Winter Skincare Tips

We’ve been having some wild weather here in Aus. The rains-a-pouring and the fires-a-roaring (in a fireplace… to keep warm… not a bush fire. Because its raining a lot – thats kind of redundant). Its time to protect our toesies with some warm socks and our skin with some MOISTure. So hands up if your skin dries out in the cooler months. *raises hand. Hands up if you’re skin is dry anyway and winter brings out the worst in your skin *raises hand. Yay.

Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favourite products that help me battle flakey, scaly and sore dry skin! Lets get a wriggle on.



Neutrogena Hydro-Boost range. I’ve been talking about this range a heap on my blog because its one of my favourite skincare ranges. I’ve done a full review here, so give it a click to read about it.


Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem – again, another product I’ve been raving about. I love this for its hyaluronic acid and restorative features. Lightweight, perfect for all skin types and works well under makeup as a primer. Read full review here!

For 30% off use code CAITHG30 at checkout.


Weleda Skin Food – for rough and dry skin
This thick citrus scented balm/cream is an absolute saviour! I feel like this is so heavy duty (in a good way). I use this for the really dry areas as a spot treatment. Especially my elbows, knees, hands, cuticles, feet/heels and anywhere else I can reach. Skin Food is 100% Certified Natural and one of Weleda’s best sellers. Its been around for 90 years and for a product to still be so popular after all that time, they’ve gotta be doing something right. A universal product like this is an essential for anyone who wants to take care of their skin. In Winter think Weleda!


NS-8 Natural Footcare – Intensive Leg Care cream.
Like the name states this is targeted at your legs! I suffer from scaly legs all year round due to the dryness of my skin. Its one of the reasons I wear leggings/stockings or pants almost daily and one of the reasons I don’t show off my legs. When your skin actually starts flaking off, you know something is up. I received this in one of the goodie bags from Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event and dismissed it up until about a month ago when the weather started getting really cold. My skin looked horrid, every time I’d shave my legs the follicles would flake – not pretty or pleasant. Causing sores on my legs – painful and not pretty.  I had to wait until there was no broken skin until I could use this (or any product really – lets be safe guys) as it contains menthol. (Menthol for cooling and refreshingness). I’ve been trying to use this at least once a day (usually before bed). Its a smooth texture that takes some work to get it fully soaked into your legs but it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. THANK GOODNESS! I have noticed a difference in the texture of my legs and I’m so happy about that. This is available from chemist warehouse for around $14.50 AUD.


REDWIN – Daily Intensive Nourishment – with Moroccan Argan Oil
I use this as an all over moisturiser when I feel like I need it. Its not apart of any regime but, it is great all year round. It is perfect for soothing sunburn in Summer and great for adding a bit of moisture to your skin in Winter. My partner uses this and he really likes it. Being a man of simple products I got him onto this stuff (so he’d not think about using my expensive lotions). It doesn’t irritate skin – such as eczema (on him at least – please patch test before applying to yourself) and helps get a wrangle on his cracked feet! Sometimes I lather my feet up with this and then get into bed (sometimes with socks, sometimes without – I know that can be a bit gross for some). Its the perfect product for having next to the bed or desk where its easily accessible at all times. It doesn’t go oily or greasy on the skin either – I hate that feeling.


Natralus – paw paw products.
Now, as dry as my skin is, I don’t usually get cracked lips – THANK THE LORD! Lucky me. EXCEPT for when I’m sick, which usually goes hand in hand with Winter. When I’m sick with the flu or the common cold the first thing to alert me to the illness is a sore throat and splitting lips. Right from my cupids bow all the way down, under my lip to where the lip connects to my gums, splits. It is one of the most painful things and It happens whenever I’m ill. When I was sick recently the only thing to save my lips was the Natralus paw paw ointment. It was so thick and smooth it made smiling bearable. I also get cracked and flakey skin around my nose when I’m sick and this product worked so well for easing that pain and fixing the whole situation. I think you should stock up on Natralus paw paw products this Winter because they’ll save your life!

Thats it for this post, I hope you look into some of these products if you’re one to get super dry skin in the Winter. Stay warm!

