Mothers Day Gift Guide #1

With Mothers Day just a week away, I’m here to share with you some ideas about how to spoil your mum! This will be the first of two gift guide posts. This post is more of a shopping guide while my next one will be more of a crafty / home made.



Now I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to receive flowers. I love the idea of sending flowers and if you’re in Adelaide, you should look into Itty Bitty Bunch a flower delivery service. It does however only operate Mon-Fri so keep that in mind. BUT rocking up to see your mum with a beautiful bunch of flowers is always a winner in my book.



The Body Shop is one of the first places I go to for a bit of at home pampering. After all, mums work a lot and deserve a little bit of a relaxation. Pick up some goodies in your mums favourite scent and let her have a night off. If you hurry, they have free express shipping on their website for orders over $50!


Kismet Jardin is a brand that I found out about through the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event (back in Feb) and I’ve been using it ever since. There is a large range of natural skincare they have on offer so you’ll be able to pick up something for your mum for sure! If you’re not sure on what to get her, try a universal product like the Hydra Gem! Its a serum/primer that used Hyaluronic Acid (great for hydration) It helps with elastin and collagen – perfect for mature skin. We were gifted this at the event and I’ve been using it on and off ever since! Its suitable for all skin types and goes great underneath your foundation! It smells earthy and sweet and is a little bit of South Australian luxury. The packaging is just gorgeous! I’ll have a full review on my blog of how I like to use it! Read till the end to get a discount code for 30% off! International shipping is available! ❤



Now jewellery can be a bit pricey, but if your mum is lucky enough to have a Pandora bracelet then it works out! Its kind of like the gift that keeps on giving. My brother, sister and I got our mum a bracelet a few years ago and always include a charm in our present to her. (we’re real big on the group gifts). Pandora have a Mothers Day collection out, but don’t feel like you have to indulge in it. Getting a charm that means something to you and your mum is always a great way to go!



Perfume is always a lovely gift to receive. Everyone has their own special scent that represents them. It could be a refill of a perfume they already have, or one that you think they’ll love. Its an intimate affair that will not go un noticed.

Look out for my next mothers day gift guide for some delicious and adorable home made options!

Discount Code: Like I said, I have a discount code for the Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem! Use code CAITHG30 when going through the checkout process for $$ off, pick up one for your mum and yourself, nothing cuter than matching skincare.. right? haha! I really hope you enjoy the product as much as I do. I’ll be doing an in-depth post soon!

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Ciao! X

Disclaimer: Hydra Gem was gifted to me however, it does not influence any opinions I have about the product. If you do purchase the product using the code provided I will receive small remuneration, again – this does not sway my opinions in anyway.


Microwave Flowers! – Press/Dry DIY!

I love a good DIY, and I hope you do to! I also love lavender – the flower, the colour, the scent, EVERYTHING about it. This post will show you how to dry and press lavender (or any flower really) so you can preserve its pretty petals forever and have this is the starting step to many other floral DIY’s in the future! I used this method to make the table decorations for my engagement party (lavender and peach are the colours and scent of the wedding). I also placed a sprig of lavender in each invitation envelope.

So to find out how to do this, keep on reading!



  1. Fresh lavender. Of course. Kris (my fiancé) went on the extremely masculine task of gathering the flowers for me. Fortunately there was a thriving plant at his parents house.
  2. Paper. Here I’ve just got plain A4 paper straight out of my printer. I’ve folded it in half and then ripped it to size. Size will vary depending on the tile.
  3. Paper towel. Here I have two sheets, but I’ve still got them connected. It’s not essential to have them connected, but as I was using it quite a bit, the better I got at the whole process, I realised how good it was to have them connected and able to fold.
  4. A tile. Or a plate – something microwaveable but ‘heavy’. I was fortunate enough to have just had my kitchen re-tiled and had some lying around. I made sure the paper when folded was the size of this tile. Nice and square. (shape and size really have nothing to do with it, the bigger the tile, the more you can press at once)



  1. First you should align your papers like this, have the paper towel down first, then the ‘printing’ paper. Place it so the fold of the paper is with the join of the two paper towels. (this is why it’s easy to have them still connected together) It makes it easy to fold over. Next arrange the lavender on one half. I arranged mine like this, you can do it however you want with how ever much you wish to fit on there.
  2. The next few steps are quite easy, however I’ve included pictures for every little step to ensure a full understanding of whats going on. Carefully fold the papers over so they’re looking like this. If any of the lavender slide out, be sure to wiggle it back in place
  3. Gently press down on the papers until you can feel the lavender, then give it a firm push, this will keep them in place long enough for you to get the tile:
  4. Place the tile upside down (so the shiny, smooth side is touching the papers) and make sure it is aligned with the ‘printing’ paper, you’ll be able to see through the paper towel so this really isn’t a very hard step. The two papers will act as ‘blotting paper’. Blotting paper is what is used in traditional flower pressing. 
  5. With the tile in position, give it another firm push, pressing it all together. carefully slide everything as it is here, onto your hand and make your way to the microwave!
  6. Place in the microwave like so. (I put some more paper towel on the plate of my microwave, this isn’t essential, it just helps soak up any excess moisture) Microwave for 1 minute on high. take a peak and see if they’re dried and pressed to your liking, if not, microwave in 30second intervals until desired dryness is achieved. You will know when they’re done as a strong smell of lavender will be coming from your microwave. 
  7. Carefully remove the tile from the paper, use a towel or oven mitt when handling this, as it becomes very hot! Take the folded papers out of the microwave and place down, carefully unfold the top layers, and there you have it, nice crisp lavender ready for arts and crafts or just placing around the house!
  8. Let the product cool down before doing anything with it. The left of the picture is fresh lavender and the right is the microwaved version! There is no real colour change either so that is always a bonus!

After I finished this my house smelt like a day spa! It was so soothing, I played down and read a book for half an hour (:

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