My Liebster Award

Now, if you’re not sure what the Liebster Award is, its basically an award set up by bloggers for bloggers to share around some blogs that you love! I’ve been nominated in the past by PastelSparkles, but that was ages ago and since then, I’ve changed blogging platforms etc.

This time around I’ve been ever so kindly nominated by Kattoday which was so very nice of her.

A little bit about the award: There are different versions floating around the internet, some which mean you nominate 5 people under 3,000 followers, 11 people under 200 followers, your own amount of people under certain amount of followers etc. I’ve decided that because I was nominated under the category: 11 people under 200 followers that is how I’ll go with my nominations.

The rules are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog!
  2. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
  3. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers (under 200 followers) to receive this award.
  5. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees and let them know you’ve nominated them!

My answers to Kat’s questions:

  • Why did you start blogging?
  • I started a blog because so many people would ask how I did certain things: hair styles, makeup, cooking, baking etc I decided to write it all down in one place so everyone could look at it. I’m a list maker and chronic diary keeper so blogging is just like that for me.
  • What is your most prized possession?
  • I have a locket necklace that was a gift for my 11th-ish? birthday I think, its nothing special but I wore it for 12 years straight (until the chain broke). I’d be so upset if I lost it. Its not worth anything to anyone other than me.
  • Which of your blog posts are you most proud of?
  • The ones that I put a lot of work into, like photography and editing etc. It always goes that the ones you care about the most, are the ones that don’t do so well, though.
  • What do you admire most about yourself?
  • I won’t let anyone give up. I don’t want regrets and I don’t want regrets for those I care about.
  • What does a normal day in your life look like?
  • snooze button 3 times, running late out the door. Uni or work, home and relax. Constantly talking to friends/family.
  • Number one wardrobe essential?
  • Black skater skirt. Absolute MUST!
  • Best mistake you’ve ever made?
  • Moving out when I was 17. Mistake because it wasn’t the right timing and I lost friendships but its good because I got a taste for independence early and I now know that those people in my life weren’t worthy.
  • What is a piece of advise you’d like to share?
  • People are always going to give you advice – Trust your own instincts first.
  • Drink of choice?
  • Non alcoholic: Juice or water. Alcoholic: Anything with vodka?
  • Beauty product you absolutely cannot go without?
  • Mascara/eyeliner
  • What inspires you?
  • I’m inspired constantly by the world that is around me. Inspiration for posts or inspiration for life I love my surroundings and those in it.

11 facts about me:

  1. I learn/teach myself 3 languages other than English: Spanish, Italian and French.
  2. I get called the human jukebox because I’m always singing/humming.
  3.  I always remember my dreams.
  4. When I was younger I thought I could control the wind – like I was a magical wind witch. (I still think I can sometimes) 😉
  5. Potatoes and Juice are two of my most favourite things.
  6. When I was younger I wanted a dragon. I still want one.
  7. I love to travel. Hopefully I’ll be heading back to Italy soon!
  8. I am the most motivated and lazy person all at the same time.
  9. I can open my eyes underwater without anything protecting them.
  10. I’m scared of losing my memory.
  11. When I was younger I would write backwards and in mirror image, the teachers thought there was something wrong with me, but I knew what I was doing – I didn’t want anyone to copy my work.

My questions for my nominees.

  1. Do you think you could survive in a Zombie apocalypse?
  2. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  3. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  4. Would you rather breathe underwater or be able to fly?
  5. Would you rather have a ‘rewind’ button in life or a ‘pause’ button?
  6. A night in prison or a night in a haunted house?
  7. What is the first thing you reach for when you sit down to do your makeup?
  8. What made you want to start a blog?
  9. Special talent/party trick?
  10. Talk to animals or speak every known language?
  11. Would you rather have no internet for a month? or no phone?

My nominees are:

I’m nominating these people because I genuinely enjoy reading their blog, and I hope you do to. 

Lilelicia’s corner

And thats all my nominees!

gretchen wieners

I hope the nominees all fill our the questions because I look forward to reading their answers!

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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Birthday Makeup!

My birthday was on the 19th of January and the week surrounding that date was filled with birthday dinners and catch ups with friends and family. Some dinner events others brunch and lunch. In this post, I’ll share with you the different makeup looks I wore to the different occasions.

Dinner and bowling with family: On Friday the 15th of Jan I had the first of many ‘Birthday’ dinner/catch ups. This was a chilled out bowling shesh with my brother, sister and her partner and my mum and her partner. We caught up for bowling (which I’m terrible at) which is always our go-to catch up activity, followed by dinner at TGIFriday’s. I was greeted with many hugs and presents and was forced to open them right away (my worst fear). We then got our sexy bowling shoes and proceeded to get our bowl on! I have no technique really and suck at bowling so we usually put the bumpers on for added fun, however we forgot to ask so we all had to rely on skill… My first turn I bowled a strike. Thankyah jeezus! I was winning for the majority of the game but in the end everyone else caught up, it was so much fun though. It was dinner time now so we walked up to the restaurant and were shown to our seats. I knew exactly what I was getting and knew exactly what kind of drink I wanted! One of the ULTIMATE cocktails! We chatted and laughed our way through dinner. We then waddled across the square to San Churro’s Chocolateria for dessert/coffee (not that any of us needed it! We were so full! We all kind of shared the little things we got. Kris bought me a huge pack of macaron’s (my favourite) as a birthday present. We then rolled our way out of there and said our goodbyes. It was a really nice night to start off the birthday celebrations!