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Face Favourites

Now, I’m not one to do ‘Monthly Favourites’, I love reading them, but I just suck at doing them. Which is kinda sad because I love sharing products that I’m currently loving. Today I’m here to share with you some products that I like that go on my face! Surprisingly there are a lot of highlighters in this lot of stuff, I didn’t expect that to happen. But I’m glad it did, I’m really excited to share with you some of my favourite ‘face’ products!

Fave face

Unbeknownst to me at the time, but I kind of organised this photo into groups. The first three on the left side are for more of a dewy look, the three on the right side are more matte. The bottom two are liquid/cream products, then the next middle two are ‘primer’-esque products and the top two are liquid foundations. The column through the middle is powder. I honestly just threw it all together for the one photo. I think it worked out alright. It serves its purpose.



Priming my face is something that I’ve recently started to make a beauty habit. Since discovering Kismet Jardin and working with them, using the Hydra Gem under my foundation has become apart of my morning routine. You can read my full review of it here.  It works so well under foundation, for me being of the dry skin type using this product allows me to wear matte finish foundations without it clinging to my dry spots!

The QV Matte finish oil free moisturiser is a new product that was only released in stores April 1st. I didn’t know if it was going to be a good fit for me because I do have dry skin, but using this product on top of the Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem allows me to use super dewy finish foundations. I never knew that priming my face would have such benefits to the look and wear of my entire face of makeup. I now can’t live without these two products!



I’d been a lover of the L’Oreal True Match in the original formula for quite a while but sadly the finish clings to some of my dry spots, I finally make the decision to purchase the Lumi version of the foundation and it is perfection! I use this on top of the Hydra Gem and Matte moisturiser together and it gives my face the most flawless finish! I love this foundation so much and can see myself repurchasing it over and over!

The Maybelline foundation is something that I’d heard a lot about but had never picked up, but in the 40%off Cosmetics Priceline sale and I’m glad I did. I can wear this on top of the Hydra Gem and not even have to powder on top! It has such a nice natural finish. It lasts a really long time and doesn’t break down or separate which is a winner in anyones book. The shade I have is a little bit pink for me but I can get away with it, which is good because I’ve been using this foundation a lot lately and I don’t want to live without it.

Australis’ fresh and flawless face powder is a cult classic. I’ve been using it for years, and I’m never disappointed. It glides effortlessly over liquid foundation to add some extra coverage and to set. It also works so well on its own when I’m having those rare ‘good skin days’. I own it in a few shades and use them all at once. It is such an affordable product for everyday use!


super close

There are a few here that are in my daily use rotation. A mix of different formulas and a wide range in brands, I’m really excited to share with you these products. From left to right the brands are: Williams Pro Makeup, Vani-T, Tarte and Face of Australia.


You can see here that there are different shades and vary in luminosity and glow. I use them all so much and would love for you to try some of these products!

Williams Pro: #SelfieGlo
This beautiful little diamond tub holds a loose pigment like highlighter that can be used all over the body. I’ve used it on the cheeks and cupids bow, as well as a brow highlight even as an eye shadow. It is gorgeous. It has a duo chrome finish to it from a pearly white to a warm pinky red/orange/gold? it sounds strange but it reflects the colours in your skin tone so well to make it look very natural. This product can be layered for more intensity, too. I really like to spray my brush with MAC fix+ and apply this as an eye shadow. It is so pretty!

Vani-T: Mineral Colour Stick – Ivory
I got sent this product by a mix up, but I’m happy to have it in my collection. I fell in love with Vani-T products after the Bloggers United AU Adelaide event and since then I’ve purchased more products, but this colour stick is such a beautiful warm highlight shade. It blends into the skin like butter, it is absolutely gorgeous. Because it is a cream product, you can set it with a powder highlight and it makes everything absolutely pop! I LOVE this product and will probably purchase some more of the colour sticks. They’re universal!

Tarte: Rainforest of the Sea ‘Skin Twinkle’ lighting palette:
I picked this up in the 40% off Tarte sale a little while back and to say I was excited was an understatement! The two shades swatched here are: (L-R) Sunlight (champagne gold) and Moonlight (rosy pearl). These are so pretty and perfect for daily glow but as always, like all highlighters can be layered for intensity. The products are so smooth they look and feel like cream, but they are powder and some of the finest powders I own. The shade in the middle is a matte shade that I use for setting my under eye area. You can see the dent taken out of it, I really do like that powder. (its not swatched though).

