister and her partner and my mum and her partner. We caught up for bowling (which I’m terrible at) which is always our go-to catch up activity, followed by dinner at TGIFriday’s. I was greeted with many hugs and presents and was forced to open them right away (my worst fear). We then got our sexy bowling shoes and proceeded to get our bowl on! I have no technique really and suck at bowling so we usually put the bumpers on for added fun, however we forgot to ask so we all had to rely on skill… My first turn I bowled a strike. Thankyah jeezus! I was winning for the majority of the game but in the end everyone else caught up, it was so much fun though. It was dinner time now so we walked up to the restaurant and were shown to our seats. I knew exactly what I was getting and knew exactly what kind of drink I wanted! One of the ULTIMATE cocktails! We chatted and laughed our way through dinner. We then waddled across the square to San Churro’s Chocolateria for dessert/coffee (not that any of us needed it! We were so full! We all kind of shared the little things we got. Kris bought me a huge pack of macaron’s (my favourite) as a birthday present. We then rolled our way out of there and said our goodbyes. It was a really nice night to start off the birthday celebrations!


Makeup: I wanted to keep it fun and colourful. We weren’t going anywhere ‘fancy’ so I didn’t feel the need to ‘tone it down’, but, in saying that I didn’t go over the top anyway.

Now for  some awkward selfies.


I knew I wanted to wear orange lipstick. Its one of my favourite colours to wear, and I knew I didn’t want that to be the only pop of colour so I paired it with a teal blue ‘under liner’. I had a fairly simple gold/neutral eye look going on and thought that would be fine and it was! I added some fun lashes and was all set!


Dinner and hanging out with friends: On Saturday the 16th we had dinner plans for a friends dinner because it is my friend Zoe’s birthday the day after mine so it was ‘her birthday catchup’ that I mooched in on. Sharing is caring! We’re all apart of the same friend group so thats ok. We went out for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants ‘Genghis Kahn – Mongolian BBQ’. Its great the atmosphere is awesome and the cooking style is fantastic.

After dinner we went to Gelato Bello for dessert – its becoming a little tradition that we go there after a meal and I’m totally OK with that! When we were chatting over our delicious desserts we made a group decision to catch up for some drinks at Zoe’s place. Its her new unit and not many people had been there so we thought that’d be a good idea!

More awkward selfies:


I wanted to do something fun. Everyone in the group knows that we (me, Sarah and Zoe) are into makeup so I didn’t feel out of place for going bold! I loved this look and might do re-create it again!


Dinner with my fiancés family: On Sunday the 17th we went out for dinner at Beyond India. It was another ‘joint’ birthday celebration as Kris’ brother’s fiancée also has a January birthday a few days before mine. We had a big Indian banquet and some delicious wine and I might have gotten a little tipsy but I’m so comfortable around Kris’ parents that it isn’t an issue of me embarrassing myself – they know I’m a weirdo! (:

realday3For makeup I wanted to go purple again, but darker, kind of matching the colours in my outfit. I decided against lashes tonight I’d worn them two nights in a row and wanted to give my eyes a break. I still loved how the makeup turned out (even if I was a hot mess – it was so hot that night).


Brunch with family: Finally on my actual birthday Tuesday the 19th (I had Monday to sit and bloat because of all the dinners I’d been having) I had arranged to have brunch with my dad, grandma and brother. We went to a little café and had coffee and cake (I had a lime milkshake but who cares). It was nice to catch up with them, the last time we saw each other was Christmas. We had a slice of cake (calories don’t count on your birthday, right?) and chatted until it was time for more birthday fun.

My friends and Kris had arranged to meet me at our favourite sushi place for lunch. So we scoffed down food and made plans for the rest of the day: Shopping and shows! We went back to my place and the girls and I caught up on our favourite shows and had some wine and just chilled out – it was seriously so nice. Friends were coming and going all day so by the time dinner time came around it was just Kris and I and our friend Lucy who were available for dinner – we went to our favourite little cafe/bistro for some dinner (not like we needed it) and then came home and played some board games with friends who’d arrived as we got back!


