Original Tartelette VS In Bloom Palette Swatches

I recently got my hot little hands on the two Tartelette Palettes and I thought I might do a comparison swatch for you! They are very similar and if you’ve only got the budget for one I hope this post can help you choose! However at this very moment in time until the 15th of April 2016 there is a SALE on Tarte.com that gives you 30% off at the checkout when you enter ‘FRIENDS’ Promo code. So hippity hop on over and get yourself a bargain! All details will be on the website.

The Lowdown:
Each palette contains 12 x 1.50g shadows. For reference the Urban Decay Naked Palettes hold 12 x 1.30g shadows. The original Tartlette (In the purple case) is made up of all matte shades and has a purple theme running through the palette. The shades are a mix of warm/neutral and cool tones . The Tartlette In Bloom (pink/floral case) is all matte except 3 shimmer/lustre shades. The palette is more of a golden brown theme. Definitely more neutral/warm shades. Each palette is made of the same hard plastic, feels sturdy and has a full mirror on the lid side. Mirrors are adjustable to a degree and self standing. There is no scent to the original palette, but there is a sweet ‘sugary/vanilla’ scent to the ‘In Bloom’ palette.

Tartlette (Original)

First row: Free Spirit: yellow/cream colour, Force of Nature:light tan, Dreamer: Medium brown, Multi-Tasker: deep brownDSCN3277Caregiver: soft baby pink, Natural Beauty: Mauve, Best Friend: Berry brown, Bombshell: Dark Plum

DSCN3278Super Mom: Bone/cream/white, Wanderer: Orangey tan, Power Player: Grey tone brown,  Fashionista: Black.

Tartlette In Bloom


Charmer: Off White – Matte, Jetsetter: Warm Taupe – Matte, Rocker: Shimmering Taupe, Smokeshow: Black-Brown – Matte.
Flower Child: Peachy Nude – Matte,  Smarty Pants: Tan – Matte, Fire Cracker: Bronze Copper, Activist: Dark Brown – Matte

DSCN3271Funny Girl: Shimmering Champagne, Sweetheart: Peach – Matte, Rebel: Chestnut Brown – Matte, Leader: Aubergine – Matte.

Now to compare them row by row:

first row
First Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

second row
Second Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

third rowThird Row: Original (Left) In Bloom (Right)

So as you can see they are quite similar, yet at the same time both very different in their own right. The shades in both palettes are the same high quality and I am really happy I have both palettes. If you’re not in the market to spend on both palette then really the choice is up to you based on your personal preference.

Left: Original Tartelette / Right: In BloomDSCN3247

Do you have any of these palettes? If so I’d love to hear what you think of them. I can’t wait to do some looks with these palettes!

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Review: Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics Palette

So it’s been out for a while now but I still hear people raving about how good it is, and with that, I knew I had to own it!

I’ve ordered from BH cosmetics before and this time it only took 10 days to get to me (it arrived the day before my birthday – yay). Even though BH cosmetics is an American site and its all in USD there are always massive sales on, I’ve never paid full price for anything that I’ve purchased from there. Get the palette here!

If you don’t know who Carli Babel is, she is an American YouTube beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fitness guru. Her videos are really well done and she’s really easy to watch.

The Palette

The packaging looks gorgeous. Its high quality cardboard that feels firm and sturdy. It has an almost quilted design on the front and back of the palette (you’ll see in the photos) with silver metallic writing. The white and silver make it look very chic. On the inside there is a decent sized mirror, however it isn’t free standing so it will need to be held or propped up with something. There is a quote on the inside which reads ‘Aspire to Inspire’ I think that is a really nice message. Because the palette is cardboard it isn’t as bulky or heavy as others which makes ideal for travel and don’t worry about it flying open, it has a magnetic closure so your shadows are safe!

Each of the four highlight shades has a floral imprint which I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes it looks nice, but it doesn’t tie into anything else in the palette. There are floral designs on the inside of the palette boarder but they’re not the same, and the eyeshadows don’t have anything stamped into them it just looks a little out of place, but thats just how I see it. Other people might not see it the way I do.


