Valentines Makeup Look

Valentines Day is just around the corner and while this is a reason to get dressed up for date night or a day to just stay in. Its still just a day and here is a makeup look you can wear. I wanted to keep this post light hearted while still delivering a little tutorial.

The look itself is super simple I used Inglot shadows and an Australis cream shadow and thats it! vdayface

Magenta and baby pink mixed with some lovely lashes and a magenta lip! This might be dramatic to some, but makeup has no rules if you’ve got confidence! This look is perfect for date night, going to the movies, vacuuming the house, collecting the mail, drinking wine. The options are limitless!


I used Inglot: 357 through the crease to give it some depth. 613 to smoke out the crease and add colour. Australis Metallix eyeshadow in: ‘Guns and Rose Petals’ for the intense shimmer. Inglot: 31 pressed onto the inner corner to set the cream shadow and 30 as a brow highlight.

Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline for a quick coat before the 149 Exaggerate lashes by Eyelure.

Savvy blush in ‘Plum’.

Australis Velourlips in ‘Shang-hii’ for the lips! Its a matte lippy so its perfect for a bit of a kiss here and there. Also won’t come off if you’re eating a microwave meal and you’re onto your second glass (bottle) of wine. (;

I hope you like this look, regardless of the day. I can’t wait to smother myself in 613 eyeshadow when its Autumn – not long now!

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Beauty Wishlist – Birthday Edition

Christmas is followed by the New Year and the New Year is followed by one of the most important dates that should be in your social calendar, the 19th of January, MY BIRTHDAY!

I do a wish list yearly not as a big neon sign for everyone to buy me presents (I’m like the grinch of my birthday) but as a list to me to say “these are some things that you want and when you’ve done something you’re proud of tick something off this list as a reward!” Basically it justifies my spending in some way, but it seems to be working. Anyway, heres the list!

Urban Decay: Vice 4 Palette


I’ve been obsessing over this palette since I first saw the swatches. It’s a limited edition palette and also $98.00 which hurts my soul a bit so if I don’t get around to owning it, I won’t feel so bad, but its just so beautiful, the shades in the palette and the packaging. Its so pretty and I’d love to own it.

The Balm: Mary-Lou Manizer

mary-lou manizer

Now that The Balm is available at Target, it is easier to get my hands on this gorgeous gal. I’ve been wanting to step up my highlighter game for a while now and everybody raves about this product and I’ve swatched it a gazillion times so I know I’ll be adding this to my collection sometime soon.

NARS: Velvet Matte Lip Pencils – Cruella


Who doesn’t love a good lip product, am I right? There are about 12 shades of these lip pencils and from the first time I saw a swatch of the shade Cruella I knew I had to have it! Its the perfect red colour and I want it so bad!

Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Palette


This palette is a cult classic and such a favourite for everyone that owns it, I need it in my collection. I’ve heard the semi-sweet palette is good but not better? I’m not sure, but I’d like to get that one eventually too. Its just so pretty!

Hourglass: Ambient Lighting Palettei-017068-ambient-powder-wardrobe-1-940

I’d really wanted to get the 6 in 1 hourglass palette but with a price tag of $117.00AUD and a dramatic size difference, I’d decided that it wasn’t worth it. However, I’d still really like to try some hourglass products.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


The hype behind these is extensive and I want to jump aboard the train so bad! Everyone I know who owns MUG shadows absolutely loves them! This year I’d like to start up a collection of my own! However, I might wait until they have their ‘free shipping’ sales because shipping is always a killer!

Inglot Eyeshadows: Freedom System

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.10.48 pm

I’ve only started to fill in my Flexi Palette from inglot with their AMAZING shadows but I’d like to fill this half with neutrals and the other half with my favourite pops of colour, eventually filling two palettes (neutrals/colours). I wish Inglot got more recognition for their amazing products!

And there you have it! This is all I can think of for a ‘beauty’ wish list for my birthday (/up coming year of purchases)! If you have any beauty loves that you think I’d like, let me know in the comments!

Its good to be back to blogging now that the new year is underway. I hope to be back to my regular routine soon! I’ve got a heap of products to swatch and review and I’m pretty excited about that!

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Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show 2015 & Meeting Chloe Morello

Not a lot of big events make their way down to little old Adelaide, which is quite sad because Adelaidians are a great people! So, when I found out that Adelaide was getting its very own hair and makeup show, I was SO EXCITED! The event went for 2 days but tickets were for the Saturday, Sunday or a two-day pass. I picked up a two-day pass because I had no idea what to expect.


(Lust_At_First_Swatch is my beauty account on instagram, go ahead and follow it if you’d like)

There were a lot of companies there, Inglot and Crown Brushes were two of the major sponsors so I was very excited to check out their stalls! There were also a range of online stores that stock a lot of products you cant find in store in Australia so I was beyond keen to get to them, even if I didn’t buy anything, I can touch it, swatch it and decide if I like it before taking the plunge to potentially buy a product that I don’t like online. So that for me was a bonus.  So now on to the actual event!


Sarah (Pastelsparkles) and I pumped for a day of shopping!

On Saturday the 27th of September Sarah and I made our way into the city bright an early so we wouldn’t miss anything! Doors opened at 8:00am and we got there shortly after that. First stop was to get our members bags and lanyard, (Membership was optional, however it was needed for the members only meet and greet with Chloe Morello) and then went to scope out the stalls!