Makeup: I wanted to keep it fun and colourful. We weren’t going anywhere ‘fancy’ so I didn’t feel the need to ‘tone it down’, but, in saying that I didn’t go over the top anyway.

Now for  some awkward selfies.


I knew I wanted to wear orange lipstick. Its one of my favourite colours to wear, and I knew I didn’t want that to be the only pop of colour so I paired it with a teal blue ‘under liner’. I had a fairly simple gold/neutral eye look going on and thought that would be fine and it was! I added some fun lashes and was all set!


Dinner and hanging out with friends: On Saturday the 16th we had dinner plans for a friends dinner because it is my friend Zoe’s birthday the day after mine so it was ‘her birthday catchup’ that I mooched in on. Sharing is caring! We’re all apart of the same friend group so thats ok. We went out for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants ‘Genghis Kahn – Mongolian BBQ’. Its great the atmosphere is awesome and the cooking style is fantastic.

After dinner we went to Gelato Bello for dessert – its becoming a little tradition that we go there after a meal and I’m totally OK with that! When we were chatting over our delicious desserts we made a group decision to catch up for some drinks at Zoe’s place. Its her new unit and not many people had been there so we thought that’d be a good idea!

More awkward selfies:


I wanted to do something fun. Everyone in the group knows that we (me, Sarah and Zoe) are into makeup so I didn’t feel out of place for going bold! I loved this look and might do re-create it again!


Dinner with my fiancés family: On Sunday the 17th we went out for dinner at Beyond India. It was another ‘joint’ birthday celebration as Kris’ brother’s fiancée also has a January birthday a few days before mine. We had a big Indian banquet and some delicious wine and I might have gotten a little tipsy but I’m so comfortable around Kris’ parents that it isn’t an issue of me embarrassing myself – they know I’m a weirdo! (:

realday3For makeup I wanted to go purple again, but darker, kind of matching the colours in my outfit. I decided against lashes tonight I’d worn them two nights in a row and wanted to give my eyes a break. I still loved how the makeup turned out (even if I was a hot mess – it was so hot that night).


Brunch with family: Finally on my actual birthday Tuesday the 19th (I had Monday to sit and bloat because of all the dinners I’d been having) I had arranged to have brunch with my dad, grandma and brother. We went to a little café and had coffee and cake (I had a lime milkshake but who cares). It was nice to catch up with them, the last time we saw each other was Christmas. We had a slice of cake (calories don’t count on your birthday, right?) and chatted until it was time for more birthday fun.

My friends and Kris had arranged to meet me at our favourite sushi place for lunch. So we scoffed down food and made plans for the rest of the day: Shopping and shows! We went back to my place and the girls and I caught up on our favourite shows and had some wine and just chilled out – it was seriously so nice. Friends were coming and going all day so by the time dinner time came around it was just Kris and I and our friend Lucy who were available for dinner – we went to our favourite little cafe/bistro for some dinner (not like we needed it) and then came home and played some board games with friends who’d arrived as we got back!


I wanted to keep it fairly neutral and classic as I was going to be out all day. I didn’t wear lashes again because I didn’t think they were brunch with grandma appropriate and I was going to be out all day anyway. I went for a nude lip colour, one that I didn’t care if it faded because its almost my natural lip colour anyway so low-maintinance lips for a day of eating is great! I used the Carli Babel palette for my makeup and I LOVE it.

I had an absolutely amazing time celebrating my birthday with friends and family!

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Review: Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics Palette

So it’s been out for a while now but I still hear people raving about how good it is, and with that, I knew I had to own it!

I’ve ordered from BH cosmetics before and this time it only took 10 days to get to me (it arrived the day before my birthday – yay). Even though BH cosmetics is an American site and its all in USD there are always massive sales on, I’ve never paid full price for anything that I’ve purchased from there. Get the palette here!

If you don’t know who Carli Babel is, she is an American YouTube beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fitness guru. Her videos are really well done and she’s really easy to watch.

The Palette

The packaging looks gorgeous. Its high quality cardboard that feels firm and sturdy. It has an almost quilted design on the front and back of the palette (you’ll see in the photos) with silver metallic writing. The white and silver make it look very chic. On the inside there is a decent sized mirror, however it isn’t free standing so it will need to be held or propped up with something. There is a quote on the inside which reads ‘Aspire to Inspire’ I think that is a really nice message. Because the palette is cardboard it isn’t as bulky or heavy as others which makes ideal for travel and don’t worry about it flying open, it has a magnetic closure so your shadows are safe!

