Winter Skincare Tips

We’ve been having some wild weather here in Aus. The rains-a-pouring and the fires-a-roaring (in a fireplace… to keep warm… not a bush fire. Because its raining a lot – thats kind of redundant). Its time to protect our toesies with some warm socks and our skin with some MOISTure. So hands up if your skin dries out in the cooler months. *raises hand. Hands up if you’re skin is dry anyway and winter brings out the worst in your skin *raises hand. Yay.

Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favourite products that help me battle flakey, scaly and sore dry skin! Lets get a wriggle on.



Neutrogena Hydro-Boost range. I’ve been talking about this range a heap on my blog because its one of my favourite skincare ranges. I’ve done a full review here, so give it a click to read about it.


Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem – again, another product I’ve been raving about. I love this for its hyaluronic acid and restorative features. Lightweight, perfect for all skin types and works well under makeup as a primer. Read full review here!

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Weleda Skin Food – for rough and dry skin
This thick citrus scented balm/cream is an absolute saviour! I feel like this is so heavy duty (in a good way). I use this for the really dry areas as a spot treatment. Especially my elbows, knees, hands, cuticles, feet/heels and anywhere else I can reach. Skin Food is 100% Certified Natural and one of Weleda’s best sellers. Its been around for 90 years and for a product to still be so popular after all that time, they’ve gotta be doing something right. A universal product like this is an essential for anyone who wants to take care of their skin. In Winter think Weleda!


NS-8 Natural Footcare – Intensive Leg Care cream.
Like the name states this is targeted at your legs! I suffer from scaly legs all year round due to the dryness of my skin. Its one of the reasons I wear leggings/stockings or pants almost daily and one of the reasons I don’t show off my legs. When your skin actually starts flaking off, you know something is up. I received this in one of the goodie bags from Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event and dismissed it up until about a month ago when the weather started getting really cold. My skin looked horrid, every time I’d shave my legs the follicles would flake – not pretty or pleasant. Causing sores on my legs – painful and not pretty.  I had to wait until there was no broken skin until I could use this (or any product really – lets be safe guys) as it contains menthol. (Menthol for cooling and refreshingness). I’ve been trying to use this at least once a day (usually before bed). Its a smooth texture that takes some work to get it fully soaked into your legs but it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. THANK GOODNESS! I have noticed a difference in the texture of my legs and I’m so happy about that. This is available from chemist warehouse for around $14.50 AUD.


REDWIN – Daily Intensive Nourishment – with Moroccan Argan Oil
I use this as an all over moisturiser when I feel like I need it. Its not apart of any regime but, it is great all year round. It is perfect for soothing sunburn in Summer and great for adding a bit of moisture to your skin in Winter. My partner uses this and he really likes it. Being a man of simple products I got him onto this stuff (so he’d not think about using my expensive lotions). It doesn’t irritate skin – such as eczema (on him at least – please patch test before applying to yourself) and helps get a wrangle on his cracked feet! Sometimes I lather my feet up with this and then get into bed (sometimes with socks, sometimes without – I know that can be a bit gross for some). Its the perfect product for having next to the bed or desk where its easily accessible at all times. It doesn’t go oily or greasy on the skin either – I hate that feeling.


Natralus – paw paw products.
Now, as dry as my skin is, I don’t usually get cracked lips – THANK THE LORD! Lucky me. EXCEPT for when I’m sick, which usually goes hand in hand with Winter. When I’m sick with the flu or the common cold the first thing to alert me to the illness is a sore throat and splitting lips. Right from my cupids bow all the way down, under my lip to where the lip connects to my gums, splits. It is one of the most painful things and It happens whenever I’m ill. When I was sick recently the only thing to save my lips was the Natralus paw paw ointment. It was so thick and smooth it made smiling bearable. I also get cracked and flakey skin around my nose when I’m sick and this product worked so well for easing that pain and fixing the whole situation. I think you should stock up on Natralus paw paw products this Winter because they’ll save your life!

Thats it for this post, I hope you look into some of these products if you’re one to get super dry skin in the Winter. Stay warm!

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Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Range

Y’all should know by now that I’ve got dry skin all day every day, I’m a desert. With the cold weather now in full swing my already dry skin is becoming dehydrated (yay) so I’ve had to up the moisture intake to my epidermis. If you’ve got dry skin like me, or finding your skin is drying out due to the weather conditions and need some extra moisture, this post is for you!

Now, I’ve talked about these products in hauls and some got their own dedicated posts, but today I’m here to talk about my love for the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost range. The range consists of: Hydro Boost Mask 5 pack, Hydro Boost Water Gel (daily moisturiser), Hydro Boost Night Concentrate, Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On, Hydro Boost Moisturising Foaming Cleanser and Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF. It has come to my attention there is also a daily serum I don’t have that but its on my “get it now, get it now” shopping list. So today I’m going to talk about everything else.