Face of Australia: Mineral Therapy Illuminator – Angel Mist
You can mix this in with your foundation for an all over dewy glow, use it as an all over face primer for that ‘back lit’ glow from within look, or tapped on the cheeks bones and other ‘general highlight’ areas. It blends so easy. It is a liquid product so a little goes a long way! Its a pinky / pearl / shell illuminator and it does a great job of bringing out that natural glow.


And there you have it! These are some of the products that I’ve been really liking so far! If you want an in-depth review on any of the products in this blog, just ask and I’ll get to it!

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Kismet Jardin Hydra-Gem Review

Skincare is one of my favourite things to review – I love finding products that are universal for all skin types even if they’re targeted at a certain type. If you’ve been a reader of my posts you’ll know that I review a different face mask each week for a month. I’ve enjoyed making them work for my skin and giving you guys honest feed back on wether or not I think its worth it. Today I’m here to share with you a product I think is worth it and will work with all skin types.

I’ve mentioned Kismet Jardin a few times here on my blog, and if you follow some other Adelaide Bloggers (you should, they’re lovely) then you might have seen them mention this brand and product too. We received a full size of the Hydra-Gem as a gift amongst other things when we spoke to Kismet Jardin at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event. Since then I have been using it on and off it wasn’t until I was contacted by them to give a review that I began using it daily. I have been using it daily for a month now and I feel like I’m ready to review it in depth. In case I miss anything, read about it here!!

This is the product here – firstly the packaging. Absolutely gorgeous. The bottle comes with a pump and it disperses the perfect amount of product. The bottle itself is thick glass – and let me tell you from experience, it can take a hit. I knocked it off the vanity onto tiles floor and nothing was broken – so its sturdy. A win in my book.

A little about the company – Kismet Jardin is a South Australian brand based right here in Adelaide so its perfect for those who want to shop local and support SA. Kismet Jardin believe in all natural everything, there is a really cute story about nature in today’s busy concrete life that is really quite lovely to read on their website. The word Kismet means fate or destiny and the word Jardin is French for garden. So when put together it can mean Fate’s Garden or The Garden of Destiny – something along those lines, which is quite a pretty mental image.

This photo looks so photoshopped but I assure you, it isn’t. Its just my awkward self touching my face – the usual.

When I use this product: I use one to two pumps of this in the morning after my usual skincare routine and before makeup and at night once I’ve taken all my makeup off – done my nightly skincare and right before bed.

A few things that I’ve noticed about this product:

  1. How fast it absorbs into the skin. It is almost instant – I don’t have to wait around for it to sink in I can apply makeup almost instantly after.
  2. Texture is lightweight and very smooth. Its quite a runny formula but nothing that gets out of hand. No chunky bits or residue and no oils. Its an oil-free product.
  3. The smell of this is interesting. There is no scents or perfumes added so it won’t irritate your skin. The smell is purely of the all natural, certified organic products used to make up this product. It doesn’t linger and I don’t think it is terrible its just an earthy smell, almost like laying in grass? Grass sweat? is that a thing? I’m making it sound worse than what it is! It doesn’t linger, but keep it in mind.
  4. I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to firm up – nothing like The Thing from Fantastic 4 or anything. But I feel like its smooth and tight – in a good way. I’ve also noticed no reaction from this – I’ve not had any break outs – and my skin isn’t as obnoxiously dry as it used to be. Its supple and plump without being oily. My skin tone has improved and I find myself having more ‘good skin days’.


What the product boasts:
Hydra-Gem is to support collagen and elastane synthesis and to plump, protect and deeply hydrate skin. I’m not sure what I can say personally for the collagen and elastane part because I do still have ‘young skin’ and haven’t noticed myself lacking in that area – but prevention is the best cause of action right? – or something like that so I hope that I’m gonna be having flawless skin when I’m 75. (Come back in 40 years for a review). I can say however, that my skin feels plump and hydrated. There has been no excess oils or anything coming to my skin so I can imagine how good that would be to those of you who suffer from oily issues. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the ingredients in this which is a big moisture boost to the skin and I can’t get enough of it.