The palette is an eyeshadow and highlight palette. 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters that accommodate a variety of skin tones. There is an even mix of shimmer and matte shades in the palette 5 matte and 5 shimmer but of the shimmer shades 4 of them are almost identical to the highlighters which kind of bothers me. I feel like there could have been four different eyeshadow shades and if I wanted the shade of the highlight I could use that as eyeshadow anyway? Because the palette is aimed towards all skin tones the darkest highlight is never going to be used by me as a highlight shade, it’s just a large eyeshadow in my opinion (and I’m sure the lighter highlight shades are great eyeshadow options for those with a deeper skin tone to mine) but there is a full sized eyeshadow and highlight that is basically the same colour. That is one of the only downsides I can see to this palette.

The shadows don’t have a lot of fall out and the highlighters are some next level glow going on, on your face. The matte shadows can be a little chalky but its nothing that can’t be worked with. The shimmer shades are creamy/buttery and very pigmented!

This is a look I did for my birthday brunch using just this palette.


Top Row.

top row
L-R: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5
  1. Matte cream coloured highlight doesn’t show up on my arm but looks great on the eyes.
  2. Champagne shimmer. One of my favourites.
  3. Matte cool toned light brown. Good transition colour.
  4. Matte muted plum – a mix between 3 & 5
  5. Matte plum colour. Can’t wait for Autumn with this colour!


Bottom Row

bottom row
L-R: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5
  1. Champagne gold shimmer.
  2. Ture gold shimmer.
  3. Rust brown with copper reflect shimmer.
  4. Copper shimmer.
  5. Matte dark brown/olive green mix



L-R H1, H2, H3, H4
  1. Pinky toned highlight – fair
  2. Champagne toned highlight – fair to medium
  3. Honey Gold toned highlight – medium to dark
  4. Copper Gold toned highlight – dark


Comparison: Here are some swatches of the highlight shades with the eyeshadows shades that look almost identical.


Looking at the swatches in a grid pattern the top row has two groups and the bottom row has two groups.

Top row group one: H1 and T1 – Group two: H2 and B1

Bottom row group one: H3 and B2 – Group two H4- B4

As you can see the shades are pretty similar. For anyone wondering I use a mix of the first and second highlight for my face.

You can still get the palette on bh cosmetics.com but I’m not sure if it will be around forever so if you’re after it, get in quick!

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Review: Face of Australia – Perfect Nude Eyeshadow Palettes

I don’t know about you guys, but I love eyeshadow palettes, ‘drugstore’ or ‘high-end’ I can’t get enough of them. So whenever I find a new one that I really like, I get super excited to share it with you, and today, I have TWO!

Face of Australia have been coming out with a few new palettes lately and I picked these up toward the end of last year and have been using them for the past few months. They’re called the “Face of Australia – Perfect Nude Eyeshadow Palettes” and they’re available from Priceline. Each of these palettes retail for $18.95 AUD which I must say is a bit pricey, so if you’re on a budget I’d suggest getting only one of these palettes as they are quite similar. But if you’ve got the money to spend / want them because you’re a makeup hoarder like I am then I’m here to show the the subtle yet totally worth it differences these palettes have!


As shown in the picture above, there are two palettes the ‘Nude’ and ‘Naked’ now this is kind of confusing a bit because the palettes are the ‘Perfect Nude Eyeshadow Palettes’ and one of them is called ‘Nude’. It confused me for a bit when I was purchasing them and trying to figure out the differences.

Packaging: These palettes are made from some pretty heavy duty plastic. They feel like good quality without being heavy. They’re also compact enough to take travelling and offer enough shadows you won’t need to carry much more makeup. They’re sleek and black and aren’t to ‘busy’ looking. The palettes also have a pretty decent sized mirror on the inside. The mirror can be arranged to be open standing without needing support. So its good to place on a surface and use that mirror instead of taking a portable mirror with you. (happy travelling) However, because of the palettes design they’re slightly curved so if the mirror is pushed back too far it will get top heavy and rock backwards.