Each of the four highlight shades has a floral imprint which I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes it looks nice, but it doesn’t tie into anything else in the palette. There are floral designs on the inside of the palette boarder but they’re not the same, and the eyeshadows don’t have anything stamped into them it just looks a little out of place, but thats just how I see it. Other people might not see it the way I do.


The palette is an eyeshadow and highlight palette. 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters that accommodate a variety of skin tones. There is an even mix of shimmer and matte shades in the palette 5 matte and 5 shimmer but of the shimmer shades 4 of them are almost identical to the highlighters which kind of bothers me. I feel like there could have been four different eyeshadow shades and if I wanted the shade of the highlight I could use that as eyeshadow anyway? Because the palette is aimed towards all skin tones the darkest highlight is never going to be used by me as a highlight shade, it’s just a large eyeshadow in my opinion (and I’m sure the lighter highlight shades are great eyeshadow options for those with a deeper skin tone to mine) but there is a full sized eyeshadow and highlight that is basically the same colour. That is one of the only downsides I can see to this palette.

The shadows don’t have a lot of fall out and the highlighters are some next level glow going on, on your face. The matte shadows can be a little chalky but its nothing that can’t be worked with. The shimmer shades are creamy/buttery and very pigmented!

This is a look I did for my birthday brunch using just this palette.


Top Row.

top row
L-R: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5
  1. Matte cream coloured highlight doesn’t show up on my arm but looks great on the eyes.
  2. Champagne shimmer. One of my favourites.
  3. Matte cool toned light brown. Good transition colour.
  4. Matte muted plum – a mix between 3 & 5
  5. Matte plum colour. Can’t wait for Autumn with this colour!


Bottom Row

bottom row
L-R: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5
  1. Champagne gold shimmer.
  2. Ture gold shimmer.
  3. Rust brown with copper reflect shimmer.
  4. Copper shimmer.
  5. Matte dark brown/olive green mix



L-R H1, H2, H3, H4
  1. Pinky toned highlight – fair
  2. Champagne toned highlight – fair to medium
  3. Honey Gold toned highlight – medium to dark
  4. Copper Gold toned highlight – dark


Comparison: Here are some swatches of the highlight shades with the eyeshadows shades that look almost identical.


Looking at the swatches in a grid pattern the top row has two groups and the bottom row has two groups.

Top row group one: H1 and T1 – Group two: H2 and B1

Bottom row group one: H3 and B2 – Group two H4- B4

As you can see the shades are pretty similar. For anyone wondering I use a mix of the first and second highlight for my face.

You can still get the palette on bh but I’m not sure if it will be around forever so if you’re after it, get in quick!

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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LUSH Cosmetics – Christmas Edition!


As you all know by now, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve kinda left everything to the last minute (or maybe you haven’t, but you love all things Christmas things). I’m going to show you some of LUSH’s Christmas goodies!


First up is the ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream. Don’t be thrown off by the green colour, I thought I would come out looking a bit like the ‘She Hulk’ after using this but I didn’t so it’s all good! As far as the scent goes its more of an earthy/herbal scent. This would be a great gift for the man in your life or for someone who enjoys the less sweeter scents!

$10.50 / 100g

LUSH’s description: A feast for the senses! Get down and earthy with this mischievous, herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with an intriguing Fair Trade vanilla sweetness. As you rub this addictive lather all over the body, organic wheatgerm oil provides a nourishing dose of Vitamin E to ensure your skin is on fine (and fragrant) party form. You won’t be the fool after washing with this.


Now for ‘Santa’s lip scrub’! Its so nice to have a product that smells so good and is kinda edible. On first glance you expect this to be candy cane/peppermint flavour but its actually cola which confused me a little bit. However it is glorious, especially for lovers of the matte lipstick trend. Prep and prime your lips with this baby. Leaves them smooth for lippy and also some holiday kisses (; A little goes a long way with this product.

$9.95 / 25g

LUSH’s description: Prime your pout with this moisturing cola-flavoured lip scrub that leaves your lips buffed and ready for Santa Baby – or any other Lush lip tint or balm. Caster sugar, dates and cherries scrub and soften, giving them a taste of Christmas. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess.


One of the more popular scents from LUSH would have to be the sickly sweet ‘Snow Fairy’ scent and this ‘Fairy Dust dusting powder’ is sure to be a big hit. In the picture you can see how shimmery and glittery it is. It can be used on the skin to add shimmer and the sweet scent of raspberries and musk (in my opinion) I don’t find this as overpowering as some of the other snow fairy products! The smell lasts a decent amount of time on the skin, but even longer on clothes, I rub some of this into scarves and even into my hair. Perfect for the season of family hugs!

$11.95 / 70g

LUSH’s description: All you need is lustre, trust and a little Fairy Dust. Sprinkle this sweet, sparkling pink dust over skin to stay fresh for great big adventures. For dreams that take you past the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning, you can use it to candy-coat bedsheets too.