Some more things I’ve noticed:

  1. It works well under makeup. It provides a protective barrier between skin and makeup. Hence why it is a serum-primer. Really, it is a universal product.
  2. It travels well – because I proved to myself accidentally that it can take a hit, I take it with me when I travel. Its the perfect size, the cap is strong and doesn’t flick off to leak everywhere, and because I don’t usually do a full face of makeup to sit in the car for 3+ hours. I put some of this on and my skin doesn’t feel dry or gross from the air con from all the recycled air. I can just imagine how nice this would feel when flying!
  3. Dry skin girls! For those of us who like a matte finish makeup without looking flakey – its a hard one to master. There is usually a lot of prep work that goes into readying our skin. Skin oil, moisturiser, primer, dewy face mist, deal with the devil… The usual. I’ve found with this, I can cut out a lot of those steps and wear a matte finish foundation over top. Hydra-Gem creates the perfect base!
  4. I’ve also found that it works well with other products! For those days that I want a super dewy finish. I use the Hydra-Gem and then a mattifying moisturiser over the top – the Hydra-Gem allows the moisture through without drying my skin, and the matte finish allows the dewy foundation to go on and not slide all over my face! LOVE THAT!

I honestly think this product is a game changed in my morning routine and if you’re someone who loves natural skincare, supporting local brands (don’t worry they ship internationally) and just genuinely good products then I really suggest you look at the Award Winning company – Kismet Jardin.


Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for reviewing purposes. However, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t write about it. Nothing has changed my views.

Mothers Day Gift Guide #1

With Mothers Day just a week away, I’m here to share with you some ideas about how to spoil your mum! This will be the first of two gift guide posts. This post is more of a shopping guide while my next one will be more of a crafty / home made.



Now I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to receive flowers. I love the idea of sending flowers and if you’re in Adelaide, you should look into Itty Bitty Bunch a flower delivery service. It does however only operate Mon-Fri so keep that in mind. BUT rocking up to see your mum with a beautiful bunch of flowers is always a winner in my book.



The Body Shop is one of the first places I go to for a bit of at home pampering. After all, mums work a lot and deserve a little bit of a relaxation. Pick up some goodies in your mums favourite scent and let her have a night off. If you hurry, they have free express shipping on their website for orders over $50!


Kismet Jardin is a brand that I found out about through the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event (back in Feb) and I’ve been using it ever since. There is a large range of natural skincare they have on offer so you’ll be able to pick up something for your mum for sure! If you’re not sure on what to get her, try a universal product like the Hydra Gem! Its a serum/primer that used Hyaluronic Acid (great for hydration) It helps with elastin and collagen – perfect for mature skin. We were gifted this at the event and I’ve been using it on and off ever since! Its suitable for all skin types and goes great underneath your foundation! It smells earthy and sweet and is a little bit of South Australian luxury. The packaging is just gorgeous! I’ll have a full review on my blog of how I like to use it! Read till the end to get a discount code for 30% off! International shipping is available! ❤



Now jewellery can be a bit pricey, but if your mum is lucky enough to have a Pandora bracelet then it works out! Its kind of like the gift that keeps on giving. My brother, sister and I got our mum a bracelet a few years ago and always include a charm in our present to her. (we’re real big on the group gifts). Pandora have a Mothers Day collection out, but don’t feel like you have to indulge in it. Getting a charm that means something to you and your mum is always a great way to go!



Perfume is always a lovely gift to receive. Everyone has their own special scent that represents them. It could be a refill of a perfume they already have, or one that you think they’ll love. Its an intimate affair that will not go un noticed.

Look out for my next mothers day gift guide for some delicious and adorable home made options!

Discount Code: Like I said, I have a discount code for the Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem! Use code CAITHG30 when going through the checkout process for $$ off, pick up one for your mum and yourself, nothing cuter than matching skincare.. right? haha! I really hope you enjoy the product as much as I do. I’ll be doing an in-depth post soon!

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Disclaimer: Hydra Gem was gifted to me however, it does not influence any opinions I have about the product. If you do purchase the product using the code provided I will receive small remuneration, again – this does not sway my opinions in anyway.