Each palette holds 15 shades and as you can see they’re quite similar. The left is the Naked palette and the right is the Nude. At a glance you’d think they’re the same palette, but if you look closer the ‘Naked’ palette has more of a gold neutral theme whilst the ‘Nude’ has a hint of rose shades. Both palettes have a mix of mattes, shimmer and pearl/satin finishes. The palettes also come with a double sided applicator, one side has a foam tip and the other is a small detail flat brush. I’ve used the brush side (I hate the foam things) a few times and they’re quite acceptable. I’m glad that companies are adding small brushes instead of JUST those foam applicators.

Some shades are more pigmented than others, the really glittery shades don’t have much payoff but I’m sure using some fix+ would change that. However they’re good if you’re wanting to top off your eyelid with just some glitter. I was surprised with the matte shades. Usually drugstore mattes are hard and powdery and don’t offer much pigment at all, but these mattes are creamy – a little fallout with some of the lighter shades – and have great pigmentation. The other shades have great pigment and are equally as creamy. The really glittery shades (lucky there are only a few in each palette) are the only let down. The shadows are quite easy to blend too; I was surprised at how easy it was to blend them through the crease area.


nude naked

Sorry for the quality of the photo, I had to take this with my phone, I couldn’t get the right angle with my big camera (blogger problems). There was no primer or fix+ used in these swatches. MOST of them show up on my very pale skin. For me the standout shade is the black from the ‘Naked’ palette. It is so hard to get a pigmented matte black from any company, and the fact that this is a ‘drugstore’ brand is amazing. This is one of the most pigmented black shadows I’ve come across.

Slightly better shot of colours but bad shadows across the swatches.

I’ve used these palettes for the past few months now and I think you can do a few good looks just using the one palette. They are similar so if you have the chance to get in and look at one close up, I’d suggest it. Or if you’re more a gold fan than a rose fan (or vice versa) then grab the one that appeals to you! I was regretting getting both for a short time but now that I have both and know some good looks using both I’m glad I have them. These palettes are (maybe still are) a limited edition palette so if you’re interested I’d get in to your nearest Priceline quick or order online soon!

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Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show 2015 & Meeting Chloe Morello

Not a lot of big events make their way down to little old Adelaide, which is quite sad because Adelaidians are a great people! So, when I found out that Adelaide was getting its very own hair and makeup show, I was SO EXCITED! The event went for 2 days but tickets were for the Saturday, Sunday or a two-day pass. I picked up a two-day pass because I had no idea what to expect.


(Lust_At_First_Swatch is my beauty account on instagram, go ahead and follow it if you’d like)

There were a lot of companies there, Inglot and Crown Brushes were two of the major sponsors so I was very excited to check out their stalls! There were also a range of online stores that stock a lot of products you cant find in store in Australia so I was beyond keen to get to them, even if I didn’t buy anything, I can touch it, swatch it and decide if I like it before taking the plunge to potentially buy a product that I don’t like online. So that for me was a bonus.  So now on to the actual event!


Sarah (Pastelsparkles) and I pumped for a day of shopping!

On Saturday the 27th of September Sarah and I made our way into the city bright an early so we wouldn’t miss anything! Doors opened at 8:00am and we got there shortly after that. First stop was to get our members bags and lanyard, (Membership was optional, however it was needed for the members only meet and greet with Chloe Morello) and then went to scope out the stalls!


Members ‘pass’ lanyard and wristbands for entry

The show was smaller than I expected, I thought I’d have to prep up the elbows and get ready to wiggle and nudge my way through the waves of makeup crazed individuals (like myself) but that wasn’t necessary. (well not at 8am anyway)

Once doing a lap of the stalls we stopped into Rouche Boutique first. I was so happy to see R.B there, I was hoping for some Jeffree Starr products but sadly they weren’t there. I did however pick up two Milani blushes in ‘05 Luminoso’ and ‘08 Corallina’.


L:R – Luminoso, Corallina

I then went over and picked up a pack of lipsticks by Shanghai Suzy and instantly fell in love with the ‘odd’ selection of colours! I picked up their ‘Gothic Chic’ collection which has a Gold, Emerald Green, Grey and Black lipstick. They’re all beautiful, but if I could swap out the gold for a navy blue, I’d love life! However, they do smell like grape hubba bubba bubble gum, so that’s a win!