This took me by surprise because I didn’t really know what it was. ‘The Magic of Christmas’ FUN is made up of four play-dough like products that you can make anything you want out of them. Make snowmen, santa, hearts, stars or just use it as it. I like to use it in the bath for bubbles and using it on my skin making it so soft! This is a great product for the creative type and it can be used to make a heap of things. Great gift for people with kids so you can make bath time a little bit more FUN!

$9.95 / 200g

LUSH’s description: Build magic tricks with this sparkly FUN kit. You can make playing cards, cup and ball magic tricks and rabbits to pull out of a top hat or go wherever your magical imagination takes you.


Like the Christmas tree, any LUSH Christmas haul isn’t complete without the angel! The ‘Snow Angel Bath Melt’ is one of my favourite LUSH products. Its sweet and earthy smelling and kind of an ‘all-in-one’ product. Its fizzy like a bath bomb and the bath melt aspect left my skin so smooth! Its covered in micro glitter (environmentally friendly) which is beautiful but it can stick to the skin after the bath is over, and sometimes I have to take a quick shower afterwards which is kinda counter productive. It’s still a gorgeous product and I’m sure you’ll love it!

$9.50 / 120g

LUSH’s description: This spectacular bath time addition offers the fizz of our bath bombs and smoothness of our bath melts. The golden layer slowly melts away leaving a sparkly trail of P.E.T free Lustre giving you a golden glow, all while the Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Complete with the fragrance of Rose Absolute to create a comforting smell to warm you up this winter. 



If you’re into LUSH remember that you can get all your products ‘wrapped’ up in a knot-wrap! Mine came in a gorgeous Rudolph knot wrap! I think its that little something that makes it an extra special gift.

Check out all of the LUSH Christmas Inventions here! I hope you have a great holiday season, stay safe and spend it with the ones you love!

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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*These products were sent to me for consideration, but all thoughts are my own as per usual! 


My Vanity/Makeup Setup

The Beautification Station.

Wether you’re in the ‘beauty industry’ (blogger, Makeup Artist etc) or not. I think having a designated area for all things beauty is essential in every woman’s life. (thats not just the bathroom counter top).

I’ve been saving up my pennies for months now (would put away money each pay), and I finally was able to buy the essentials to set up my vanity. There are cheaper options other than mine and there are far more expensive options. There are also more original ideas, but I’m so happy with what I’ve done.

The drawers and table top are from Ikea and the mirror is from Target(AUS) and the fairy lights I found at the dollar store for like $12 so, yay!

*This is not a makeup collection post so don’t be expecting it*

The photos for this post were taken with my iPhone, so I apologise for the quality. (I can’t find the memory card for my camera #BloggerProblems)

This is the first picture I took of my vanity ‘set up’. I was so excited I just put the mirrors on and my palettes on top, along with my Eiffel Tower that I use to display jewellery. It looks a little different now. But basically the same.

So, as I said the main furniture was from Ikea. That is the two drawer units and the table top. I’ll have links to everything that I can find links to!

The drawers themselves are the iconic and cult favourite the ALEX drawer unit I got two of the small sets. There is a larger 9 drawer unit also available but as I wanted to use this as a desk situation a 9 drawer unit wouldn’t be the best. I got them in the colour white (there are a few colour choices).

Each they were $139.00 AUD.

The desk top is the LINNMON table top. I got the 150cm x 75cm. The colour and finish I chose was the ‘high gloss/white’. The regular white top is cheaper but I wanted the high gloss because of a few reasons. I like the way it looks, its so much easier to clean (in my opinion), its so pretty and shiney, it will serve as a fresh background for photos (which I take a lot of product photos so this was a must for me). Basically I wanted it, so I got it. You don’t have to, but if you’re not sure, this is what it looks like and why I got it. (: This table top was $69.00 AUD – I believe the non gloss was $49.00AUD. There are also many different colours/finishes and sizes for this top.

The great thing about Ikea is that it is totally customisable. The draws each come with sticky rubber gel tabs to put on top so the table top wont slide around. (dat gloss tho). However if you’re using just one ALEX drawer set you can buy legs that screw into the other side of the table top and violà you have a table! I really like that its quite a large table top too. I can put things on it for permanent storage but still have enough room to bring my laptop over if I need to.

So all together the two drawer sets and the table top cost me just under $350.00 AUD ($347.00 to be exact) If you’re apart of the Ikea family member group thing? they have bonuses every month and this month it is $15.00 off if you spend over $100.00 so thats great! (btw, this isn’t a sponsored post, it’d be nice if it was though!)

Now to some people (myself included) $350 is a lot of money, which is why I’ve literally been saving for this for 6+ months. Putting a small amount of money away each pay and saving. I finally got it and I’m so happy! (I probably would have had it sooner, but I got hit with a wave of birthdays in June and July and obviously the last few months of the year is the ‘holiday season’.)