I wanted to keep it fairly neutral and classic as I was going to be out all day. I didn’t wear lashes again because I didn’t think they were brunch with grandma appropriate and I was going to be out all day anyway. I went for a nude lip colour, one that I didn’t care if it faded because its almost my natural lip colour anyway so low-maintinance lips for a day of eating is great! I used the Carli Babel palette for my makeup and I LOVE it.

I had an absolutely amazing time celebrating my birthday with friends and family!

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Review: Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics Palette

So it’s been out for a while now but I still hear people raving about how good it is, and with that, I knew I had to own it!

I’ve ordered from BH cosmetics before and this time it only took 10 days to get to me (it arrived the day before my birthday – yay). Even though BH cosmetics is an American site and its all in USD there are always massive sales on, I’ve never paid full price for anything that I’ve purchased from there. Get the palette here!

If you don’t know who Carli Babel is, she is an American YouTube beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fitness guru. Her videos are really well done and she’s really easy to watch.

The Palette

The packaging looks gorgeous. Its high quality cardboard that feels firm and sturdy. It has an almost quilted design on the front and back of the palette (you’ll see in the photos) with silver metallic writing. The white and silver make it look very chic. On the inside there is a decent sized mirror, however it isn’t free standing so it will need to be held or propped up with something. There is a quote on the inside which reads ‘Aspire to Inspire’ I think that is a really nice message. Because the palette is cardboard it isn’t as bulky or heavy as others which makes ideal for travel and don’t worry about it flying open, it has a magnetic closure so your shadows are safe!

Each of the four highlight shades has a floral imprint which I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes it looks nice, but it doesn’t tie into anything else in the palette. There are floral designs on the inside of the palette boarder but they’re not the same, and the eyeshadows don’t have anything stamped into them it just looks a little out of place, but thats just how I see it. Other people might not see it the way I do.


The palette is an eyeshadow and highlight palette. 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters that accommodate a variety of skin tones. There is an even mix of shimmer and matte shades in the palette 5 matte and 5 shimmer but of the shimmer shades 4 of them are almost identical to the highlighters which kind of bothers me. I feel like there could have been four different eyeshadow shades and if I wanted the shade of the highlight I could use that as eyeshadow anyway? Because the palette is aimed towards all skin tones the darkest highlight is never going to be used by me as a highlight shade, it’s just a large eyeshadow in my opinion (and I’m sure the lighter highlight shades are great eyeshadow options for those with a deeper skin tone to mine) but there is a full sized eyeshadow and highlight that is basically the same colour. That is one of the only downsides I can see to this palette.

The shadows don’t have a lot of fall out and the highlighters are some next level glow going on, on your face. The matte shadows can be a little chalky but its nothing that can’t be worked with. The shimmer shades are creamy/buttery and very pigmented!

This is a look I did for my birthday brunch using just this palette.


Top Row.

top row
L-R: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5
  1. Matte cream coloured highlight doesn’t show up on my arm but looks great on the eyes.
  2. Champagne shimmer. One of my favourites.
  3. Matte cool toned light brown. Good transition colour.
  4. Matte muted plum – a mix between 3 & 5
  5. Matte plum colour. Can’t wait for Autumn with this colour!


Bottom Row

bottom row
L-R: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5
  1. Champagne gold shimmer.
  2. Ture gold shimmer.
  3. Rust brown with copper reflect shimmer.
  4. Copper shimmer.
  5. Matte dark brown/olive green mix



L-R H1, H2, H3, H4
  1. Pinky toned highlight – fair
  2. Champagne toned highlight – fair to medium
  3. Honey Gold toned highlight – medium to dark
  4. Copper Gold toned highlight – dark


Comparison: Here are some swatches of the highlight shades with the eyeshadows shades that look almost identical.


Looking at the swatches in a grid pattern the top row has two groups and the bottom row has two groups.

Top row group one: H1 and T1 – Group two: H2 and B1

Bottom row group one: H3 and B2 – Group two H4- B4

As you can see the shades are pretty similar. For anyone wondering I use a mix of the first and second highlight for my face.

You can still get the palette on bh but I’m not sure if it will be around forever so if you’re after it, get in quick!

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