Singapore DAY THREE! Sentosa Island! S.E.A Aquarium!

Woo! This is one of the things I’ve been most looking forward to! Sentosa Island!

We did the usual breakfast ordeal then back to our rooms to get ready. We usually meet down stairs at 9ish.

We organised our tickets for the day. We were getting a cable car to the island, going to ‘Madame Toussauds’ and then the aquarium. We didn’t like the ticket guy he was too salesy so if we wanted to buy more tickets we’d do so on the island.

We caught a taxi to the top of a mountain thing to get the cable car to the island. It was great. I loved it. Mum had a little issue with the heights and so did Kris, I felt a little queasy when we were over the water. But after two seconds, I was fine.

Madame Toussauds was basically in front of the cable car station so we went there first. It’s only a new attraction (to my knowledge) on the island and wasn’t very busy. We went through a section about the history of Singapore which I found really cool it was kind of a skit with actors and stuff. They called upon people in the audience and of course I got targeted first. It was fine. We had fun. Actually, the only people to be called upon were people in our group. We then went on to the wax figurines and posed with some celebs. I am not at all ashamed of the fact I groped Leonardo Di Caprio. There weren’t as many figurines in this one as the one in London but it was still cool. Most of the photos are on my camera so I’ll upload them later.

The aquarium was next. We walked down to ‘Merlion’ plaza. The Merlion is the symbol of Singapore. It’s pretty cool.

Head if a lion tail of a fish = MERLION! He’s my fave.

Now in to the aquarium!

I may have taken this photo at the same time others were posing for theirs.

The aquarium was amazing. This is my favourite one I’ve been to. Then Melbourne and Barcelona. The lighting was Amazing so you cod actually see the sea creatures and everything was so clean. We were in one of the tunnels where you can see the sharks etc swim over you, and a man was posin for a photo I kept trying to dodge it but he kept coming over to the area I was for a better opportunity so he asked if I wanted to be in a photo. So I said sure. Haha. I posed with him and then a little while later he asked Kris and I to be in a photo with his friend. We did. Thank you elderly Chinese men for making this experience super duper fun! We were walking through and we were pretty amazed by what we’d seen so far. But then we came to an entire wall of aquarium. Kris and walked up to it and just sat there for 15-20 minutes watching the sea life. I could have stayed all day and not got bored.

It was absolutely massive and so beautiful. There was a big blue groper fish whose eyeball was the size of a Ping Pong ball who kept looking directly at me. I felt like he was looking into my soul. After another 5 minutes staring at this beautiful place we started to wander off and look at some more pretty things. One of my favourite creatures to look at are the jelly fish. They’re so peaceful to watch and usually glow or have some defining feature that makes them pretty.

I love this photo so much. It doesn’t even look like there is glass separating us.

Once we finally finished wandering through the ocean we came to the end and of course the gift shop and also our weird tradition to get a fur baby souvenir this time we adopted into the family…


Why Jenny? Well do you remember that JLo song? Jenny from the block? Well… We were singing that in the taxi for some reason and when we got home I was singing it about the octopus but with some slightly modified words (those who hate puns look away now) “don’t be fooled by the rock-pool I got, I’m still (I’m still) Jenny with the spots.”  

So yeah. That’s how she got her name.

After the aquarium it was time for food. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was now time for a late lunch. On the way to the aquarium Kris saw a place where you make your own pancakes and this was intriguing so we decided we’d go there. We were sitting on a bench after exiting the aquarium just relaxing in the humidity, when a bunch of women say down next to us. I shimmied over to give them more room. They were all taking photos and I jokingly slid over and smiled next to an elderly woman they all laughed so I slid back over to let them take their photos, but they asked me to come back. It was the elderly Chinese men all over again, but this time in a group photo, a single of me and the original woman and then one lady on either side of me. It was all in good fun and we were all laughing. She showed me the photo at the end to get my approval. I wish I had taken a photo with them on my camera. ):

Lunch time! Time for the pancake place. It was called ‘slappy cakes’ I kept reading it as sloppy cakes. Haha. It was so cool!

This is almost like the places where they cook the food at your table. Instead you do it yourself! There is a menu you order what kind of batter and toppings you want and then cook them on the hot plate that is built into the table! It was so cook! I had buttermilk batter and strawberries and whipped cream, Kris had whole grain batter (he wanted zucchini but there were sold out) and mushrooms and bacon bits. Making the pancakes was so much fun!

Top left: my drink, lavender lemonade. It was delicious. Lavender infused syrup mixed into lemonade. Was very sweet at first bit once mixed in. It was perfect! I want to try and make it when I get home.

Too right: the table set up! Hot plate, batters and toppings!

Bottom left: Maturity levels through the roof. Both our batter bottles together to make the word butthole. Yep.

Bottom right: one of the pancakes I made “I should be at uni” we made some other ones too I’ll have to add them later.

I totally think the pancake kitchen should have something like this. It’ll make it so much cooler!

The last place for the day was the butterfly and insect house. It was so beautiful. We just walked through and there were butterflies everywhere. The ‘guide’ just picked them up and put them on our hands. It was so lovely.

The butterflies are huge! Some as big as my palm others bigger!

The insect part of this was actually pretty cool. They had an ‘Australian’ section. Which there were like all the beetles. I’m like… Yay?

We trundled our way through the rest of that and then went to the cable cars to go back to the hotel. We caught a taxi back (it look a little while to get one but we managed).