Now onto what I’ll put in the drawers! Makeup of course! Well, beauty bits anyway. Hair stuff and makeup stuff and nail stuff (say stuff one more time, Caitlan, I dare you).

As stated at the start of this post, this isn’t a makeup collection post, I might do one later (like a long time later) but thats not the concern right now.

I’m so excited to buy storage for the drawers, like little containers and dividers etc, my OCD mind is racing about putting everything in its own neat little place and everything being all lined up and mmmm so satisfying! I’m also really excited to display some of my favourite beauty items and just surround myself with what makes me happy.

Putting the whole thing together was easy-ish. I had to get my fiancé to help me. Not because I couldn’t understand the instructions but dear lord, no one tells you how dang heavy those ALEX drawers are! Now I’ve got a heap of Ikea stuff in my house but this is one of the heaviest things – and I’ve moved a dining table by myself.

                                         The heaviest of all.

The instructions are easy to follow however, you’ll need a hammer and both types of screw driver, all they supply you with is an alan-key which yes, you do need.

                                       Step one: Ask for help!

So, Kris (the fiancé) went out to run some errands and I thought I could at least get one done by the time he got back and I’d be like, super woman and he’d be so impressed with me and there would be proud times all around! This didn’t happen. I opened the first box, (a feat in itself really – why glue it all so dang much if it has to be opened???) pulled all the bits out, got a comfy spot on the floor and then realised I needed more tools. I didn’t know where they were. So this was the picture I sent to him. With the caption – “I don’t know what I’m doing”. Once he was home and we found the tools we both put the units together, I did the drawers while he did the frame (and then he did some drawers too because he’s faster at it than I am). They were finally built and we shimmied them into the room. I then placed the table top on top which was so easy. The table top is so light. I then had the basis of my ‘vanity’.

I then put up the mirror and lights, the palettes and the Eiffel Tower and called it a night! The organisation would start in the morning!

Now to bombard you with photos!

This is currently what it looks like as I write out this post! As you can see there is heaps of desk space to put loads of things! I’ll give you some close ups!

This is the left side of the ‘vanity’. The Eiffel Tower (I got from Kmart a year or so again) with earrings hanging off it is in the far corner next to my display of makeup palettes (pretty sure they’re all eye palettes except one which is a contour palette). They’re displayed in a document holder. I really love this idea for displaying palettes and I might pick up another one, the one I have is this one here from Office Works its apart of the Martha Stewart range and it was about $20.00AUD. It fits so much in it, so far in it there are 18 palettes, still with some wiggle room for more.

The row of purple lids belong to my Rimell lipsticks (the moisture renew ones) and then there is my little brush holder – I’m pretty sure that came from Office works too.

A close up of my brush cup! These are the ones I reach for the most, I’ve just gone through and gotten rid of a lot of old brushes that were shedding and falling apart so now I’m ready to stock up on brushes again! I love the Nude by Nature ones and the Real Techniques ones! I’ve also got some burts bees lip balms, a blistex tub and some old faithful pawpaw ointment.

Moving onto the centre of the vanity. The mirror section! Excuse the derpy face. I’m not sure if I’ll kep this how it is, but, right now I’ve got some perfumes to the left, the first is Bvlgari Crystalline eau de toilette. It is one of my favourite perfumes, I discovered it in France and Kris bought it for me for Valentines day one year. (: The other is a Brittany Spears perfume, I’ve repurchased it 3 times I love it. It was the first perfume that was ever gifted to me (not this bottle but the scent) and whenever I smell it, I feel 16 again in my bedroom at home ready to go somewhere on summer holidays. It is the ‘curious’ scent.

On the other side of the jars there is my other mirror (also from Ikea) and a glass with my Velourlips.

The three glass jars: The first has cotton rounds that I use for removing my makeup, the middle has cotton balls that I use to remove nail polish etc and the last one is ear buds that have a gazillion uses so they deserve their own jar.

That little wire thing behind the blue perfume is a little man that Kris made out of the wire ties that were holding some of the Ikea stuff together. He doesn’t know I kept it. I think its cute.

To the right of the mirrors: The blue glass is one from the cruise I went on in March. (you can see the anchor of ‘Royal Caribbean’ the logo of the cruise company). I keep my velourlips in it for now until I can think of a better solution. Next to that is a little glass dish thing that I’ve had for (don’t wanna say it) over a decade. I’ve had this thing since I was maybe 7? Its always sat on my dressing tables/vanities etc so it deserves a spot on this one. I keep loose change and rings in it. Next to that is my current candle its a coconut triple scented candle. It smells like a tropical beach. Just where I wish I was right now. I keep the box there because a) it’s pretty, and b) I like to know what candle I’ve got out. Finally, behind all of that is a photo of Kris and I. It was taken on our 6 month anniversary (so long ago now!) The frame was a gift for my 21st birthday.

My ‘Vanity’ itself is almost all organised, as I said I still need to get containers to put things in, but I’ll give you a little sneak peak at what is in there now.

                                         The left side drawers.

