LUSH and Oh Deer Sugar HAUL

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for some time, you will know that I love bath products. If you’re a new reader here today, SURPRISE! I love bath products! I recently (Along with my partner in crime – Zoe and partner in life – Kris) went a bit bath crazy in LUSH and Oh Deer Sugar. This little shopping spree was a mixture of ‘happy birthday & welcome home’ from Kris. So, heres the haul, y’all!



I’m always talking about LUSH and how I love their products so Kris took me to my favourite LUSH store in the city. Some of the products are first timers whilst some are repurchases! Here’s what we picked up from LUSH.

Intergalactic bath bomb -$8.95, Blackberry bath bomb -$6.50, Dragons egg bath bomb -6.95, Avobath bath bomb -6.50

A cult classic, the LUSH bath bomb. You’re bound to find one that you like and that suits your sense of smell! We ended up getting another Blackberry one as Kris really liked the scent of it. Its not overly feminine smelling, and its not smothered in glitter. This bath bomb is BF approved!

Foot soak & fancy free -7.95

I’d only been back in the country for a day before this little adventure, and let me tell you, 6 weeks of walking around in boots really did a number on my feet, so I decided to give them a little TLC. Heres hoping this product will help!

Woosh shower jelly, Refresher shower jelly -$7.95 each

SHOWER JELLIES! the perfect mix of fun and science! Kris and I were both intrigued by this product so we picked some up, simple as that.


Oh Deer Sugar

“lets go to the place where it looks like food”. Thats Kris’ way of saying lets go to ‘Oh Deer Sugar’. It took me a while to figure it out, it wasn’t until Zoe started to giggle that I knew he’d asked her for help in where to take me shopping.

Coffee and Vanilla energiser body scrub -$19.00

After an onslaught of smells from the afternoon, Kris was hesitant to smell much more. I found this product on the shelf and knew he’s like it! An instant approval! Coffee lovers, keep a look out for this one!

Strawberry and Coconut exfoliator body scrub -$19.00

If you know the smell of an ‘Iced Vovo’ biscuit then just imagine that now because this is what the strawberry and coconut exfoliator reminds me of! Not overpoweringly sweet – I’m looking forward to using this.

Peachy Keen, peaches and cream shower moose -$26.00

It seems like there are peach scented products everywhere these days but that doesn’t bother me one bit, I love the smell, the taste and the colour of peach so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. I love the ‘Shower Moose’ from ODS and can’t wait to try it in peach!
Candy Heart Bubble Bar

We went shopping the day after Valentines Day so there was some really cute themed products around. I instantly fell for these giant candy hearts! Unfortunately there were no more ‘Yes’ ones in stock, otherwise I would have grabbed it too. They smell so good and I can’t wait to use them!

This brings us to the end of the haul but to the beginning of me blogging again. I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish with the blog and I hope you’ll stick with me while I do it!

I’ll be reviewing all of these products so if there is something you’d like to see first let me know in the comments and I’ll bump it up the list.

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Oh Deer Sugar – Product Review

Oh Deer Products!

If you remember back to this time last week or the week before, I posted about the store  ‘Oh Deer Sugar‘ moving from an online store to an actual place where you can go in and shop. Well this is the follow up post giving you a review about the products I purchased!

I’ve had these products for a while and I’ve since been back into the store to try out some more products. I’ve got for you the review of the first products I used. Obviously there are so many more products that I don’t have, but if you’re in store or having a gander online and happen to come across these things, I hope this helps in the buying process. (:

The products I picked up were: One of the bakehouse bath bombs in ‘Hubba Blueberry Bubba’: $8.00/$8.50

Two of the chocolate bar soaps ‘(oh) Peachy Keen’ and ‘(oh) Confetti Fawn’: $5.50 for the single block and $13.50 for the family size (the size of 3 singles)

Two of the Bubble Bar Macarons ‘Passionfruit & Floral’ $4.50 each

Chocolate Block Soaps: I picked up two of these, there were more I wanted but as a trial I just grabbed two different kinds. There is a more masculine scent called ‘Mountain Stag’ oh my goodness it smells delicious and I want it so much!

The two I picked up were Confetti Fawn and Peachy Keen. They both smell delightful, not overpowering at all. Confetti Fawn is very sweet with actual popping candy inside. I was not expecting that at all! Peachy Keen has some gold glitter but it doesn’t transfer onto the skin so much, because once you wash yourself, be it body or just your hands you obviously wash off the soapy suds residue, its not like a big old bath bomb where you get out of the bath looking like an extra from twilight.

The soaps lather up really well, but because of this, it results in the product being used up more quickly so if this is an all over body soap just keep that in mind. I only use them as hand soaps so I still get a decent amount of life out of them. They also leave a pleasant scent on the skin.

Bubble Bar Macarons: One of the things that I love about the store is that when there is ‘faulty’ product i.e product that is oddly shaped or ‘ugly’ is still put on sale but at a discounted price. It still works as well as the ‘proper’ product but basically half the price! I picked two of the ‘ugly’ macarons in the scent of Passionfruit  & Floral. They were only $2.00 each. So if they have more of the deformed ones when I go in store again, I’m going to pick up a heap of them!

You can get four good bubbly baths out of one of these macarons I think. You just simply run it under the bath water and it makes great bubbles. I used half of one and there were plenty of bubbles. So using a quarter of one per bath should provide sufficient bubbly goodness. Obviously if you want more bubbles, use more macaron, SIMPLE!! I didn’t smell the other scents, but I can tell you this one will be my favourite. Its so fruity and almost tropically tingly smelling? if that makes ANY sense at all…

Bake house Bath Bomb. This particular one is a ‘two or one’ product. The pink bit in the middle can be pushed out (in my case it wouldn’t wiggle out so when I chucked it in the bath the fizzing of the bath bomb shot it out so just pick it up when it does that) and used as a bubble bar so you have fizzy nice smelling bath bomb and then some great bubbles! YAY! I’m definitely going back and getting another one of these! This is the Hubba Blueberry Bubba bath bomb. It smells so lovely and turns your water a nice shade of aqua blue. It smells berry/fruity and sweet without being overpowering at all. When in the bath it coats your skin in a silky smooth layer of deliciousness. It doesn’t feel gross or slippery at all and when you get out of the bath there is no slimey residue and once you wipe yourself down with a towel your skin is left feeling super soft.

I am definitely going to go back to the store and pick up some more products and I really hope you check them out too. If you don’t live in Adelaide don’t worry! They have an online store and they have *INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING* 

I 100% recommend you get your shop on and pick up some goodies from ODS! They are always expanding their range and have great Christmas treats up for purchase so get in quick!

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