Bloggers United AU: Adelaide Event

Before you start reading, go and grab a cuppa, we’ll be here for a while I can tell. Its ok, I’ll wait. No, really! Treat yourself I’ll still be here. (:

Alright, are you ready for this? Lets begin! On Sunday the 28th of February I woke with excitement in my heart and nerves the size of bowling balls in my stomach. Today was the Bloggers United Adelaide Event! As I sit here and write this post chomping down on some Cobs Natural Popcorn: Lightly Salted, Lightly Sweet that I found in one of the goodie bags, I’m trying to think of where to start!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.54.00 am

Location: Glenelg, Seawall Apartments. Time: 12:15pm. Weather: Perfection👌🏻.

Excitement was in the air as a group of fellow bloggers and I walked to the event. We arrived to welcome drinks and I’m glad I had one (three) because it took the edge off. I am such a shy person until I get to drinking talking. The deck was filled with so many beautiful people I thought they were all reps of businesses – nope. Turns out they’re fellow Adelaide Bloggers!


We were welcomed by the founders of Bloggers United AU, Jasmine and Nikita and then again by our Adelaide reps Nici and Kate. We were briefed on how the day would go and then we all huddled together for a group shot by the roving photographer of the day Heidi from Heidi Who Photography (she kindly let attendees use her photos; wherever you see a watermark the photos are hers). We mingled for a little while more and then picked up our first goodie bag and we were off to the first of our stops: A photography master class with Heidi herself! She was such a good person to start the day off with, offering us tips to make our photos better and told us some valuable info about lighting and flatlays! After the talk we then had our own unique map that we had to follow randomly putting us into groups of three. It was now that we started our speed date like talks with the brands!

The little treasure map type itinerary I had put me in a group with Esther from @alittledainty and Sarah from @heARTinsightart / heartinsightart blog.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.47.00 am
Photo credit: Bloggers United AU

Our day went like this:

1: Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez


If you want to see someone passionate about what they do, you must meet Mark McCarthy from Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez or simply: ‘Shanghai Lil’. The creator of all natural soaps, lip balms, and perfumes (please make candles, please make candles). From the moment he started to talk to us about what he does you could see that this is someone who is genuine – something that is a huge selling point for me. I can honestly say I’d never heard of this brand before, but when I found out it was South Australian I got so happy! Someone local I can support! His talk about all natural scents hit me on a personal level (which sounds lame and sales-y). I am someone who loves the smell of dirt after a good rain and the smell of bitumen in the summer I associate so many memories with scent and we had  a good little chat about the perfect scent for the perfect occasion. You can find his products online and at the store Have you met charlie? in Adelaide CBD. They also have an online store you can find Shanghai Lil in the ‘designers’ drop down menu or by simply searching Shanghai Lil. $5AUD flat rate shipping Australia wide, Free shipping when you spend over $100AUD and $15AUD for international shipping! If you’re outside of Aus and want some delicious scents of my homeland, don’t hesitate to click and ship! You won’t regret it!

The day was off to a great start!

2: Runway Room – Adelaide


I fell in love with this brand the first time I came into contact with them back in September 2015 when I saw them at the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show 2015. Kara from Runway Room Adelaide is such a good rep for the business! (and she remembered me from the hair and makeup show so she’s just an all around good egg) The minute I could say something I just started gushing about how much I loved their lipsticks. In no way was I asked to say anything at all. I just had to let her know they’re some of my all time favourite lipsticks! Runway Room itself is a relatively new brand in Australia, founded by Alex Fevola with the motto of ‘Affordable Luxury” and I think that is absolutely correct! Kara gave us a great rundown of the products and everyone went home with a little free lip product and a voucher for a free makeup application. Um, YES PLEASE! I have no idea when I’m going to use it but by golly I will! If you’re looking for some great lipsticks (and great makeup in general) definitely check out Runway Room – I have the shades, Entrepreneur, C.E.O and Gypsy. You won’t be disappointed!

I was already so pleased with the day!