I’ve only ‘filled’ four drawers out of the five on this side. Starting at the bottom: I keep refills of cotton rounds, cotton balls, and also my makeup removers. Next one up is blank at the moment. Above that Is where I keep hair care and hot tools. My NuMe Lustrum set along with hair ties, bobby pins, hair straightener etc. Above that is my eyeshadows and lashes. Anything from quads and trios to small palettes and all my colour tattoos etc and coloured bases. The top drawer has foundations, powders, blushes, bronzers and highlighters etc as well as primers.

                                     The right side drawers

On the right side set of drawers: The bottom draw has spare makeup bags etc in it, for travel and such things. The draw above that will have my hand creams and moisturisers (not face skin care that lives in the bathroom). The next one up is nail polish and nail art supplies. Above that one is lipsticks which I cant wait to organise! Then the very top one is eyeliners (pencil, gel, liquid and coloured) mascaras and eyebrow pencils, powders etc.

This isn’t what I can in depth makeup collection. For some people this will be enough, the post is about my set up, not the contents.

If you made it all the way to the end congratulations! I hope the pictures got you through.

If you have any questions please leave a comment I will always respond. Let me know if you’d watch a video tour of my vanity too!

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Hong Kong Hustle and Bustle!

Time to get out and explore!

So far Kris and I have stayed on the boat the whole time, we didn’t get off in Vietnam for a few reasons, but Hong Kong is something I’ve been excited for since I found out it was one of our destinations. We were spending the most time docked in Hong Kong and I had hoped we could go to Disneyland, we had planned for it but when we were on board and talked to the ‘help desk’ people, it was made clear that we wouldn’t be able to go, basically because of the time the ship gets in we spend a whole night in Hong Kong but only half the day, so we do have the most time there but not beneficial to us to go to Disneyland, nevertheless we were going to get off and explore it anyway.

We got in to Hong Kong at approx 21:00 and seeing the city lights float by was beautiful.

Hong Kong from the view of my balcony.

At dinner our waiters were all busy with excitement because a lot of them love Hong Kong or are from here they were excited to get off the ship and have a good night, it was really nice to see them excited for something, even though this is their job, they get some downtime in a place they love and it was really nice to see.

We had booked a tour for 07:30 in the morning which meant we had to be up and have breakfast by 07:15 at the latest. I’m not a morning person at all so this was kind of difficult. I was pleased however to notice a definite change in the weather. No longer was it hot, sticky and humid. It was now quite chilly and I was able to wear jeans, and boots and a big warm coat – what I like to call my travel attire.

Our tour was a hop on; hop off tour. When we were left the boat we were taken to a long line of coaches and we were then stuffed in and whisked off to our meeting point. It was about a half our coach ride to our meeting point,  I was fighting to stay awake. When we stepped off the coach we were promptly ushered to a new bus – one of the hop on hop off tour buses – a giant double decker bus -we got on board and made our way to the 2nd story. We were all given a super sexy yellow rain poncho.

 It was really windy on the top of the bus but it gave us the best views and I was all cozy and wrapped up in my coat that I didn’t care. When it started to rain however. I did care.

Kris and I took this chance to take some great couple photos. The one on the left is a nice one and the one on the right is our ‘Its so damn windy’ photo.

We did however happen to get a good couple photo at one of our destinations so that made me happy. Our first stop was called ‘The Peak’. It involves a tram ride up a basically vertical hill that gives you the best views of Hong Kong. The tram ride was kind of scary, it started off ok but then went very steep. there were no seat belts and the seats were just wood. Not very comfortable. You could actually feel gravity pulling you back. What made me worry is that there were people standing!

The tram ride felt old and rickety and it honestly didn’t feel like it was going to make it all the way up. About half way up we jolted to a stop and I freaked out, we rolled backwards for a bit and then stopped. After a few seconds I realised that this is intentional as we were stopped at a beautiful clearing so you could see the city of Hong Kong.

Just look at the angle of the rails. That is what angle we were on, on the tram. That is how steep the hill was that we were going up. Even though the seats were uncomfortable and it felt like my head was going to roll off my shoulders due to the gravity, I would highly recommend ‘The Peak’ tram ride. It is a massive tourist attraction in Hong Kong and totally worth it.

The views from the way up were lovely, but when you reached ‘The Peak’ it was gorgeous.

The View of Hong Kong from The Peak.

Even thought the wether was cold and rainy, it was still clear enough for us to get a good shot. Just imagine if it was a blue sky sunny day. I’d love to come back to Hong Kong.

Pinky also enjoyed The Peak. I pretended that he was Godzilla until I remembered that Godzilla terrorised Japan and not Hong Kong. ):

This little guy is more traveled that some people I know.

I’m not scared of heights, like I’ve mentioned before in my travel blogs, but being up this high did for a second make me a little nervous – mainly worried about dropping something.

I was super proud of my mum for being up here and looking around, I know she’s scared of heights but she did this anyway.