Members ‘pass’ lanyard and wristbands for entry

The show was smaller than I expected, I thought I’d have to prep up the elbows and get ready to wiggle and nudge my way through the waves of makeup crazed individuals (like myself) but that wasn’t necessary. (well not at 8am anyway)

Once doing a lap of the stalls we stopped into Rouche Boutique first. I was so happy to see R.B there, I was hoping for some Jeffree Starr products but sadly they weren’t there. I did however pick up two Milani blushes in ‘05 Luminoso’ and ‘08 Corallina’.


L:R – Luminoso, Corallina

I then went over and picked up a pack of lipsticks by Shanghai Suzy and instantly fell in love with the ‘odd’ selection of colours! I picked up their ‘Gothic Chic’ collection which has a Gold, Emerald Green, Grey and Black lipstick. They’re all beautiful, but if I could swap out the gold for a navy blue, I’d love life! However, they do smell like grape hubba bubba bubble gum, so that’s a win!


L-R: Midnight, Emerald, Goldie, Dove

We walked around some more had some great chats to stall owners and I learnt a lot about some new brands that I’d not known about before!

At 10:15 we started lining up to get into the meet and greet that started at 10:30, we were some of the first 10? in line which was awesome and lucked out in our favour because we got the best seats in the room! Before we went in we did a once over of each other making sure we both looked our best (easy for Sarah, she always looks beautiful).

The interview was short and sweet and in my opinion was a little awkward, possibly that’s just how I saw it, but I’ll rant a bit more about that if I make a video about the day. The meet and greet portion of the hour was great, a little rocky to start off with, but it went well. Sarah and I had the best seats as the photos were being taken right in front of us, and for every lull in conversation we got to chat with Chloe and make it a little less awkward for some people who were quite nervous. We were the last ones to get our photo taken and we were both ok with that because we basically got to have a chat to Chloe the whole time, when I got my photo taken, she asked if we’d met before (we’ve not) so that was a bit odd, I guess there is someone out there who looks like me, haha she then complimented me on my makeup and said she loved my eyeliner, (I sound like a fan girl, but it was just nice to get some compliments from someone such as her)


Chloe is such a sweet and genuine person and it was such a treat to get to meet her and have a chat!

Sarah and I did another trawl through the stores before walking out to get some lunch! We finally had a chance to sit and rummage through our goodie bag that we got for being a member; there were heaps of great sized samples and bits and pieces in there, so that was nice!

Back to do some more shopping! Earlier in the day we stopped by a stall called “Runway Room” the lady there, Kara showed us a lip plumping scrub like product. It was able to go over lipstick etc, I was super worried it’d make my lippy separate but it didn’t and it was minty and tingly and I really liked it. We decided to go back to the stall because she was just so nice, wasn’t pushy into sales like some stalls were and I was genuinely interested in the products! When we walked back up to the stall, she remembered us, which was nice because she would have seen a LOT of people that day. Sarah and I both got 3 lipsticks each! I went for a cool toned red, a bright orange and a plum purple. I’ve worn the orange so much since buying it and it is fast becoming one of my go-to lipsticks the formula isn’t matte, but it has incredible staying power! So THANK YOU to Kara from the Runway Room for introducing us to this awesome brand!


L-R Gypsy, C.E.O., Entrepreneur

We wandered around to Inglot next, a place where I had already decided I’d go a little extreme at. I wish we had gone to Inglot earlier because now there was a large crowd around the stall (which was huge) so this is where our elbows came in handy to just wiggle our way through the people. I ended up getting 3 of their liners, a pigment and the freedom palette – I was going to get some shadow for the palette because Inglot had a show special of 30% off everything which is why I got so much stuff, but I didn’t get the shadows, because I really want to go through each shadow with a consultant and have them help me make the best choices and there really wasn’t that much of an opportunity to do that there because it was kind of a mad house. So, I’ll just have to go into an Inglot stand and get them to help me, which is fine, I would have done that anyway!


We did another lap of the floor to see if there was anything else we ‘needed’ / wanted anything else. We took this time to enter any other competitions, we’d been entering them all day just as a bit of fun. We entered the ‘Makeup Studio’ competition for the chance to win $500 worth of Makeup Studio products, we entered together because we wouldn’t have done it if the other person didn’t do it with us? If that makes sense well anyway, Sarah won! Which was so exciting. We each had so much fun at the Makeup Studio stall and we’d definitely made a list of things we both wanted. Sarah was lovely enough to buy me a few products when she went in store (a few days later) to spend her prize money. She didn’t have to do that at all, but it just shows what a genuinely lovely person she is! ❤


These are the three shadows she picked up for me, which again, thank you! They’re from the ‘Super frost’ range of shadows and left to right the shadows are: Blue Frost, Chic Copper and Golden Glaze.


The entry for the competition was to post a pic like this to instagram. etc.

Shortly after the last walk around we decided that we’d done all the shopping we could handle and after 7 hours of non-stop makeup decided to head home to bask in the glory of our goodie bags!

It was such a fun day and I do hope it returns next year, bigger and better because I am sure to attend that too!

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