Back at the hotel we caught up with everyone and just chilled out for the night. Kris and I ordered room service for dinner. Because we didn’t feel like going out again. We had burgers. But the buns were black. Not burnt but, just how they’re made. With bamboo charcoal. Wicked huh.

We just hung out in the room and went to bed. We had a busy day. But tomorrow we leve Singapore to get on our cruise! Yay I can’t wait. Internet might be a birch patchy so I’ll update when I can!

Singapore Adventure – Flight day & Night Safari

Background: The reason for this little cruise and holiday: It is my mothers’ partner Lindsay’s birthday this week, and they are going on a cruise around some of aisa with his two sisters (and their husbands) and his mother and her partner. We (Kris and I) were also extended an invitation along with a few other people etc, and we decided that we’d go, because… why not?

Our flight out of Adelaide was for approx 12:00pm which meant I had all morning to freak out and think I’ve forgotten everything. My sister and her boyfriend picked us (Kris and I) up in the morning early enough for us to get to the airport at 10ish, so we could check in get out stuff sorted and then fill out a few customs forms. We went through one of many checkpoints of scanning and metal detectors wherein which I was randomly explosive tested. That was fun.


We met up with my mum and Lindsay (her partner) once we’d checked our luggage. To my surprise my brother had come along for the ride to see us all (Kris, mum, Lindsay and I) off.

As a snack we had a doughnut. Mine was cookies and cream and it was delicious. I highly recommend ‘Delicious Doughnuts’ if you’re ever at Adelaide airport. Yum!

Soon enough it came time to go through customs and say goodbye to our entourage. I always panic when I have to go through a metal detector or something like that because I think I’ve forgotten how to do life and think I’ll just leave my phone or something in my pocket, set off the alarm, panic, run and then become black listed from travel.

When we finally made it through. We met up with the entourage again, however they were on the other side of a big glass divider. This is when we spent out final moments snap chatting and saying our goodbyes until we were promptly called to take our spot in line and board the plane. I was starting to get super excited now. My nervousness isn’t about flying. It’s about being late. Now there is nothing more that has to be done. Except get on board and sit for approx 6.5 hours. Awesome.

Pre flight selfie & Bonnie’s artistic talent.

Once on the plane, Kris and I get to our seats then get as comfy as possible. I got the window seat and Kris got aisle. Mum and Lindsay are a few rows opposite us. But still in waving distance.

Last snapchat sent from Adelaide. The caption says it all. Haha.

I’m excited for this flight. Because most of the long distance flying I’ve done has been at night or I’ve not had window seat. Here are some snaps from my flight!

This photo looks like it’s from a magazine.

On board and tired. But only two more hours to go!

Some form of civilisation underneath us. I have no idea where we are. Haha

So far I’ve watched ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Paddington’ they’re great movies.

The plane food isn’t that bad. Lunch was pretty good. I has fish with mushroom rice. It was really good. Kris had the beef in thyme sauce with mash potato. It looked an smelled good. I forgot to take a photo of that meal. But I got one of the next one! This time we had quiche! And omg it was actually so delicious. It may not look like much but it was some if the best damn quiche I’ve had.

It was a decent portion size too.

There was a tiny amount of turbulence during eating time. But I don’t really get worried by it and it was so mild.

Instead of watching another movie. Kris and I played some of the multi-player games.

I don’t know the reason behind this but it seems Kris is some sort of a commodity? I hope for a Simpsons ‘Mr Sparkle’ situation and Kris is actually a celebrity.

So fast forward to now. We landed in Singapore hopped in a taxi to our hotel (it wasn’t that far) where we met up with Lindsay’s sister and her husband (also going on the cruise).

We checked into our room and then had an hour to just chillax and freshen up because Lindsay’s sister had organised our entertainment for the night… NIGHT SAFARI!

The logo for the night safari is a pair of cat eyes. Which I think is kinda cute.

A coach picked us up from our hotel and took us to the meeting point. We went all through the city and got to see some of the incredible buildings and also some of the china town area. Then we were on our way to the safari park! Shanghai has a separate zoo, lake safari and a night safari. The first two are day time attractions and the last (obviously) is a night time one. I tried to film some but I couldn’t take many photos because strictly no flash as it would harm the animals eyes as they’re nocturnal etc. and we didn’t want to startle them because the majority of the safari is in an open vehicle and there were no fences on the animal enclosures. They were free to roam about which worried me especially when we went past the lions and heyenas. But I’m sure how their enclosures were set up, they couldn’t get out or anything. Going past the elephants was amazing. One was less than two metres away and I wanted to have an ET moment with my hand and it’s trunk but we weren’t allowed to touch.

After the safari part was done. We went an explored the rest of the park. It was all lit up with lanterns and fairy lights and it was beautiful. I felt like I was in the market place in Aladdin!

We got some food and then while we were eating there was a fire breathing / twirling show. That was pretty cool. After all that we had approximately half an our left so we went around to all the shops and stalls etc. whenever kris and I go to an animal park be it a zoo or wild life sanctuary or aquarium we always buy a little fur baby souvenir. (Our fur baby family is getting quite large). On the safari our favourite animals to see were the wolves. But sadly they didn’t have a plush wild toy which I was a little bit sad about. But instead, we saw these really cute heyenas and I instantly named it. His name is ‘Moe’ because of his little moehawk.

And on that cuddly note. I’m gonna call it. This has been a fantastic first day!

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