When I use these products I try to use them day and night for at least a whole week before changing up my skincare again.

Hydro-Boost Skincare Routine


Hydro Boost: Moisturising Foaming Cleanser $14.99 Priceline.

Every morning I cleanse my face, its important to do this so you’re not layering makeup on top of a dirty face trapping in germs and nasties that can cause breakouts. The Hydro Boost cleanser is a foaming cleanser and unlike other cleansers in this form, it doesn’t leave my skin dry (it would be pretty redundant if it did).


Someones a happy cleansing chappy. Usually I would do this step in the shower or over a basin, but today I do it for the blog! I work the cleanser into my skin using circular motions. I spend extra time focusing on the areas around my nose and jawline – ear area. I find this area gets neglected and can sometimes have a buildup of makeup. This product feels so silky in the skin and once rinsed off my face feels clean without feeling stripped of anything important.


Because there is no toner in the range, I thought I’d mention the one I use when I’m using this skincare. It is another Neutrogena product, I figure they’re the same brand so they should work well together. I switch between these two toners. I use the Pore Refining toner for when I’m having a more hardcore skincare regime. But when I’m using the Hydro Boost range, I use the alcohol-free toner. It doesn’t strip the moisturiser I’ve put into my skin.


I use a toner soaked cotton round and gently wipe it over my face. Focusing on areas where my pores are the largest.

Eye CreamDSCN3464.JPG

Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On $19.99 Priceline

This squidgy tube has a metal ball that rolls around and spreads the product under the eye. Because the ball is cold, it works really well at soothing the puffiness that happens in the morning around the eyes. You can also use cold spoons to reduce redness and morning eye puff. To start with I didn’t think this product really did anything, but it actually makes me look more awake. The actual product itself is really nice and it helps greatly to moisturise my under eye area, which in turn makes makeup look so much nicer. It doesn’t take long for the cream to set and it works well underneath other products.


Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF $24.99 Priceline

SPF is something I’ve only recently been trying to incorporate into my skincare routine. It may not seem like such a big deal because we’re coming into winter now, but being in Australia with a high UV rating year round. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your skin. This is quite a thick product but blends into skin very easy.


Hydro Boost Water Gel (daily moisturiser) 24.99 Priceline

I’ve talked about this product before and I still feel the same way. It gives my skin hydration without weighing it down and if used daily adds radiance and glow to the skin and makes it super soft to the touch. It has a fresh scent that reminds me of cherry medicine. The fragrance has never made me break out. Letting this product sink into the skin makes for such a smooth makeup application.


This is the last step in my daily routine. I pat all the products into my face and then let them soak into my skin for about 10 minutes. This is a good time to have breakfast, brush teeth, or just sit in your towel from having a shower (I have done this on many occasion). I find that the products don’t linger on the skin or form a greasy film. They add a layer of protection between makeup and bare skin. I find that makeup applies really well and because of all the prep my skin has just gotten, I can wear more ‘matte’ finish products and powder my face to set things without the fear of anything clinging to my dry patches (basically my whole face.


Don’t mind the goofy face. I find that because the skin is so drenched in moisturising products, it gives my face a ‘healthy glow from within’ finish. Products blend so effortlessly into my skin once I put in the prep work!

Makeup Removal

After a full day of makeup wear, my face is looking a bit less cute. My lipstick is basically gone and my eyeliner is starting to wear away and its just time to take it off. I always go over my face first with a makeup removing face wipe. I know that these aren’t going to remove all of the makeup, but for me its a good first step.


I then go in with micellar water and cotton rounds. I’m currently using my favourite micellar water by Garnier. I love this so much. It doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes, doesn’t dry me out and it takes away basically all remaining makeup deep in my pores and brows, effortlessly!

I then cleanse and tone just like in the morning routine, but instead of the other steps, I use different products.


Hydro Boost Mask 5 Pack 19.99 Priceline

I’ve just finished reviewing this mask and I really like it. I use these once a week or whenever I need an extreme dose of hyaluronic acid. (SO GOOD FOR HYDRATION)


These are sheet masks with 6x the hyaluronic acid than the moisturisers. So its gives a good old boost of hydration. They can look a bit scary though. Read about the masks here


Hydro Boost Night Concentrate 24.99 Priceline

If I was only able to purchase one product from the collection, I think it’d have to be this one. I’ve used it with other skincare and obviously in conjunction with the rest of the Hydro Boost range and I love it. This is my favourite night cream for super hydration! Using this cream at night makes my skin feel so soft and supple in the morning. I think its really important to keep up hydration while you sleep. Its like fixing your skin while you’re doing nothing. WINNER!


I always make sure to blend everything down my neck. Even if I’m not putting makeup all the way down my neck, I think keeping your entire face and décolletage area well hydrated is super important. Especially if you’re prone to dry skin, and to maybe prevent premature ageing.

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