3: Enbacci


We were greeted by Yong-Li from Enbacci a family started business from Australia (yay more Aus companies) sporting some high class skincare! I love the idea behind Embacci: Made for the family. I can totally relate to that. As a child we went on a lot of family holidays and having something as important as skincare to cater for the entire family instead of everyone lugging around their own is such a great idea! We sampled some of their products and the demonstrations by Yong-Li were so professional, and also friendly. She was genuinely excited and dedicated to her families business which was so nice to see. We went home with samples and I can’t wait to try them. The one product that is on my list to purchase is the ‘Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub‘ my skin felt so nice after that. Good lordy!

At this point I could tell we would be carrying a lot of bags so I stored my handbag in the closet (because I forgot to do that first – rookie mistake). Let ‘arm day’ begin!

4: Weleda


A brand I’d heard of but not known much about! Its a company that has been around since the 1920’s – so they’ve had time to build a reputation and get their stuff together when it comes to quality products! I’m sure people know the name Weleda but if you don’t you should! The woman giving the talk to us who’s name I didn’t catch which really irritates me because she was a grade A human being! Was a blast! She was candid and passionate and she and I got on immediately! Our personalities just clicked! She told us so much about the company but also gave us handouts about what products we’d be taking home and more about the company because she said that it was all just an ‘information dump’ and its ok if we forget things! So nice to know that PR’s understand that we’re not going to be able to remember it all. We went home with a full sized ‘Skin Food‘ A very iconic product of Weleda (coming up to its 90year birthday) and our choice of body wash (which was super nice to be able to pick something that is more suited for your skin)

After that talk I was so pumped and excited to keep learning more about businesses!

5: Kismet Jardin


I’d never heard of this brand which makes me sad because it is a South Australian brand! When we walked into the room we were hit with an array of natural smelling everything and a quite professional look to the room, there were a neat stack of Kismet Jardin boxes that looked so precious! I have mixed feelings about the Kismet Jardin room. It is nothing wrong with the brand itself (I’ll get to that in a bit) but more the room they were in. Because we were in apartments the rooms could be quite small and I think for this brand in particular there wasn’t enough air flow and the scents of the products overpowered the small room they were in. At the time I was a little displeased with K.J but after coming home and being able to smell the products individually and explore them in my own time, I’ve become quite curious with the brand and the fact that they’re South Australian peaks my interest even more. The presentation was professional and well done, you can see the true passion the company has when they were talking about their products. There is quite a nice story on their website about the natural world making a comeback from the concrete jungle and pollution of today which is quite cute and I suggest you read it. It brings a lot into perspective. We were given some goodies from K.J, too! I’ve started to use some and will be doing a full review.

We were given so much skincare I want to spend the time to trial everything individually, I don’t want to sit here and say that I love it all when I haven’t tried it. I’d prefer to try it love it or not and THEN tell you.

6: Davroe


Davr-oh my gosh, YES! Another brand I sampled at the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show and INSTANTLY fell in love with it. The talk was super chilled out and we were all chatting, one of the girls did a little demo on Sarah’s hair. She was fully prepared to do some hair demos she came armed with a brush belt and hot tools! If my hair wasn’t so ‘My hair’ I’d have loved her to do some stuff to it! I have a soft spot for Davroe, its a South Australian brand (yay) and also a girl I know is one of the models. (seriously one of the most beautiful people on the planet) We had a relaxed talk and each of us told them what we wanted from a hair product and what hair type we have and the lovely ladies suggested some products to try out. I thought we’d get to choose a product or two like we did at Weleda but oh no no no, they gave us a sample box of their ENTIRE RANGE! PLUS a full size of their Murray River Sea Salt Spray – I’ve used it, it’s lovely and smells heavenly. I love the companies philosophy and I suggest you give it a read. They’re vegan and cruelty free which I know is a plus in a lot of peoples books!

I was so overwhelmed by the generosity and the candidness the businesses had. I was so humbled by it all. At this point though too, I was also a wee (kinda ravenous) bit hungry which was good, because it was lunch time!