L-R: Midnight, Emerald, Goldie, Dove

We walked around some more had some great chats to stall owners and I learnt a lot about some new brands that I’d not known about before!

At 10:15 we started lining up to get into the meet and greet that started at 10:30, we were some of the first 10? in line which was awesome and lucked out in our favour because we got the best seats in the room! Before we went in we did a once over of each other making sure we both looked our best (easy for Sarah, she always looks beautiful).

The interview was short and sweet and in my opinion was a little awkward, possibly that’s just how I saw it, but I’ll rant a bit more about that if I make a video about the day. The meet and greet portion of the hour was great, a little rocky to start off with, but it went well. Sarah and I had the best seats as the photos were being taken right in front of us, and for every lull in conversation we got to chat with Chloe and make it a little less awkward for some people who were quite nervous. We were the last ones to get our photo taken and we were both ok with that because we basically got to have a chat to Chloe the whole time, when I got my photo taken, she asked if we’d met before (we’ve not) so that was a bit odd, I guess there is someone out there who looks like me, haha she then complimented me on my makeup and said she loved my eyeliner, (I sound like a fan girl, but it was just nice to get some compliments from someone such as her)


Chloe is such a sweet and genuine person and it was such a treat to get to meet her and have a chat!

Sarah and I did another trawl through the stores before walking out to get some lunch! We finally had a chance to sit and rummage through our goodie bag that we got for being a member; there were heaps of great sized samples and bits and pieces in there, so that was nice!

Back to do some more shopping! Earlier in the day we stopped by a stall called “Runway Room” the lady there, Kara showed us a lip plumping scrub like product. It was able to go over lipstick etc, I was super worried it’d make my lippy separate but it didn’t and it was minty and tingly and I really liked it. We decided to go back to the stall because she was just so nice, wasn’t pushy into sales like some stalls were and I was genuinely interested in the products! When we walked back up to the stall, she remembered us, which was nice because she would have seen a LOT of people that day. Sarah and I both got 3 lipsticks each! I went for a cool toned red, a bright orange and a plum purple. I’ve worn the orange so much since buying it and it is fast becoming one of my go-to lipsticks the formula isn’t matte, but it has incredible staying power! So THANK YOU to Kara from the Runway Room for introducing us to this awesome brand!


L-R Gypsy, C.E.O., Entrepreneur

We wandered around to Inglot next, a place where I had already decided I’d go a little extreme at. I wish we had gone to Inglot earlier because now there was a large crowd around the stall (which was huge) so this is where our elbows came in handy to just wiggle our way through the people. I ended up getting 3 of their liners, a pigment and the freedom palette – I was going to get some shadow for the palette because Inglot had a show special of 30% off everything which is why I got so much stuff, but I didn’t get the shadows, because I really want to go through each shadow with a consultant and have them help me make the best choices and there really wasn’t that much of an opportunity to do that there because it was kind of a mad house. So, I’ll just have to go into an Inglot stand and get them to help me, which is fine, I would have done that anyway!


We did another lap of the floor to see if there was anything else we ‘needed’ / wanted anything else. We took this time to enter any other competitions, we’d been entering them all day just as a bit of fun. We entered the ‘Makeup Studio’ competition for the chance to win $500 worth of Makeup Studio products, we entered together because we wouldn’t have done it if the other person didn’t do it with us? If that makes sense well anyway, Sarah won! Which was so exciting. We each had so much fun at the Makeup Studio stall and we’d definitely made a list of things we both wanted. Sarah was lovely enough to buy me a few products when she went in store (a few days later) to spend her prize money. She didn’t have to do that at all, but it just shows what a genuinely lovely person she is! ❤


These are the three shadows she picked up for me, which again, thank you! They’re from the ‘Super frost’ range of shadows and left to right the shadows are: Blue Frost, Chic Copper and Golden Glaze.


The entry for the competition was to post a pic like this to instagram. etc.

Shortly after the last walk around we decided that we’d done all the shopping we could handle and after 7 hours of non-stop makeup decided to head home to bask in the glory of our goodie bags!

It was such a fun day and I do hope it returns next year, bigger and better because I am sure to attend that too!

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