It got quite a bit more cloudier after this photo was taken and started to rain a bit, it got quite slippery so we didn’t stay up here for long.

There was a section at the top where you could write little love notes. I couldn’t really read what it was for because it was in a language I don’t speak. It reminded me of the ‘lock bridge’ in Paris. Because this doesn’t seem like its going to weigh the whole building down and collapse I decided to write mine and Kris’ name on a card and hang it up.

We then managed to take a pretty decent selfie.

We then walked back down to the tram. Going up the hill was scary, but going down was even worse. In stead of facing down the hill, we wen’t down backwards. It was unnerving but obviously we made it out alive. When we were waiting for the tram I noticed the cables used to pull it up the hill, the were as thick as my arm, massive industrial cables and a huge pulley system. Once I saw this I felt a little bit better about going back down.

From the platform you cant even see where the tram line goes it, it looks like it just drops off the planet. and when you’re going down, it kind of feels that way. We only had to wait about 10ish minutes for the next hop on hop off bus to arrive, so we hopped on the bus and continued our tour, this time it went down into the sea-side section of Hong Kong. Unfortunately it started to rain and we got soaked, I ended up wrapping myself up in the ponchos so it wasn’t so bad. The area we went to was beautiful though. Unfortunately because we were wet from the rain and on the top level of the bus kind of freezing from the wind I did develop a cold, it hit me when we came home so at least I could enjoy the rest of the trip without coughing up a lung. (:

The guid said that in summer the beaches are packed with people and there are often sea-side markets. The markets happen all year round, but are more popular in the nicer weather. We didn’t get off at the markets like we were thinking because we were fast running out of time. We caught this bus back to the drop off point and this is when mum and Lindsay left Kris and I.

We wanted to explore some of the city more and we wanted to try and do some shopping. So we caught a bus back into the hustle and bustle of the city. It was so overwhelming. The buildings and the stores were crazy. We got some of our money exchanged and set off.

We didn’t end up buying anything which is ok, but we had a little trouble getting back to the ship. We had intended on taking a taxi. We had only seen one ATM the whole time we were walking around and that made me a little nervous. When we went to ask how much it was to get to where we wanted we realised we didn’t have enough cash and taxis didn’t take card. So we were now in a bit of a pickle and a race against time we new it would take us a half hour to get back to the ship and we knew that there weren’t many ATMs so we set off on a hunt and as we didn’t know where we were, we just walked in every which way. We found one after 10-15 mins of walking about, but when we got to it, it was bank specific we were a little worried now, but then at the end of the same street there was another ATM that we say that would take our card. We walked to a hotel at the other end of the street and caught a cab from there to the ship and the day was saved!

It might be super tricky to see, but this is the shot of the ship from in the taxi on the way back.

Once we got back, we chilled out in our room for a bit let mum know that we were back on board so they didn’t worry about us missing the ‘On Board’ time. We wen’t up to the lunch buffet and had a bite to eat, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast earlier that morning and it was now mid to late afternoon. We had a small lunch because we knew dinner would be soonish and delicious.

Dinner was exquisite yet again and afterwards we decided to go down to one of the bars and get a cocktail. We usually get ‘The Drink of the Day’ which changes daily, but you get to keep the glass. We came home with 8 of these glasses, it would have been more but to start with we didn’t know we could keep the glasses so we left some behind. ):

There is going to be a heap of footage of Hong Kong in a video so keep a look out for that on my YouTube Chanel for that. I hope you’re enjoying these holiday posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

There will be one coming out soon of the rest of the cruise time and then another one dedicated to Shanghai.

Thanks for reading about my little Hong Kong adventure. (:

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Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show 2015 & Meeting Chloe Morello

Not a lot of big events make their way down to little old Adelaide, which is quite sad because Adelaidians are a great people! So, when I found out that Adelaide was getting its very own hair and makeup show, I was SO EXCITED! The event went for 2 days but tickets were for the Saturday, Sunday or a two-day pass. I picked up a two-day pass because I had no idea what to expect.


(Lust_At_First_Swatch is my beauty account on instagram, go ahead and follow it if you’d like)

There were a lot of companies there, Inglot and Crown Brushes were two of the major sponsors so I was very excited to check out their stalls! There were also a range of online stores that stock a lot of products you cant find in store in Australia so I was beyond keen to get to them, even if I didn’t buy anything, I can touch it, swatch it and decide if I like it before taking the plunge to potentially buy a product that I don’t like online. So that for me was a bonus.  So now on to the actual event!


Sarah (Pastelsparkles) and I pumped for a day of shopping!

On Saturday the 27th of September Sarah and I made our way into the city bright an early so we wouldn’t miss anything! Doors opened at 8:00am and we got there shortly after that. First stop was to get our members bags and lanyard, (Membership was optional, however it was needed for the members only meet and greet with Chloe Morello) and then went to scope out the stalls!