Mixed feelings thy name is Lunch. First off I want to say the lunch provided was delicious a little out of left field in some regard but it was still pretty dang good. However, I have some issues (probably one of the only negative about the day – in my opinion). Lunch was provided by Oporto which is a fast food place. I have issues about that but kinda the least of my problems, I don’t like sounding bitchy or ungrateful but I just think it was a poor choice for a lunch. We’re all bloggers and when we get the chance to take a food pic, by golly we jump on it, but you just can’t take a good pic of fast food. The options for food were limited, and the choice for people who didn’t have any food stipulations (vegetarian/vegan etc) only had the option of a burrito. Was it delicious? Yes. Was it hard to eat? Oh heck yes. The majority of people were beauty bloggers and lets be real here, there is no graceful way to ease your moth around a burrito without having lipstick down your chin (get that mental image in ya). It was also surprisingly spicy, in the sneak peaks I don’t think I saw anything about spicy there – I wasn’t prepared for it. It was also windy (not anyones fault) so hair was blowing around, there wasn’t really enough seating (we went down and sat with some nice beach views it was lovely) so whilst the picnic-esque lunch was cute, it wasn’t ideal. So that’s all I’ll say about it. It was a good lunch with some disappointing aspects.

With lunch over and lipstick reapplied, we were ready for round two of speed dating!

7: Dr. Hauschka


Another pretty well known brand! I’d heard of Dr. Hauschka but I’d never purchased anything. The room they were in was stunning, a small bedroom with a gorgeous spa bathroom! Beautiful views of the ocean and such a gorgeous place to showcase their products. White clean lines, crisp colours. mmm perfection! The philosophy behind the brand really interested me in the fact that they don’t believe in night creams and they believe that the skin needs this time to do its thing and sort itself out which I could really intriguing. The rep was pretty straight forward about products and if they’re suitable for your skin, and if you like them you’ll purchase them if your skin is ready for it. I found her honesty refreshing. I’d like to look into the products to see if I can find something suitable for me. We received a goodie bag though, so I’m keen to try that out!

More goodie bags – I should have hired a sherpa! 1800-AdelaideSherpas?

8: R.E.B Cosmetics


Yet another South Australian brand. (Mighty South Aussies, yeah!) The talk and product demonstration was given by the creator and founder of R.E.B (her initials if you’d like to know) Cosmetics. A cruelty free, vegan, mineral makeup brand! It is aimed to please very sensitive skin as this is something very important to her. We got to choose an eyeshadow to take home and I’m super keen to try it! There was a really great ‘make your own’ custom palette for just $19.95 that holds four eyeshadows which are just $6.95 for the refills! Definitely something to look into! There is such a wide range of products on offer by R.E.B. There are Adelaide store stockists that you can find on their website and you can also buy online too!

Affordable and pretty – this could be dangerous!

9: L’Oréal Professionnel


Probably the biggest brand that was present. L’Oréal Professionnel is the hair product side of the company with daughter companies such as: Redken, Pureology, Matrix and Kérastase and a heap more! The rep Nikita was so lovely, like genuinely lovely and he had massive respect for what bloggers do which was so nice! He mentioned how they’ve selected bloggers to be key in advertising certain products and also gave some pretty ace advice about photography. He was super up front about the products and I spritzed some in my hair and hot-damn they actually work. We were given full sized products to try out (one of them the product in which I tried) and I can’t wait to start using it when I have my ‘review’ cap on. It’s people like Nikita that respect what bloggers do that make this so much more fun for me. He’s already been sending emails and is obviously great at what he does, he’s 100% a people person. He is someone I’d love to stay in contact with and I hope that through events like this I meet more genuine people. Hats off to you guys!

Also more love for Nikita and L’Oréal – we got our goodie bags at the end of the day so we didn’t have to lug it all around. Sweet, sweet relief!

10: Vani-T


During lunch we talked about some of the places we had each been and there was chatty gossip of ‘have you seen the products at the tanning place – they’re so pretty!’ I obviously hadn’t seen them so I was keen and wondering what brand it was! Enter Vani-T ding ding ding we have a winner! Firstly, its not just tanning products they do, there is also an extensive makeup range that has my heart. The packaging is STUNNING with a capital ohmygod! Girly, and blingy without being gaudy. These are products you want to pull out in public and use because they’re so dang pretty! We were absolutely spoiled by them in our goodie bag, getting to take home full sized products – lipstick, eye pigment and a lip glaze as well as two full size tanning products and a tanning mitt! I had a great chat to the women there about makeup and learned that their products are really universal a lot of multi use products – always a winner! Their eye pigments called “colour crystals” are some next level beauty and I’ve got my eyes on the shade “Ivory Lace”. The Australian brand has  the motto of Eco-Glamour which I think is awesome! They’ve had some big name celebs use their products and I think you’d fall in love with it if you tried it! Which I think you should!