Members ‘pass’ lanyard and wristbands for entry

The show was smaller than I expected, I thought I’d have to prep up the elbows and get ready to wiggle and nudge my way through the waves of makeup crazed individuals (like myself) but that wasn’t necessary. (well not at 8am anyway)

Once doing a lap of the stalls we stopped into Rouche Boutique first. I was so happy to see R.B there, I was hoping for some Jeffree Starr products but sadly they weren’t there. I did however pick up two Milani blushes in ‘05 Luminoso’ and ‘08 Corallina’.


L:R – Luminoso, Corallina

I then went over and picked up a pack of lipsticks by Shanghai Suzy and instantly fell in love with the ‘odd’ selection of colours! I picked up their ‘Gothic Chic’ collection which has a Gold, Emerald Green, Grey and Black lipstick. They’re all beautiful, but if I could swap out the gold for a navy blue, I’d love life! However, they do smell like grape hubba bubba bubble gum, so that’s a win!


L-R: Midnight, Emerald, Goldie, Dove

We walked around some more had some great chats to stall owners and I learnt a lot about some new brands that I’d not known about before!

At 10:15 we started lining up to get into the meet and greet that started at 10:30, we were some of the first 10? in line which was awesome and lucked out in our favour because we got the best seats in the room! Before we went in we did a once over of each other making sure we both looked our best (easy for Sarah, she always looks beautiful).

The interview was short and sweet and in my opinion was a little awkward, possibly that’s just how I saw it, but I’ll rant a bit more about that if I make a video about the day. The meet and greet portion of the hour was great, a little rocky to start off with, but it went well. Sarah and I had the best seats as the photos were being taken right in front of us, and for every lull in conversation we got to chat with Chloe and make it a little less awkward for some people who were quite nervous. We were the last ones to get our photo taken and we were both ok with that because we basically got to have a chat to Chloe the whole time, when I got my photo taken, she asked if we’d met before (we’ve not) so that was a bit odd, I guess there is someone out there who looks like me, haha she then complimented me on my makeup and said she loved my eyeliner, (I sound like a fan girl, but it was just nice to get some compliments from someone such as her)


Chloe is such a sweet and genuine person and it was such a treat to get to meet her and have a chat!

Sarah and I did another trawl through the stores before walking out to get some lunch! We finally had a chance to sit and rummage through our goodie bag that we got for being a member; there were heaps of great sized samples and bits and pieces in there, so that was nice!

Back to do some more shopping! Earlier in the day we stopped by a stall called “Runway Room” the lady there, Kara showed us a lip plumping scrub like product. It was able to go over lipstick etc, I was super worried it’d make my lippy separate but it didn’t and it was minty and tingly and I really liked it. We decided to go back to the stall because she was just so nice, wasn’t pushy into sales like some stalls were and I was genuinely interested in the products! When we walked back up to the stall, she remembered us, which was nice because she would have seen a LOT of people that day. Sarah and I both got 3 lipsticks each! I went for a cool toned red, a bright orange and a plum purple. I’ve worn the orange so much since buying it and it is fast becoming one of my go-to lipsticks the formula isn’t matte, but it has incredible staying power! So THANK YOU to Kara from the Runway Room for introducing us to this awesome brand!


L-R Gypsy, C.E.O., Entrepreneur

We wandered around to Inglot next, a place where I had already decided I’d go a little extreme at. I wish we had gone to Inglot earlier because now there was a large crowd around the stall (which was huge) so this is where our elbows came in handy to just wiggle our way through the people. I ended up getting 3 of their liners, a pigment and the freedom palette – I was going to get some shadow for the palette because Inglot had a show special of 30% off everything which is why I got so much stuff, but I didn’t get the shadows, because I really want to go through each shadow with a consultant and have them help me make the best choices and there really wasn’t that much of an opportunity to do that there because it was kind of a mad house. So, I’ll just have to go into an Inglot stand and get them to help me, which is fine, I would have done that anyway!


We did another lap of the floor to see if there was anything else we ‘needed’ / wanted anything else. We took this time to enter any other competitions, we’d been entering them all day just as a bit of fun. We entered the ‘Makeup Studio’ competition for the chance to win $500 worth of Makeup Studio products, we entered together because we wouldn’t have done it if the other person didn’t do it with us? If that makes sense well anyway, Sarah won! Which was so exciting. We each had so much fun at the Makeup Studio stall and we’d definitely made a list of things we both wanted. Sarah was lovely enough to buy me a few products when she went in store (a few days later) to spend her prize money. She didn’t have to do that at all, but it just shows what a genuinely lovely person she is! ❤


These are the three shadows she picked up for me, which again, thank you! They’re from the ‘Super frost’ range of shadows and left to right the shadows are: Blue Frost, Chic Copper and Golden Glaze.


The entry for the competition was to post a pic like this to instagram. etc.

Shortly after the last walk around we decided that we’d done all the shopping we could handle and after 7 hours of non-stop makeup decided to head home to bask in the glory of our goodie bags!

It was such a fun day and I do hope it returns next year, bigger and better because I am sure to attend that too!

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