Seriously though it was lust at first swatch (hehe) for me with these products!

11: Natralus


Boom, another South Aussie company AND a family owned! I’d heard of Natralus before but didn’t know they were from SA. I’ve used their products such as the hand sanitisers and hand shield (awesome, you must try it) before and LOVED them! So I was pretty keen on seeing this brand and finding out some more about them. The woman giving us the run through was so chilled and really lovely to talk to. She showed us her favourite products and was genuinely excited when we said we knew the brand! We were absolutely spoiled again when it came to goodies. We got some of their NEW range of flavoured paw paw lip butters! I love me some paw paw ointment. To me its like windex in ‘my big fat greek wedding’ cracked lips, dry elbows, squeeky door, bad relationship the list is endless! Now I’ve got one for my bag, purse, desk and office! WINNING!

By this point we were all waddling through the corridors of the apartments with our bags, seriously where is my dang sherpa?

12: Yo-Get-It


Time for an afternoon fro-yo snack? I think YES! We had a demo and taste of some of the açai (ah-sah-hee) bowls on offer at the Yo-Get-It stores and it makes me wish there was one on my end of town! We had a great chat to the rep whilst he made our bowls for us. We talked about the range and products on offer such as gluten free, dairy free other kinds of food adjustments etc and he was just really chill about it. The açai bowl itself was deeeeeeelicious! A fantastic treat to have after lugging all this loot around! It was our last stop so we could sit and enjoy and have some great chats while scoffing down this yummy dessert like treat! He hooked us up with some $$ off coupons which I’m pretty keen to use!

That was the last stop of the brands/reps speed dating and its safe to say I’ve picked the roses I’m going to hand out! (bachelor reference – don’t hate me)

It was time for us to gather in one of the sitting rooms to listen to some inspirational women talk! First up was Jenny from Styling Curvy. Just like her blog says she gave an inspiring and empowering speech about self love and how blogging is hard work and bloggers deserve recognition for what we do. It is hard work and we should be rewarded for what we do. She shared some personal stories that had a few of us tearing up. I’ve been a reader of her blog for a while so to listen to her speak was lovely. I hope there are more Adelaide Blogger catch ups wherein we can all inspire and empower each other.


Next up was a candid and equally as empowering talk from the ladies of Adelady ; Hayley and Lauren. They shared stories about their previous work and stories from the heart and basically just told us to be the kickass women we are and do what we do for us! It was great to get some advice from other Adeladies.


After that it was time to wrap up the day! A final word from our Adelaide reps Kate and Nici. We then made our way out to receive even MORE gift bags and hobble to the car!

I want to say thank you to everyone who was involved in anyway. Anyone from Bloggers United AU, the SA reps, brands and businesses who were there, or even who weren’t there and donated gift bags. I’m so taken back by it all. Thank you to Adelaide for homing such wonderful people. This event was such a great ice-breaker and I hope to be involved in more catch ups in the future!

Just a look into SOME of the bags we went home with. I don’t even know where to start with trying these products! So be prepared for some review posts coming up!

The last thing I’m going to add to this are my final thoughts. All in all it was a flawless day – if anything wasn’t going to plan no one knew about it, so Kate and Nici well done! You did a fantastic job!

The only things that I have to comment “negatively” on would be the lunch situation (which I’ve already mentioned) and a little to do with the rooms. The location was such a beautiful and ‘instagram-worthy’ place I wish I took more photos! However, due to the fact that the lay out was so random in the sense of room sizes it was a little awkward at times. Davroe were in the kitchen area which was nice and spread out, but people were constantly walking through (to get to the fully stocked fridge to at our disposal – awesome idea ladies). The room Kismet Jardin was in didn’t have enough air flow and became quite overpowering, which is kind of a let down because the company is quite a good one! I think that is really the only criticisms I have. The day was perfect and I hope this happens more in the future!

If you made it this far you are a champion and if I could hug you I would! As always, Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget:

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